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  1. Snowmobile Show

    Ya it's a nice pic of the trees and trail and bridge!!! Looks like a sled broke down on the trail. Must be those darn cats!!!!!
  2. Snowmobile Show

    Nunz i got the bergstrom triples with the full shim kit. I will be interested to swap and see if there is a difference in brands.
  3. OC group ride

    Thanks for the advice, appreciate it.
  4. OC group ride

    I know its early but i think its time to plan a big Friday or Saturday ride in February and try and get as many of us together for a nice ride and lunch. I know most people probably have the big trips already booked so we can try and figure out when would be a good time. Conditions will strongly impact this but based on the past few winters conditions seem to be the best in early feb. Just want to see if there is interest in this maybe we can try and get something going. Let me know what everyone thinks. Cheers
  5. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    Hope to make it there by sled sometime this winter.
  6. Snowmobile Show

    Yes the sherp is very cool. You can actually get them made how you want interior wise. I was checking out the f150 leaf edition being a leaf fan I though it was very cool.
  7. Snowmobile Show

    Did anyone look at the baja truck that was just outside the snowmobile jumps?? Man it was cool and for sale.
  8. Hey Trail Map

    Now thats my kind of loop LOL Sure won't go thirsty on that trip!!
  9. Snowmobile Show

    Great day at the show did not see anyone there. Or any hats walking around. Watched the sled jumps at 3 kids had fun. Got some bergerstom skegs, new t shirts and sweatshirts for some amazing prices. Saw my sled in person rather than just a picture on the Internet.
  10. Looking for switchback axys bags

    Try this great store to deal with http://www.ebay.ca/usr/stayconnectedcommunication?rt=nc
  11. Snowmobile Show

    I'll be there on Friday or Saturday not sure yet but it will be early on either day. I'll be in the artic cat booth!!!!!
  12. New ITG

    Couldn't agree more ofsc going back in time. I'm sure someone at the ofsc know someone at the mapping company. Probably wasn't a fair tender!!
  13. New ITG

    So as a sledding group can we not email the ofsc and get everyone we know to email complaints about the new ITG??
  14. Hey Trail Map

    Yes it works great for that but if you don't want to go that specific route it's garbage.
  15. Hey Trail Map

    Not a fan of it at all. The start finish icon is great if you could edit your route to get to the finish. Zooming in is great but the old style was better for planning routes.