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  1. Several things that it could be most often the regulator sometimes it is the wiring not often the stator . The problem is that if you do not test it properly you run the risk of buying parts that you do not need . My advice is to get it professionally diagnosed
  2. OC is a community watering it down could damage what just simply works
  3. sorry but I have one question Why?
  4. insurance . The cause is impossible to prove at that point
  5. Just a real dumb idea
  6. RIP

    So sorry to hear this . Stay strong Soup
  7. RIP

    man that is tough. The only way that I know to deal with it is to remember the good times
  8. The Suzy powered cats never had this issue .
  9. wow the OFSC only pays just under 70 per hour to groom
  10. the oldsuzys never had any issues. just sayin
  11. feed them chili if they are in a one piece suit . gas can only escape through the neck
  12. wait until they get the hydro bill
  13. as well there is no variance for traffic