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  1. Sledguy74

    Cold weekend comming

    one Saturday morning we rode from Katrine to Huntsville and it warned up to -32 C by the time we got there. we didn't want to leave the Deerhurst pub for that cold ride back..... my limit these days is around -20 C
  2. Sledguy74

    Another Tragic Situation

    yes we do
  3. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    Yes your spot on
  4. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    All lobby groups always have a set agenda that's how politics work. Im not here supporting one view over another im saying when public outcry gets loud enough government has to respond they want to keep their jobs
  5. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    I agree
  6. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    This is a different subject but other countries influence when Canada does with immigration furthermore a lot of Canadian immigrates support the open policy you are referring too
  7. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    I'm not one to vent on here or the internet in general but this topic has touch the right or wrong nerve. Everytime there is a death from alcohol related accident it adds support to organizations like MAD. When a high profile event happens like that billionaire kid who killed the 3 kids and grand dad that creates a lot of support for increased enforcement and Ottawa or queens park have no choice but respond. The OPP are the tools the government responds with and change the rules to respond to the lobbying groups demands. If people smartened up there would be less enforcement not more like we have now
  8. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    No government in Ottawa would ever move off their ass if they were not pushed by the groups who elected them to say any party in Canada is Fascist is just uneducated immaturity !
  9. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    Sure the government impliments the change but it's lobby groups that push their agenda onto the government that really causes the change
  10. Sledguy74

    Get ready to blow.

    I'm ok with the new level of enforcement there are way too many tragities on our roads, waters and trails. Nothing upsets me more than seeing beer cans on the side of the trail, shore or road . This change has nothing to do with a police state but more pressure from the people of Ontario telling the government to stop this type of reckless behaviour from happening.
  11. Sledguy74

    Used sled prices.

    I too prefer to trade in, I never had great luck with private selling some guy wants to low ball me to my face makes me want to taze him in the forehead . i hope this +9 is the end of the warm ups for the season!
  12. Sledguy74

    Ice on Lake at Sturgeon Falls

    Buddy had been seeing people out snowshoeing and cross country skying so he decided to take the dog for a walk
  13. Sledguy74

    End of an Era

    My moms last sled was the same sled except in a 600 that M 10 sure ride nice !
  14. Sledguy74

    Rosseau Road in Huntsville

    Congratulations Bill
  15. Sledguy74

    Stolen trailer/sleds

    Or a stoning to death