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  1. Same could be said for bon air in Timmins.
  2. not much lol. need some cold nights. BTW on that gift card i did not use last year i was able to use it this year!
  3. What type of security cameras you using?
  4. Just curious do you guys make the drive there? Or just set as a trip destination? I've stayed there just by sled. Never driven right there.
  5. Kap sure is a sweet place for sledding. One of my favourite spots.
  6. Do you think the 22s will be 2500 more? Everything else will be up in price next spring.
  7. Saw this the other day. Lots of people thinking quality will go down? I can't see it happening.
  8. Bahahaha nope mine hopefully has shocks on the right way lol
  9. Agree comfort inn is great. So is the crazy 8
  10. I wouldn't stress to much about getting to the trail from travel lodge. The roads are pretty much ice all winter. Get to the shell or esso and cross 11 and your on the trail.
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