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    IQ test

    He must have been watching all those SUV TV commercials. Next he’ll have his ski rack on and heading up the ski mountain instead of taking the chair lift!
  2. This makes more sense Ski, I have tons of trail experience but little to no off trail. I’ll look in to this for myself and my neighbour instead, as well as a VK540, Expedition or Tundra sled instead of my Winder.
  3. I never would have imagined this. Was on the L159 earlier in the season when L153 was still closed so never saw where that path would have been. I’m not sure of the distance but assume you need to bring gas for the Sidewinder? My extra fuel for the same sled is 10 ltrs which may make it. I like a challenge, but my wife wants to know how much are we looking at to do this?
  4. A little late to ask infernobuster, but how are you getting from Hearst to Moosenee? It’s a ways up north from Abitibi Canyon.
  5. I missed this one today. Meant to take it, but was the first down A112A out of Mattawa this morning and looped back around via the A. The afternoon loop was supposed to include this MA170 but at a glance thought I saw a trail closed sign. Stayed on A112A and took NB308, which I would skip next time, as the west end of this road is plowed down to ice. Surprised to see the groomer out so early (16:00) as there was lots of traffic out still, and all it took was a half dozen sleds to have it completely chewed and piled up. Great 400k day after yesterday’s 450k day. Sadly heading back to Pembroke tomorrow, but all good things!
  6. Only done the RAP twice, have been trying to do it again over the last four seasons. Weather has limited the short (seemed like there was only a week at most) window of reasonably good options on the west side. Being nearly right one the B trail means I don’t even have to plan the first and last night, still hoping for this year again.
  7. I switched the pump relay with the tail light one on the 15 Viper. It was put away in the trailer, full of fuel after the last snowy day of a five day trip. Temps were -30, and for the first time in 30k kms the relay was frozen. Finally wished I’d bought that fuse relocation kit, and glad it was at home after the trip!
  8. Have had no issues with the solid tandem enclosed trailer I bought from you Re:Leaf. Hauled my two, priceless to me, sleds to KL to start our trip up north. In Cochrane now. Lot’s of trailers arrived safe here last night.
  9. Quebec is not in the plans for this season, too many unknowns, hopefully will be good for next season. Making plans for NCDN trip soon as local weather has not cooperated. Can’t wait to get out.
  10. I had a large group heading south out of Whitney Friday afternoon where the typical third or forth sled (green AC?) was trying to keep up and ended up sideways in front of me on a sweeping right curve showering me in a white out of snow and ice. Not impressed to say the least. On my return trip back down the same B106E I came across a large group where the young guy (green AC?) had hit a tree and at a minimum all the plastics and windshield were smashed. A lot of unhappy people, but the mother gave me a thumbs up as I slowly moved through. Good use of a parked sled tucked in to the preceding corner to warn me and others. Looks like no injury, but probably screwed the weekend for a few of that group. Lots of sleds Saturday, but none too out of control that I can remember. Got in 750 kms Friday and Saturday and headed home today totalling 863 kms.
  11. I have noticed the trend of non slowing by many more sleds this year. Especially when oncoming passing. There's usually following sleds that can't move to the right, let alone stay right as they are not set up correctly and wandering all over the trail. There lack of experience and set up has them trying to signal following when they need to use both hands to fight their sled over to the right instead. Leads should brief priority and positioning. Don't get me started on stopped sleds or non sledding traffic. The number of times I've come to a group that has sleds stopped in the middle of the trail or blocking intersections is ridiculous. The best was a group of 6 abreast at a T that all looked at the same time as I appeared from around a corner out if nowhere. "What do you mean there are others on the trail at the same time as us?" I slow to a crawl when it's a dog walker, skier or possibly a land owner. Gives a chance for a good wave and response. Can't stand the ones that wiz by thinking they have no right to be there and ignore them. Take the time to do the right thing and educate the newer riders.
  12. I was surprised at the difference in snowfall during that storm. Starting Tuesday, I was just south and west of those areas touring around Whitney, Lake St Peter, Bancroft, McAurthors Mills and Mazinaw Lake areas and only pushed 5" of pow in some trails and lots of fresh groom. When I made the returned trip home on Friday past Barry's Bay and on to Pembroke there was substantially more snow depth. I had a hard time on the last 10kms of unmaintained road to get to my house. The end of that road, which is 100' from my house, was plowed up with a 10' bank from the snowplow. What an end to a 4 day, 1250km tour. Much more snow to deal with east of Barry's Bay. Look forward to the pics as I didn't stop to take any. Trails were too good is my excuse.
  13. Haven't been up to Liskeard this year, probably won't. Just spent the past four days around Barrys Bay, Lake St Peter and South and East of Bancroft covering 1250 kms of fresh groomed trails. Week days there are great, and mornings are awesome to rack on the miles before the trails get soft and trashed. Not sure what he chose, hope he enjoys!
  14. This reopening is a little late for me, have already made other plans for the next few weeks and unfortunately won't be in these districts now. Usually book a few nights and enjoy the Mattawa/Northbay trails for a couple of weeks in Feb but not this year. Sorry local businesses. Hope others can enjoy there great trails.
  15. I took the B from Pembroke to Whitney today. Was disappointingly soft and blown out every corner due to the dry fluff snow we had this week. The railbed was great in to Whitney and the B106E south to Lake St Peter was excellent. E109 to Barry's Bay was soft and blown out but the 155 in stead of the B back towards Pembroke was smooth but narrow. Great ride really. Think it was about a 350km loop but not totally sure as I blew a fuse and lost the display. Should be a great weekend around Whitney but the soft snow will turn rough quick.
  16. Got back out this week on Wednesday to the area again to hit as many trails as possible. The rail bed coming in to and through Pembroke and Petawawa are pretty good considering there is minimal snow coverage and still rocks scattered in the usual trouble spots. Pipeline has greatly improved up through Chalk to Deep with the only rough area leaving Pet to the first road crossing on the Base. The A continued to be excellent past Rolphton, Stonecliffe and, before you know it, up to Deux Rivière and 200kms done. The only thin area was the hydo line section. Now time to enjoy the loops for the return trip. The 197 was a fast dream ride that goes on and on. I thought the 195 had the closed section so I bypassed it, my mistake. The 191 had the closed section and I mistakenly took it, making it the first closed trail I've ridden. It was the usual covered road running on the west end but once you turn in to the woods it has also been plowed down for several kms to a private property half way round the 191. Definitely passable and the east end is great and the only side I'd do in the future. The 193 is the tighter, slower leisurely ride where you don't want to meet anyone on the trail. I skip the 137 to the 136 so don't know how the ungroomed mid section is. The 131 was unfortunately rough throughout. There were several places where sledders turned around and went back to the A. I stood and continued on. With grooming it will get sorted out. Now to the fast 132 wide racetrack. Didn't disappoint, I even overtook a Jeep driving down the center of the trail! The 134 is much slower and rougher as it's the narrower woods trail. The return on the A back to the B was quick and got me home for a total of 407 kms for the day. Saw about 25 sleds, 2 deer, 1 grouse and 1 dog. Enjoy the weekend!
  17. I was out for my second ride of the season on Tuesday (3 days ago) and headed out from home to check out the trails up to Deux Rivières. The pipeline from Pembroke was thin and lot's of low brush through the groomer pass. Shared use trail just before Deep River was the usual rough section but I removed lots of rocks from trail. The magic starts west of Deep. The A was really good for what little base we have all the way up to the 197 loop, that was it's usual excellent condition. Didn't get to ride the other 190 loops but did the 131. It was rough on the west end and great on the east. Besides the 1/2 hr of freezing rain, it was a perfect 9hr outdoor trip covering 350kms. Had only seen 5 other sleds until a group of 4 heading out of Petawawa and 2 in town. The NRSA trails are my go to consistently good trail area, just hate the B railbed trip to Pet, then all the road crossings and boring pipeline I have to endure before enjoying them. I have it so hard. I would update again as we got more snow yesterday, but I had to tear the chaincase apart as the top gear bushing was gone. Hopefully parts are in today as the trails should be set for this weekend.
  18. Toyman


    Maybe. I have only worn a couple of different balaclavas but never had any noticable effect. Maybe it's time to shave that beard you grew this year! I'll be shaving mine tomorrow!
  19. Toyman


    I have been using a BV2S for the last several years and when it finally started to fog it was because I wore out the yellow rubber face cup. The rubber got thin and too soft to make a proper seal. Replaced that part as well as modifying the center or main breath box valve by adding an additional hole to allow more air in during mild conditions. I now have a solid, one, three and four hole valves made to cover the whole temp range. These helmets still work great for me. Mine is the heated visor but is only plugged in and used during freezing rain.
  20. Always had 4 strokes so am well aware of the added weight. Had one of my daughters following me on my Venture, on an RX1 a few years back. First down a local club trail too soon after the first groomer pass of the season. Trail crossed a stream and I felt my track break through as I passed, but momentum carried me over. She was not as lucky and that short track sunk in 3' of water with the skis and half the front sticking up. Wouldn't budge and it was cold. Short 2 up ride to the nearest country house to borrow a come-along to pull that heavy overbuilt sled out. Sled was nearly froze in, in the hour we were gone as the temp was < -15. Slowly but surely it came out and back we went to that house for thanks and a visit. Fun memory now but at the time she was shaken up by the whole experience. Character building I say.
  21. No plans for new toys yet, still have lots. This sale just makes more physical room for the seasonal shuffle as well as the room for maintenance. Have two sets of ATV tires to change before the spring. My wife thinks the cash will go towards scuba dry suits so I better save it. Merry Christmas and sweet sledding dreams!
  22. I sold my 2010 Venture GT for $7.5k last week. Didn't really want to, but it was a spare sled and I can use the cash and now have extra room in the toy garage!
  23. That's right, I never got over to D5 as most trails were late and limited. Planned a RAP tour again this year but never did it due to trails on west side of park. I will use this data to help book next years trips.
  24. Thanks for tracking, I really enjoy this kind of statistical data. On my personal note, you should try and get out a little more, you deserve it!
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