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  1. gobills

    Looking for Travel Cover

    Try princess auto online as well.
  2. gobills

    Kap Snow Rovers Facebook Page..

    Honestly wait until March if you can get some decent rides in up north I the mean time, then head up there when things get thin it's well worth it. You will not be disappointed. Yes its 10hours so plan on 2 days travel. The super 8 is a great place to stay as well as the comfort inn.
  3. gobills

    Post,email, pass around please!

    I'm not promoting him by any means. I'm supporting the article he has written. Regarding an issue that affects us all. Maybe take some time to read it before posting your nonsense.
  4. gobills

    Post,email, pass around please!

    What are the instruction to block someone again?
  5. Like or dislike the intrepid snowmobiler this needs to be posted everywhere we can collectively post together. https://intrepidsnowmobiler.com/stay-on-trail/amp/?fbclid=IwAR0lhDiTizNV5ou0YUZUYTtx6n7dtWrW4Bvj04hoQb18vRyH816LBQa0CwE
  6. gobills

    Kap Snow Rovers Facebook Page..

    x3 love it up there!!
  7. gobills

    Ohhh Boy.. And so it begins...

    Oh boy! Love kap trails
  8. Can't find that video btw. Maybe blake can post it again if him loading unloading.
  9. gobills

    Ofsc site not showing any of trails for me

    This happened yesterday and last night to me as well. I closed and opened the site 3 times then it worked. Weird.
  10. gobills

    Some OC Celebrities?

    Right on!! remember denis posting that last winter.
  11. gobills

    Some OC Celebrities?

    Who's on it post a pic love to see it.
  12. Blake has a video somewhere I'll try and find it for you
  13. Could not agree more this site is great, good advice on almost anything. Except that Nunz guy!!
  14. gobills

    Polaris Prototype?

    That's their new 4 stroke!
  15. gobills

    Lot's of the White stuff in Parry Sound

    Thats a post card worthy picture.