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  1. Kahshe Rider

    Season 2019

    Is this where your groomers are parked in the winter and summer? Also, do you do any repairs in there? Can you heat it when you do repairs?
  2. Kahshe Rider

    Kirkland Lake Area

    We arrived in Timmins on Sunday afternoon. Monday we rode the local trails and all but one (A111C) trail we rode had been groomed the night before. Tuesday we rode A111C and A to Iroquois Falls and everything had been groomed the night before. Wednesday we rode the A trail to C101D toward Foleyet and they had been groomed the night before. Timmins has done a fabulous job grooming even with above freezing temperatures during the day. Thank you Timmins Snowmobile Club!
  3. Kahshe Rider

    Month old Yamaha bent tunnel!?

    Yamaha are not making sleds anymore?????
  4. Kahshe Rider

    Cochrane Feb 4-9

    I don't see it on the ITG but I do see Tim Hortons and The Westway is right beside Timmies.
  5. Kahshe Rider

    Northland Skidoo Dealer

    Hi, you're speaking about Northland Recreation. They're located at hwy 11 and North Kahshe Lake Rd. in Kilworthy in south Muskoka. This is their second location. They are also located on Three Mile Lake in Utterson. I have purchased a Sea Doo and Ski Doo from them in the last couple of years. They have been very fair and courteous and reliable when doing service for me. Oh, and keep doing that snow dance Giddy Up!
  6. Kahshe Rider

    DIstrict 7

    You will see trails in Muskoka opening today
  7. Kahshe Rider

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    Good to hear WB, lots of breaking trail this weekend.
  8. Kahshe Rider

    Webcams for ride planning:

    Thanks everyone for these web cams.
  9. Kahshe Rider

    New sled pictures.. Finally..

    Sleds look great. Hope to ride with you guys again this winter.
  10. Kahshe Rider

    10' enclosed trailer

    Well the sled is a Grand Touring so it has mirrors but it probably doesn't have the monster size wind shield that are available.
  11. Kahshe Rider

    10' enclosed trailer

    You can't move it too far forward or the front of the clam shell will hit the front of the sled near the lights and won't close. Move the sled back a bit and the clam shell will close.
  12. Kahshe Rider

    10' enclosed trailer

    I have a 10' Triton clam shell and a 2017 Ski Doo Grand Touring will fit with a few inches to spare.
  13. Kahshe Rider

    Kahshe lake

    Hey Mark, many of the stakes on Kahshe are frozen in. We are hoping to remove them this Sunday if we get some mild weather.
  14. Kahshe Rider

    ice on kahshe

    Grants Bay is in good condition for sledding. It's staked and very little slush. Lots of snow but we packed it down well.
  15. Kahshe Rider

    Friday feb 3 Cochrane to Hearst report and pics..

    The twins, wow. Not surprised 14 snow would run into them.