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  1. Last ride of the season

    look like a fun day Blake
  2. High speed train tracks.

    lets hope wynnebag is gone!!!!
  3. High speed train tracks.

    Good to see your back contributing to the forum in a positive way again
  4. Sure looks like a team clutch of a polaris. Same as the brake disc.
  5. Wanted polaris seat

    how much?? pm if you want
  6. Winter 2.0

    Where was all this snow in Feb? ?? What a weird winter spring.
  7. Southern Ontario Polaris Dealer Closing

    Sad to hear I bought a few sleds off him years ago. Great guy good service as well.
  8. Show your 2018 pics.

    Cmon over to hcsa territory next winter for some sweet lake running.
  9. Heading to Cochrane

    Trails are still good. The canyon loop will be closed. Ive never stayed there so can not comment. I would head towards kap and do some loops around there as you can not pass through there anyway. The A trail is closed as well as the l123 Head to the greenwater fire tower. Great views and and a great trail.
  10. Wanted polaris seat

    Looking for the 2 up seat for the AXYS chassis. If anyone has one or knows of one let me know. Also looking for a black rack for the AXYS chassis. If anyone has one or knows of one I'd be interested. Thanks
  11. Winter 2.0

    This stuff is called sonic wax. It takes them all day to do. Your car looks like it has a glass finish when it'sdone.
  12. Winter 2.0

    What type do you like to use? I've been contemplating getting it done with that glass polish. It's supposed to be good for 3 years. I had the fellow show me his car he had done over a year ago and he put some water on it and it just ran right off. It'sso shinny and reflective it looks amazing. He had the srt Cherokee in red done.
  13. I have some stuff that i do not need anymore looking to get rid of it. Hand guards black and white came of an IQ chassis sled. $50 Jack seat with hand bars and all mounting hardware. Came of an Indy but will work on the IQ chassis as well. $250 OBO Mid mountain Windshield matte black of an AXYS chassis $75 Indy chassis windshield bag $25 Indy Chassis underseat bag with waterproof bag $60 (would prefer to sell together) Blue and lime squeeze seat of 2018 AXYS, has a small rip near the bottom. Snow check colouring $200 I will post pics later.
  14. ITG User Survey

    Guarantee they paid someone for it. Probably a kickback to someones buddy LOL
  15. Abitibi Canyon Loop? Worth it? Opinion?

    No they ship fuel in there by truck not on the groomer. Mike also pays the smooth rock club to do an extra pass on the west side one extra time per week for the season. He also has a place for the groomer operator to spend the night up there before they head back on the east side. He is doing a stellar job up there.