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  1. Well said Denis. I remember many of the events and trips that have been discussed in this thread.
  2. RIP Dave, you will be missed and we had some great trips together, the pictures above was just one of them. You will be missed by many.
  3. 14 snow

    Val D'or

    Couldn't agree more.
  4. Can anyone provide insights on how Lake Muskoka is if I got on at the end of MSR32 (Indian Head) and ride essentially along the shoreline towards Touchstone? Touchstone is essentially on the lake by the golf course on the left side of this image. Alternatively I could run Ziska Road from C102D but it looks relatively far and likely no snow on the shoulders.
  5. C was good but it's a heck of a lot longer than L143.
  6. Great info BBakernbay, thanks for sharing and I have ridden most of the suggested trails and they are nice.
  7. Sounds like a politically correct answer to me.
  8. There is gas at McPherson's General store for sure on HWY 11 at L114. In the past it has always been well signed on the trail.
  9. I can't comment on the others but La Bannik is still one of my favourites.
  10. We have always had a great time at Ron & Giselle's as well. They are such a nice family and its been amazing to see the boys grow up.
  11. I believe you can use the one in the community center next door for a small fee. I have stayed at Quality Inn and Econolodge in the past and I think Waterfront is my preference now. The restaurant is good, the rooms are very nice, the breakfast is decent and the lake access is nice too.
  12. I have ridding a lot of norther Ontario and a few regions in Quebec including Gaspe twice. Gaspe is a definite "Must do" or "Bucket List" trip. The scenery is the best I have experienced sledding. Trail grooming is typically good. In all my trips, I would say there is less traffic in Quebec I typically like their signage better than our "Slow" and arrows. Sled Junk's description was bang on. Hospitality is great. If you have never gone, go and I guarantee you will be back. This year, I ended up riding half my season's mileage in Quebec and half in Ontario.
  13. NO this section is maintained by the district and I recall reading that they were looking for help to start working on that section. Yes what IQ said
  14. Really? I did know you lost your love for the sport.
  15. Nice little report. Miles of smiles I am sure.
  16. Can't wait to get up there and see what IQ's 850 will do.
  17. The new trail looks straighter and quicker than the old trail.
  18. I may be in, depending on when.
  19. What a great trip it was. We had good snow that winter. Too bad about Tornados. Nice people.
  20. This is basically a good plan. We just did a similar ride last weekend.
  21. Sounds like we are on a similar plan. 5 of us are heading to Kirkland Lake tonight, hopefully the drive isn't too bad.
  22. Try the below link. http://www.infomotoneigistegaspesie.com/
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