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  1. Sault Ste Marie to Wawa is a long day. Always enjoyed lodging at Halfway. The flipside is that we didn't stay at Wawa. We kept doing to Dubreuville, from HH. Guess Wawa gets more overnight business this year.
  2. Appreciate the Wawa updates, group, especially since ( as a casual observer ) I sense Halfway Haven is in transition. Correct me if I'm wrong on the latter - Leafs fan, thick skin.
  3. Ever look at a picture and say " Ah, Arctic Cat" 😁 That trip, with family, must be a great memory. Thanks for sharing. Snow covered sleds at hotel, wow! Those memories almost make Perce Rock look ' ordinary ' Thanks again for posting.
  4. The land border to USA opens in early November. Those that couldn't drive south last year may have stayed north, snowmobiled. Ciao this year. Maybe they'll sell their sleds, others will fill the void
  5. If you hear about the hours at either, please let us know. Have stayed at Silver Sands and dined at the Legion. Look forward to riding in that area this year.
  6. Golden Lake is a great shortcut in that area. Only been out there a half dozen times but really enjoy the Golden Lake " bypass".
  7. Sorry to hijack, Andrey. But there's snow in the image 🙄 Buying 2 permits this year. Looking forward to the season.
  8. Thanks for organizing this Marni, Linda and team.
  9. I realize many on this forum : a) have fantastic weather models and intuition; b) don't believe in long range forecasts. Bear with me. I was looking ahead 2 weeks and was surprised at the relatively warm GTA and cottage country weather. Warm autumns have led to consistent, cold December's - says the city boy Noticed the Weather Network "exclusive" https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/will-winter-invade-the-heart-of-ontarios-fall-season-this-year If I had to pick an over/under, I'd agree with this guy. Once the switch flips in November, we're in for winter weather. No freeze-thaw-freeze. Thoughts? While the colder pattern may get started during November, we expect that once the pattern change does occur, it will stick around through the holidays.
  10. Thanks for the update. When I was looking online....this was the address: BONNECHERE CUP - OVAL TRACK ADDRESS 675 SNODRIFTERS ROAD EGANVILLE, ON. CANADA K0J 1T0 You know that a snowmobile club has community roots when there's a road named after them. Thanks again for your incredible trails. Well signed, as I recall.
  11. Eganville....enjoyed watching races one weekend, years ago. Nice to see it's on this February ( 18-20), 2022. http://www.bonnecherecup.ca/
  12. As others have said - thank you !
  13. Do as little truck driving as possible. Look at the RAP. It's a circle - draw a straight line to your closest starting point and away you go. We start in West Toronto ( Etobicoke ). We found that by starting in North Bay or Haliburton, it's efficient. Some folks will drive to Kearney, Barry's Bay, etc. bit I don't see the point ( you pass North Bay if heading to Kearney, etc ). The only issue is that the trails have to be open ( good ) if you want to get to your southern starting point. Only once have we been euchered by rain in North Bay on our ' last day'. That sucked. .
  14. Manure buckets and Ski-doos. "Put away the keyboard, said the inside voice".
  15. Ditto on the thanks. Eastern Ontario trails. Bucket list.
  16. Older volunteers. That's what you'll find at polling booths in a couple of weeks. Jackass' election. Sorry, I digress. Some " booths " are apparently okay. Others not.
  17. Sorry to hear about the Toronto show being cancelled. Enjoyed seeing oc.com members at the show, planning trips, in some years meeting new people from the forum. Tourism's important. Although this indoor show is cancelled, I don't think this is a sign of things ahead for sledding. The 'District Health unit' concept has to go. Hwy 400 isn't closed where Toronto meets Vaughan nor further north at the Vaughan/Innisfil border, etc. Enjoyed cottage area riding last year, but it's time to (safely) unwind the sled and moi with a few trips further north.
  18. Great info. Thanks. Heads up re: air travel, 'tho. News reports of up to 3 hrs. wait time in line ( or on plane, at gate ) upon arrival for internationalflights. Covid screening adds a speed bump at the airport, they say.
  19. You ready to follow a green helmet wrap for days? Cats eyes, or something :)
  20. If this is District 2, they have great web based info. https://www.district2ofsc.ca/business-directory/ Find someone close and ask? Or go to the source, what appears to be the map company in the pic attached.
  21. Missed this post. Doo not disturb for Doo posts, or something Great design. Distinctive. Well done.
  22. Met Gail, years ago, on a ride south. Gas and go. Great person. One of those " you're better for having met " type of peope. Sean ( successor ) was great the few times we stayed overnight. Glad he go out. Hard living dude.
  23. There was a housing trailer, off site from the hotel. A place to crash. Wonder if the northern towns now have ( or will have) more of these. Too communal, I'd imagine, with covid. But in the future? Again, given the choice between Quebec style dinner/room/ breakfast and Armstrong trailers, our north will lose. Hopefully northern Ontario lodging is getting infrastructure $.
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