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  1. gobills


  2. gobills


    I have collision on all sleds. Imo not worth not having it on something that's worth 15000.
  3. gobills

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Find a Canadian to ship it too and pick them up there. Or use a po box. But seriously with the dollar your already saving.
  4. gobills

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Typically we get 5 insurance pink slips for each vehicle.
  5. gobills

    ISO polaris sled

    Not to sure depends on the sled I guess. Do you have a link for it? If you do you can email it thanks
  6. gobills

    ISO polaris sled

    Looking for a good sled. 340,440,550. Nothing too new please.
  7. gobills

    2019 Grand Touring 900 ace Turbo

    can't wait to hear about this 900 from guys seems like its a really good motor
  8. gobills

    Novi 2018

  9. gobills

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    If it goes to number 2 I'm out. I don't want every tom dick harry knowing my info. I don't mind a certain group of people knowing but not 2200 or whatever the member count is. Also should not be open to anyone who joins and is not a constant contributor to the forum.
  10. gobills

    Nordic Inn Restaurant Dorset under new management

    Good news. Take some pressure off downtown dorset.
  11. gobills

    Seat reupholster

    I rode a 2x8 plank daily in grade school outside the principals office. Lol
  12. gobills

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Can't wait either.... I think it's November when it will be online.
  13. gobills

    2007 north trail trailer

    Pm sent
  14. gobills

    Baysville trail update