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  1. Toyman

    Parking in Pembroke

    Another place I see used is on Stencils Rd just past the weight scale. It's off of Hwy 48 (Round Lake Rd) just past Alice. This parking fits several trailers and is right on the B trail. Great if your heading West on the B.
  2. Toyman

    Borrowing a sled - Moral dilemma

    When I first got in to sledding in 2011 I borrowed from a friend who offered, and I took him up on it a couple of times. Put more mileage on his sled than he did! Always returned it cleaner and full of gas. Didn't know much about what could go wrong but he new I would be good for anything that did. I guess I was just lucky because it was a 2 stroke triple at the 10k km mark. Since then I have loaned my spare 4 strokes to a friend as I knew there would be no engine issues. He did several trips with me totalling more than 4k kms. I think you need to have a conversation prior to any loan to explain all expectations and the current condition of the equipment prior and post loan. Anything to do with money ruins friendship, have the talk prior.
  3. Toyman

    I see some yellow..

    I see we're at 478 kms now! Just had a nice blizzard of snow this aft to cover the ice around here. Can't wait to get started this year ?!?! Looks like I might have the first ride around the Liskeard area. Just studded the track yesterday which was the last thing I needed to do to be ready to go for the season.
  4. Toyman

    Brake Safety Helmet

    Very interesting! I use the small LED helmet light in my BV2S (2xAA) and it helps with visibility. The Oxygen light is brighter and wired like a regular electric visor helmet but both are not tied to braking. This SDB III looks like it would be split into your visor cord and would be a great addition to any electric visor helmet. Tied to braking is not a priority, being seen is!
  5. Toyman

    Griffith Club needs help

    This is just over an hours drive away for me. I got to ride through there a couple of times this season and was laughing as I blasted up some of the best tight twisty hills around. I think I'll head down to their meeting and volunteer to at least help with their trails.
  6. Toyman

    Snow tracker carbides

    Highly recommended! Ran them on multiple Yamaha sleds with single keel tuners. Have got 12,000+ kms on some sets. They stay sharp as they wear down. Did have one issue with an earlier season rock that broke the front portion of one carbide on the Venture GT that caused a quick uneven wear out. Have run the dual runner Snowtrackers as well on the Viper with Tuner 3's for 5,800 kms and they survived some terrible gravel and road running this season. They are trickier to install as you have to drill two holes in each ski and alignment is critical. Believe the fuel mileage went down a little from a not perfect install. Handling is always excellent, and set up is easy as you start with the 0 ski preload and adjust your center shock to get the handling you want. Expensive, but you won't be disappointed!
  7. You had me for a minute Blake! Then I looked at your mileage and location. This is the kind of post I'd expect from someone down south who didn't trailer to ride and failed to get out this great season. I was sad to wash up the truck, trailer and sleds today. Hard to end the season when we just got a foot of fresh snow on our closed trails and there's still open trails up north. Nice to see a sense of humour!
  8. Toyman

    Timmins to Sudbury - L143 or Top Trail C?

    We got home at midnight. A trail was great all the way to Latchford with only a handful of bare spots. My wife did excellent for her first 400km day and 1250kms for the 5 day trip. Val Gagne wasn't bad at all with the fresh snow they had overnight. Well it was bad for me but we won't talk about my low speed ice accident that happened on the paved road right after that. At least I'll get my new helmet and windshield now! Trailering home was tiring but arrived safe before this weekends bad weather.
  9. Toyman

    Timmins to Sudbury - L143 or Top Trail C?

    I guess the rapidly changing conditions has altered our route home. Closed is closed. We'll take the A through Val Gagne. Nice day as expected.
  10. Toyman

    Timmins to Sudbury - L143 or Top Trail C?

    We are in Timmins now and the ITG just went red for part of C and L143. Was planning on taking L143, then A107C east to Liskeard tomorrow to trailer home. Temperatures dropping I thought the trail would be good. My wife does not want to go the other way round taking the A and run that gravel road by Val Gagne or the stream crossing by Earlton. Anyone know the latest with the L143?
  11. Toyman

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Added another 400 kms today. Little traffic and great trails from Pembroke up to Deux Rivière. Firm this morning but loosened up in the afternoon. Fresh groomed on 197, even caught up to the groomer. Hope to get out next week for another trip with my wife. We'll see what the weather holds!
  12. Toyman

    NRSA - Snowmobile Poker Run

    Hope the base is not too icy and the wind has not brought down any large branches up your way. After the weather we got last night and today it will be nice to see sunny skies all day for this event.
  13. It was ever changing there the past couple of days. Two days ago it was rock hard and rough, had to have scratchers as there was nothing loose on the trails. Yesterday was still icy towards Bancroft but there was fresh snow on the ground coming into Barry's Bay. Lots of light freezing rain that challenged visibility. The worst two days on the trails this year. Totally different today. Didn't get down to that area but was around Pembroke, Eganville, Golden Lake and Cobden. The best conditions on the trails so far. Hope tonight's warm weather doesn't last too long!
  14. Toyman

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Wife and I just got back from a cold overnight trip adding 294 kms to my total of 2630 kms so far! Hope to get some warmer temps, but will not complain and take the cold.
  15. Toyman

    Pembroke to Kearney in a day?

    It's definitely doable with half decent conditions either way. Know your route and plan your stops/fuel to avoid delays and leave early. I have done the two day RAP from Pembroke, stopping in Kearney, on my 2010 Venture GT going counter clockwise and would do it again anytime the conditions are great. Enjoy the scenery!