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  1. Wildbill

    Jolly Roger /Super 8

    Good folks trying very hard it be a long haul for them however I feel that they need some support as well as deserving it
  2. Wildbill

    Jolly Roger /Super 8

    Finally new owners with some pride. This once proud landmark may well have a future again! The new owner Anu has invited the club to base our groomers and fuel tanks there again as well as having given us the full use of the shop for service. Our family went there for dinner tonight and it was quite good the restaurant and bar are both freshly painted and very clean. They are understaffed as they will have to attract a whole new team as the old owner had run it right into the ground. Over all I am impressed and optimistic.
  3. Wildbill

    Announcement coming soon

    NO just doing a great job of servicing customers from helmet to boot and their ride as well as ATVs SxS and BOATS
  4. Wildbill

    Announcement coming soon

    Effective December 1st 2019 Rosseau Road powersports and Marine will be open at 21 South Mary Lake road the former Arnies Cat House. Our friends Arnie and Bev are retiring. We are grateful for our time at Huntsville place mall . The opportunity came to aquire a prime location and ad service to our capabilities in muskoka .
  5. Wildbill

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    Almost all retailers at the show have the save the taxes event rocking
  6. Wildbill

    Announcement coming soon

    Much Better
  7. Wildbill

    Announcement coming soon

    ummm no . But I do love the signature that you have too many do not hold our country dear enough
  8. Wildbill

    Announcement coming soon

    Tomorrow at noon Rosseau Road will be announcing huge news !
  9. Wildbill

    Gas - Huntsville

    Sledders are allowed they just have to break the law and beat up their sleds to get there. This is amoung the reasons that we are moving our muskoka store to a new location ON TRAIL!
  10. Wildbill

    Gas - Huntsville

    Yes and the town of huntsville will not allow sleds to cross for gas
  11. Wildbill

    Horse Stall Mats at TSC

    Condom factory ? Sounds like LMV's ex.
  12. Wildbill

    try our trails

    yes they are offered not sure of this years price
  13. Wildbill

    try our trails

    This program is dead finally
  14. not impressed with their trailers