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  1. Normally I would be there but we are supposed to be running Quebec next weekend. We will be at our camp in Deux Rivieres on 18 and 19 then heading down to Cobden for rest of week. Always make the March Bow-Tie poker run though. Have a great time.
  2. I so want this.

  3. Bare essentials

    Ice picks
  4. Not a good day to go sledding

    Soup I'll buy that sled off you for the $500 deductible.
  5. 2017 Triton TC167

    Damn! 3 months to soon for my bank account. Exactly the trailer I want!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all on board and have a great New Year!!!
  7. Rolphton (Rapides des Joachims)- Val D'or

    As of today the Missing Link system is NOT open. Statement says they need more snow before any grooming can even begin. It is a very rugged area and snow depth is extremely important in that area. Good news is that more snow is forecast next ween and temps are well below freezing. It won't be much longer until we can enjoy that area.
  8. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Have just barely enough to ride around our fields to check out the sleds.
  9. New Years Ride

    Hoping to be out riding up at our camp on New Years
  10. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    If I can get that day off work I'll most likely go.
  11. Am I "Part of the Problem"

  12. Insurance Question

    Wawanesa. They told me the wife`s `05 is OK because we`ve had it with them for years. The issue is with the `04 I just transferred over to my name from my sister. What I`m pissed about is that they never told me anything when I put insurance on over a month ago. So if it had been stolen within this past month I would have been screwed even though I specifically had asked for Fire & theft coverage along with the usual liability coverage. As a licenced mechanic, they won`t allow me to to do this so-called inspection. Now I have to go back up north to get the machine and bring it home just to get this done. Ridiculous. I asked why they don`t do what they used to do such as look up similar machines on the internet to get an average value. This is exactly what they did when one of my ATV`s was stolen. They couldn`t answer. This stupid and a complete waste of time.
  13. Insurance Question

    Has anyone been contacted by their insurance company stating that because a sled is now 10 years old it now requires a `Garage Inspection` in order to have coverage for Fire & Theft. They say I have to take the sled into the dealer to have this inspection done to assign a value to the machine. They will still cover the liability portion. So for the past 3+ months this sled was NOT covered if it had been stolen etc. Nice. I`ve been a licenced mechanic now for over 30 years and never heard of this one.
  14. Free weekend was a bad idea

    8 that I know of
  15. Free weekend was a bad idea

    It's been a bad idea since its inception.