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  1. not that I am aware of
  2. healey lake lodge is open for business and looking good
  3. quality inn parry sound is now super 8 parry sound
  4. so what are the carrying costs on 1.9 million
  5. This is what I have been told by a few in the know . Not sure howthis place gets valued at 1.9 million
  6. same issues here
  7. the cottage association will buy it and close it
  8. the good news is that it does not effect the townships where many of the hotels are
  9. yes you do need to please
  10. at the cargill drive parking or at the tim hortons
  11. the cottage association does not want it there
  12. I spoke to Rich everything is to be the same
  13. exactly my point thank you Please register early and save it helps the organizers with food planning tremendously
  14. is there not an early discount for registration
  15. 5 hours a day? is that plus your 3 hours per day of getting unstuck?