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  1. barberch

    Hali Forest

    Called up earlier and they closed the trails as of this morning. Too bad, there is fresh snow too!
  2. barberch

    Hali Forest

    web cam looks like they are getting snow
  3. barberch

    Hali Forest

    ok, thanks Blake. I think I will give it a go
  4. barberch

    Mileage this season, so far...

    6000 kms this year. Quebec in early January and Northern Loop in March. A few days riding out of Barry's Bay. In between I rode in Haliburton, Paudash, Port Perry, Ganaraska and it was nice to ride those local trails again. Got out a couple times on Grizzley Griff rides and look forward to them again next year. It was an awesome year. Trails were super smooth and well taken care of. Thanks to all the clubs!
  5. barberch

    Hali Forest

    I wonder what Monday would be like?
  6. barberch


    trails from Timmins to NewLiskeard via C trail were really good yesterday. The river crossings were good as well.
  7. barberch

    Another Kick

    We are riding our final leg today. Timmins to NL via C trail south. Can update when we arrive later
  8. barberch

    A little teaser Video from PBR Riders.

    Good news! Heading through Cochrane in Sunday
  9. barberch

    Trail Map Issues

    Another issue I have found is that sometimes the trails are not joined on the ITG. The one I encountered recently is up at Hearst. I want to leave Hearst on the A trail and do the loop up around Fushimi Lake, but it doesn't appear that trail 163 is continuous on the ITG. I am only using it for trail planning, but it is a nuisance. https://trails.evouala.com/ofsc/?bbox=-9393454.229446346%2C6380729.485904283%2C-9304481.5285224%2C6438745.1903727325&amp;dg=363%2Cstatus%2Cpoi%2Cshields&amp;ow_osrm=m`inH`zw}Nigb%40drSblXzaaAService Trail-83.7911%2C 49.8755A
  10. barberch

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    GrizzlyGriff is an awesome trail/ lake guide. he knows his way around these lakes and planned a perfect loop for us!
  11. barberch

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    of course you are, so these guys must have had it out, which you can't do
  12. barberch

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    Great day riding guys! DC0FDE84-8D8C-4760-BE9A-7830415E7938.mp4
  13. barberch

    2020 Yamahas

    There is a thread on HCS Ontario that talks about whet some dealers can offer bigger discounts on leftovers.
  14. barberch

    Friday ride near Bobcaygeon. Others welcome

    I will be there
  15. barberch

    Stop signs!!!

    Agreed. And one of the reasons to stop is if you can't see. With the snowbanks on these driveways at the trail being so big this year, it is hard to see!