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  1. Rich Saul

    Bancroft trails

    Rough in town. Better north of birds creek. Lighter traffic than I figured today..
  2. Lunch great. Helmet very bad..
  3. I had a zox. It was put in a garage can in timmins.
  4. Rich Saul

    Help needed in whitney

    I used caa as I lost a engine in searchmont. Caa plus. Sled trailer with broken axles was my story. Went right to dealer in echo bay. Simple. Done.
  5. Rich Saul

    Watershed Truck Stop

    Saw the same. Had me scratching my head..
  6. Rich Saul


    I have a few. SAUL 1 SAUL 2 XKAV8
  7. Rich Saul

    "C" between Parry Sound-Sudbury.

    C105d is now yellow on the map.
  8. Rich Saul

    Ran Tour

    Its 200 k from alban to bestwestern in north bay. The bow is good. Also country side in noelville. Trails should loop by tomorrow by conversion with groomer operators.
  9. Rich Saul

    Mandatory Groomer Operator Retirement

    From what heard this is not a district thing. Ofsc decision. Province wide. Can affect a lot if guys that could help out alot.
  10. Rich Saul

    Are We Getting An App ?

    Law suite?? I owned a lodge. Trail through the property.. The gas in the tank is my gas until I sell it. I have turned guys away with out gas before. Come in talking how good the trails are and how fast they rode it with no permit. No gas. I just lock the pump they don't want to get a permit. Problem solved. Again it's my gas until I sell to you. So no permit. No gas. Worked for 16 years for me.
  11. Rich Saul

    First Open Trails

    Just not enough snow. Want to emphasize the clubs are busting their asses n all else. Just need more snow. I'm going to Florida till February. Should be good by then. I hope.
  12. Rich Saul

    First Open Trails

    Trails are crap from bancroft north to lsp. North from lsp not bad. I trailed from birds creek to McKenzie. And glad I did. Not the clubs fault. Not enough snow and idiots trying to turn the track with no base. Not worth the drive unless you dont care. Don't think you would be happy with that conditions..
  13. Rich Saul

    First Open Trails

    Yep. Moved south. In between birds creek and Bancroft. Nice n close to the trail. Only 40 km to camp at McKenzie lake. So far so good.
  14. Rich Saul

    First Open Trails

    Groomer came through birds creek yesterday. Saw it from the kitchen window. A few sleds going north on the trail now. Might head out to the garage n get out for a look see.
  15. Rich Saul

    Trailer decision

    White would be my choice on new for the reason of summer storage and heat inside from the black. Can always put reflective stickers on the trailer.