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  1. gobills

    Brand New member Today!

    And some characters!!! Welcome Bruce!!
  2. gobills

    Riders smacked on trail with bat!!

    Oh its horrible
  3. gobills

    Lost Trail Pass

    I lost mine a few years ago. I paid the 10 bucks to get a new one mailed to me. I'm still waiting. I kept all my paperwork with showing I paid and paid for a replacement just in case.
  4. gobills

    Riders smacked on trail with bat!!

    Check out the holy crap thread. Thanks
  5. gobills

    Lake St. Peter

    Great spot I make an effort to get there yearly.
  6. gobills

    Whats Your Definition Of Too Fast??

    Its too fast when you start to blow corners and are not on your side of the trail, as others have said there is a time and place for high speed. West side of A103.
  7. gobills

    Whats Your Definition Of Too Fast??

    We've had this happen to us as well and they look at you like your in the wrong. Years ago my Wife and i were out for a ride came to an intersection(road crossing) and there was about 10 sleds off and helmets off blocking the road crossing. I waved my arms at them nothing. I went across got around in the deep snow, my wife tried but got stuck i had to help her out not one of them helped or offered help to us they sat and watched. Those are the real AZZhats of the sport.
  8. gobills

    Holy Crap!!!

    This is absolutely insane i hope someone caught this on camera going by. Or maybe they can check if anyone in town has surveillance. I hope every club in the area can post or share this message and get these idiots caught.
  9. gobills

    Holy Crap!!!

    Where did the pic go? We are on that trail quite a bit with the kids. This is so distributing.
  10. gobills

    Holy Crap!!!

    Not even remotely funny.
  11. gobills

    D6 Fatality

    Sad news.
  12. gobills

    Vintage Photos - 2019-2010

    My condolences to you and your family.
  13. Thats red pine that is yellow. Flaw in the mapping.
  14. Anyone been across kennisis yet this year?