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  1. ktmkirby

    Handlebar Gauntlets/Muffs

  2. ktmkirby

    Handlebar Gauntlets/Muffs

    Truth be told I was at 19,000ft when this happened, and it was more from dehydration than cold. For me no amount of heated grips or gloves can keep up when it's -30C, but the muffs work great.
  3. ktmkirby

    Handlebar Gauntlets/Muffs

    I use Doo muffs. One of the best accessories I have. I get cold fingers!
  4. ktmkirby


    Say you live in the deep, snowless, southern Ontario and just belong to any club when you signed up for your permit, and wanted to volunteer with a different club....is that possible.
  5. ktmkirby

    Any Snow Updates??

    - 1ft in St. Catharines! I'm going mountain biking!
  6. ktmkirby

    Early and late rides 2019 - 2020

    Early sledding in Niagara. Back on the motorcycle by next week!
  7. ktmkirby

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2019-2020 - Season

    So you're telling me to bring up my sled when I come up on Dec.6th for my sons graduation ceremony ?
  8. ktmkirby

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2019-2020 - Season

  9. ktmkirby

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2019-2020 - Season

  10. ktmkirby

    Kimpex Titan Helmet

    The Titan at Wild Bill's spot was a pre production model....not available in that graphic(I found that out at the CKX booth). Too bad because I preferred it over the one I got. I ended up getting mine at Royal with a $10 coupon and no tax, it was the best price I could find. I'm almost liking it better than my Aria XD3 on the bike!
  11. ktmkirby

    Kimpex Titan Helmet

    Just picked one up at the sled show. I got home and took it up to 120kph on my 1190R with the low screen. It certainly doesn't let any air past the googles. It seals up pretty good, and that was in ventilation mode. My FXR Mnt. is up for sale.
  12. ktmkirby

    Snow in Niagara

    We got some snow in Niagara!
  13. ktmkirby

    Early sledding?

    I specially timed my hernia operations to be between dirtbike season and sled season! I hope they heal up soon.....don't want to miss a day!
  14. Sell it to Long....he keeps crashing his!
  15. Still cheaper depending on the status of the dollar. You can find some smoking deals at Weavers, Pioneer Motorsports, or Heblers....all great people to deal with. If you do your research you can save a bit more if you buy private. Look for people to be selling now. They haven't had any snow for the last two years, so anything two or three years old might be low miles. I found an 09 600 exec renegade in Rochester with 900 miles on it for $5800. Follow all the rules for importing like others have stated and your good to go!