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  1. Replacement of Damaged Permit

    I never got mine last year. After about 5 phone calls and a couple emails i gave up. I paid the 15 bucks for a permit transfer due to switching sleds and the second permit never came. Glad i did not wait for it come, i just stuck the original sleds permit to the new sled. Yes i know the numbers would not match up with the paperwork, at least i had a permit on and visible and i kept the email saying i paid for a transfer in the sled.
  2. Today’s ride out of wasaga!

    some good looking iron in those pics!!!
  3. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    soup don't take offence as hard as it is not too, we appreciate your time and effort you put in. We all appreciate your input you give on here about trail conditions being accurate.
  4. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    you have to have a mirror on the left side of the sled.
  5. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    With this storm coming on Sunday into Monday it sure is going to ruin what if anything is left. Add to that 5 days of above seasonal temps. Not good!!!! I agree the north is great but its a big drive for anyone in the GTA. Anyone going up there early next week there calling for a lot of snow. Have Fun!! Coming home today from Minden i saw 2 guys at Thunderbridge road riding in the grass with a dusting of snow on it. Obviously not caring that all of the trails are currently closed.
  6. Abitibi Canyon

    west side VR
  7. Abitibi Canyon

    Yup the fuel is 3 dollars a litre at the canyon cash only. You will be about 5 6 hours doing the canyon with a good break at base camp. Agree on the moonbeam for breakfast. Then you can take some of the loops around kap if you want to extend your day.
  8. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Nope not one flake here in minden. Wtf!!
  9. Trails are mint up here. Have a good trip
  10. This weekend- January 13th

    I think it will be a 860 polaris!!!!!!
  11. Saddle Bag Tour

    The L123 is one of the best trails. Definitelyworth straying from the a trail.
  12. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    This was trail 4 this morning. Picture will not upload but it was down to almost nothing.
  13. OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    There probably updating all of southern ontario to closed.
  14. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Were going to need major snow to recover from this. Just looked outside and it's not pretty.
  15. I so want this.

    If we don't really recover meaning I can get 4 more weeks after this mid summer rain storm. I'm seriously going to consider getting out of the sport. Last year in mid ontario it was family day we were done. This rain really sucks