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  1. Dragon600

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    The E107 from Apsley to County Rd 46 is probably my most favourite trails to ride. Was on it Friday and loved every minute of it.
  2. Dragon600

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    Thanks All. We ended going west to Apsley around Jack Lake instead of east into Coe Hill. I must tell you the E107 up from Havelock, 746 & 707 were in really good shape. Freshly groomed and real tight. Actually had the scratchers down. Started at our farm in Stirling 230km in total. Got the kids on the bus and got back just in time to get them off the bus
  3. Dragon600

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    Really all these years I thought it was PTB area. Thanks for the input signfan
  4. Dragon600

    706 trail in Glen Alda closed?

    Heading up to Coe Hill tomorrow from the south and wondered why the 706 that heads east off Chandos is closed. I know that area fairly well and that the trail runs along Winters Bay rd and the 504 so I’m wondering if the lake in that area isn’t good??? if anyone has an idea why let me know.
  5. Dragon600

    West side of Abitibi canyon

    Just got done talking to the president of district 2 about this. He didn’t seem to concerned at all about the issue but did say that the one section is lost for the year but things will be in order for next year.
  6. Dragon600

    Kids and Snowmobiling

    That’s what we bought for the Switchbacks. $550 seat and $125 bracket. Easily clips on and off. I had one for the 2009 skidoo that I thought would fit the Switchback but it doesn’t so if anyone wants one I have it available seat & bracket. Only used 1 season.
  7. Dragon600

    Kids and Snowmobiling

    My wife and I both have the Seat Jack 2 for our Switchbacks. I actually haven’t even been out yet without a kid not behind me. We’ve gone on several day trips with them. with these “teacher strike” days we just plan an outing with them and either leave from the farm or trailer a bit north depending on trail conditions. they love it, it keeps them off the damn electronics and allows them to see how beautiful winter can be
  8. Dragon600

    Sharbot Lake to Calabogie

    Looking to head out tomorrow with the wife and kids as it’s a “teacher strike” day. looking to stage from Sharbot Lake and head to Calabogie for lunch and wondering if the trails have held up from the warm up we’ve had. thanks
  9. Dragon600

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Oh probably. 2 trucks last week just north of stirling. Sled and side x side Friday east of havelock and Saturday night close to Foxboro was a side x side, truck and car. People just don’t care.
  10. Dragon600

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    We saw 2 young moose on the E106 between Springbrook and Marmora yesterday.
  11. Dragon600

    Staging in Campbellford

    Yes usually it’s wide enough for parking. Haven’t been that way yet this year so I don’t know for sure. You can always stage at the train station in stirling. Saw a half dozen parked there today and it’s only a 20 minute ride to campbellford.
  12. Check out Mazinaw Powrrline s Facebook page. I’m preTry sure the Mazinaw Lakeside Resort is closed.
  13. ATV ruts in the slush all thru Stirling over weekend and frozen now. Not worth riding at all. Head a little further north to the Bonarlaw junction. A few kms passed Springbrook turn left onto Station Rd. There’s a parking area there and you can head to Tweed, Havelock or Bancroft from there. All railbed. Not sure why the junction north thru Marmora Mines is red as they’ve groomed it but I’m guessing it’s because of a few washouts thru the mines.
  14. Dragon600

    Nice to see the Enforcement..

    Yep. I just did the same thing. Haven’t put it on the sled yet tho as the grandpa windshield hasn’t been removed. Hahahaha.
  15. Dragon600

    Handlebar Gauntlets/Muffs

    Hahahaha. Ya I’m going to put the grandpa windshield on the wife’s pro s as the mid windshield is on order for myself. Nothing on my body ever gets cold but my hands and I have a real good pair of FXR gloves bought last year.