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  1. Wildbill

    Kearney Oneills

    Sounds great you should contact Domino about forum sponsorship
  2. Wildbill


    Thank you for a great forum
  3. Wildbill

    eye in the sky

    fight the ticket for sure
  4. Wildbill

    Lot's of the White stuff in Parry Sound

    Incredible pic maybe send it to Hallmark for sure. The club is gearing up lots of water issues this year.
  5. Wildbill

    Maybe one of you guys have an answer...

    Who owns the road?
  6. Wildbill

    Maybe one of you guys have an answer...

    It varies with every area and township. The club will likely have no say in the matter
  7. Wildbill

    CKX Titan Helmet goggle recall

    I believe so please check in with us tomorrow.800-344-6620
  8. Wildbill

    CKX Titan Helmet goggle recall

    You are right in the Tomato tomatoe . The rule that refers to a distributors ability to do this is listed as brand destruction under the minimum advertised price rule so that is what I referred to. Channel conflict seems a bit too sophisticated this industry.
  9. Wildbill

    CKX Titan Helmet goggle recall

    It is called Minimum Advertised Pricing and is being done by many distributors such as Camso etc (thats why there is no camso pricing in the royal catalog ) Kimpex had warned ALL of the dealers etc to follow it or suffer the consequences. That was the consequences. We follow the MAP pricing policy after all it is quite a discount anyhow in the end it means that your local dealer can compete and give good customer service and that the wholesaler does not have all of their eggs in one basket you will find that most distributors have a MAP policy on current goods. What we sell for in our store is our business what we advertise it for is the business of the brands to prevent what is know as brand destruction.
  10. Wildbill

    CKX Titan Helmet goggle recall

    for the titan?
  11. Wildbill

    eye in the sky

    We should be able to politically disagree with the name calling it is called democracy and respect please use it.
  12. Wildbill

    CKX Titan Helmet goggle recall

    Kimpex cancelled the relationship with Royal. Any good Kimpex dealer should b able to help you we would and will.
  13. Wildbill

    CKX Titan Helmet goggle recall

    Yes but not all helmets are included . Just take the goggles in to your retailer for inspection to be sure
  14. Wildbill


    he was told that to take it that far would cost much more and as he was not suing for the accident only suing for the frivolous lawsuit and that the guy had no wealth even a judgement would not result in a payout
  15. Wildbill

    New Sled Pics..2019 Mxz X 850

    Really? the 800 is faster? Congrats on the new sled IQ may it be the best sled that you ever purchased