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  1. Bang it out, patch it up, spray it, it still luvs ya!
  2. Good thieves won't target Rams with 5.7's as their engines are GARBAGE
  3. Must be bad neighborhoods! Taking keys out of the ignitions and locking the doors may help as well!!
  4. Its game over for the trails here , this past wk. way to mild round the clock. Lakes flooded.
  5. EMS on a mission or out site seeing? Kinda scary if they don't know better.
  6. yep wiseman once told me best practice if possible, same for oil reservoir as well
  7. Luvin the change of colors, lastnights snowfall will doo wonders round here!
  8. *Plus, lets not forget the proof of vaccination passport requirement for indoor dining
  9. Whole lota "aged" riggin on the road out there.
  10. Falling behind now, last season 1st local ride on open trails in Almaguin was Jan 9th.
  11. Get no where fast in the bush, swamp machine
  12. Short of being a galzillionaire who the heck in their right mind would pay that kinda coin for something like that
  13. those units are up by close to 20% from 2yrs ago, craziness!
  14. Always keepin six on things!
  15. too damn crazy, no new used for me til next year, looking for a rockin blizzard or?
  16. Legally licensed & INSURED, in good faith you've purchased a permit with your name on the paperwork. Who cares if the actual sticker isn't for the new machine.
  17. A lot of the same bunch, or for certain same "don't give a F" mindset
  18. I'm told the legion has a new cook and Silver Sands has awesome grub
  19. be going on 25 yrs since I've seen snow arrive at end of Oct. and stay on the ground where I hang my hat
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