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  1. gobills

    First ride.

    Haven't heard from blake in awhile maybe he made the trek to Manitoba for the early snow lol
  2. gobills

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    I do not see this as a bad thing, hopefully the can do the whimis online course and maybe even do the one day first aid course(which will benefit the operator outside of the groomer job as well). I see it as a positive and sensible decisions by the ofsc.
  3. gobills

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! Cheers and think snow!
  4. gobills

    New Jacket.

    You wearing this skiing or sledding?
  5. Other side of the province lol
  6. Fairmont gets my vote!
  7. gobills


    Most people are invested in the sport we all love very heavily. For the people that wish to complain about a said potential increase you really need to step back and look at what your getting for your 190 if you get it early. You get access to an entire province of trails that most people will never see. Just to put things into perspective my son went to Ifly indoor skydiving last weekend it was a 75 dollars for about 3 minutes no joke(was it worth it hell no, did he have fun yes and will he remember it yes). Myself i have contemplated getting out of it all, but never due to the permit price that is the cheapest part of it all in the big picture. Most people that trailer will spend this travelling for one weekend alone on fuel let alone food, beverages(if thats your thing), hotel ETC.ETC. i would love to see the OFSC increase the price if it helps the clubs and maybe help enforcement get out there more. IE. trail patrol, hand out heavy fines for freeloaders i am all for it. Personally i think a fine should be $500 and you have to buy a permit on top. I think its time to hit this freeloading thing hard enough is enough. I hope that this year we can see the matrix increase for next year its time. The trails are busier and busier each year and by the sounds of it we have a lot of freeloaders out there that need to be stopped and if a permit increase will help us have enforcement then lets go raise it up.
  8. gobills

    Kids suit for sale

  9. gobills

    Hmmm, any relation I wonder ??

  10. gobills

    -Thank you Marty-

    Morning coffee go to for sure. Even more once the season starts to amp up, which it is already. Tends to be a little more traffic in here which is nice. As you stated love having many many riders to pull some great trip info from when needed. Thanks marty
  11. gobills

    Sleds stolen in Huron County

    Did you have a problem with Td? That's not good to hear as I think a lit of people have them.
  12. gobills

    Ethanol free gas stations

    https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=ON List for everyone. Some are dated but it helps.
  13. gobills

    B trail washout

    Hcsa and msr will get it fixed, it's a big link between the two systems. Also if there is winter logging then it will definately be fixed.
  14. gobills

    B trail washout

    There might be this winter. There was some major logging going on further west last winter.
  15. gobills

    B trail washout

    Maybe the club can get a local quarry to donate some fill for the spot. Thomas!!