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  1. Wildbill

    A Look Into The Past

    Just dumb no tax on the unlicensed unzoned unbussinesses is just wrong now never trust any government to spend money wisely and get the best blast for the buck ever
  2. Wildbill

    A Look Into The Past

    The really big purge was at the end of the Moto ski days I remember Everetts on kenissis a dealer in Nestleton for Moto Ski Beach Equipment Uxbridge Pro Rentals Parry Sound Key river Marina Hamilton Equipment Uxbridge Gords Marine Claremont (also Mercury snowmobiles) There are others that will come to mind this was a time that every town had several dealerships
  3. Wildbill

    Snowmobile show

    Coupon for discount at this years powersports show and a call for help we are looking for individuals that we can hire to help us in our booth our temp agency backwoods promotions has let us down
  4. Wildbill

    Helmet of choice

    yeh you are right my apologies he goes under a similiar name
  5. Wildbill

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Lol they certainly were boarding vessels just to check my boats were boarded on more than 1 occasion I might add that I never got a ticket.
  6. Wildbill

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    Two suits of choice really old Arctic Cat leathers (1988) really warm but heavy. Lately I have been wearing a CKX floater suit and a tekvest it allows me to move and stay warm best aas well as ad the security with the amount of lakes and Georgian Bay in our area
  7. Wildbill

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    I started in the Marine industry in 1983 the police were giving out tickets then for sure long before a boaters card
  8. Wildbill

    Helmet of choice

    Feedback from our sales Titan 70% ecstatic 20 % satisfied 10% not so much G Max 64s almost 95% very happy and satisfied about 4% ok 1 % usually we had to find a way to help them often a minor issue but a minor issue becomes large if not dealt with often these were sold at a competitive store 3 of them last year still had the inner anti scratch liner installed and not taken off of the visor Zoan generally acceptable performance but has compromises
  9. Wildbill

    Helmet of choice

    Buddy I still cannot read this without remembering the guy at the gas station in Whitney in 89 . He just about fell over when you took your helmet off lol .
  10. Wildbill

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    I find myself wanting to agree with you on this I am fearful of the results of this
  11. Wildbill

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Thanks for your efforts . From my standpoint I am seeing a change in direction from the OFSC more openess more willingness to make the clubs stronger and more willingness to rethink the former plans District forced mergers are off district admin funding has been restored groomer payments are up by ten dollars per hour. The ship is righting SJ things will improve from here I feel. Some damages done by the old regime will be harder to deal with however things can improve from here now
  12. Wildbill

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    I should be there for the business end on Saturday
  13. Wildbill

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    where did this happen ?
  14. Wildbill

    OFSC Convention- Huntsville - Sept 14-16 2018

    not sure about that . some things have changed
  15. Wildbill

    Summer Projects