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  1. Wildbill

    District 7 trail conditions update

    A holy Crap moment?
  2. Wildbill

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    We have had two valtags stolen from our rental sleds this year more than a little odd both at the same hotel
  3. Wildbill

    Pointe au Baril to Parry Sound

    been there skipped that by surprise eh canuck
  4. Wildbill

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    It would pad the numbers though
  5. Wildbill


    It was another busy weekend in our area for sure. Last week started a little rough with the Tucker down with a bad shift cable but ended on a high note with both machines running and lots of fresh snow. The grooming team had made the best of it and the result was very muc appreciated by many. The Piston Bully was out of service for a while on Monday as the drag was developing cracks in the frame and had to be repaired and reinforced this drag is 19 years old and is on its third grooming tractor. As well the Tucker went down again yesterday with the heater blower motor failing this leaves the operator without the ability to keep the windows clear and on a cold night like last night one simply must have a heater. On a lighter note Jen and I ran across a pair of young men in a diesel kubota on trail 211 with a groomer on it helping flatten out the portages thanks guys!
  6. Wildbill


    Yup that was me sorry that I did not see that until now
  7. Wildbill

    No respect!

    beyond awesome thanks for helping karma
  8. Wildbill

    Help needed in whitney

    Better get that x rayed . Revrend thank you for helping
  9. Wildbill


    so you bring your wife and her sister as usual
  10. Wildbill

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    does hcsa noy have a pile of kilometers I think at one time they had 8 groomers
  11. Wildbill

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    always been this way
  12. Wildbill

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    I have confidence in the OFSC for the first time ever
  13. Wildbill

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    The OFSC is supporting like never before and I am proud of them for the efforts. Lessons are being learned along the way but good things are happening . Last week our Tucker had a valve body fail that Tucker was backordered for 5 weeks on the OFSC allowed us to borrow one off of a unit that that they are rebuilding the tucker is now back in service never before in my over 30 years with the OFSC have I felt the support that we have now. Adrienne is learning and consulting fairly with Mike Farr two of the best heads in the grooming game in Ontario The prez Paul Murray believes in good trails and Ryan Eckhiemer (hope that I spelled that right) is open and accessible. We are not there yet but we are gaining ground quickly. The biggest issue is the lack of resources we need money period. It has been almost 20 years since the sport was properly funded.
  14. Wildbill


    Bill Park Admin · 59 mins · Add Topics I got to play today with the big toys. Team South Seguin is strong because of its team members thank you boys and girls land owners volunteers and supporters you make it happen. I groomed C to halls today and all of 201 as well as c103d to 201. every inch of our trail system has been hit twice in the last 72 hours despite the Tucker being down we have a great team ! Your Team South Seguin gives tirelessly to do what we can and thank you for your support I am humbled to be president of this group they make me proud every day. A special thanks to the OFSC for letting us us borrow a part from another groomer to get it done for the first time in over 30 years with the OFSC I feel that they have our backs and are supporting us THANK YOU!!!!! ecause of the efforts of the OFSC we once again have two operating groomers out tonight . I feel the passion for our sport from the OFSC and I cannot believe that I am saying this !