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  1. Evil

    Timmins - Parking

    Super 8./Caseys you can park there without staying there
  2. Evil

    Mileage this season, so far...

    3 days each weekend. Friday Saturday & Sunday
  3. Evil

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Out 2 weekends. 2175 kms so far.
  4. Evil

    Throwback Thursday

    It’s not Thursday but......it’s a throwback to last year.
  5. Evil

    Throwback Thursday

    It’s all good. It’s not for everybody. Went over it yesterday somebody added some boards in place of the missing rail ties so it’s a bit better. It has the most snow on the bridge that I’ce ever seen! I would have taken pics but it was a little chilly.
  6. Evil

    Throwback Thursday

    It’s not scary at all. There’s grooves in the rail ties, your skis just follow Them.
  7. Evil

    Quebec Free Weekend

    Looking forward to it! Thanks for the laughs.
  8. Evil

    Quebec Free Weekend

    Uh hum!! What about me? LOL
  9. Evil

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    It does yes but we're usually not in a rush to get to the truck from Kap anyway so it's all good. It is a nice option though, I hope it opens next year!
  10. Evil

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    You can't go over 45 mph in Eco mode.
  11. Evil

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    Oh, I tried the Eco mode last weekend to see how it works...........................so painful. didn't last long!
  12. Evil

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    Sport mode? what's that?
  13. Evil

    Gowganda Accomodations

    X 2! You wont be disappointed.
  14. Evil


    Kapuskasing to Cochrane to Iroquois Falls then over to Timmins, trails were fantastic yesterday.
  15. Evil

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    I think it was yku we saw. We didn't stop at the club house but we were in Hearst at 2:50 pm. Time sounds about right! We will look for you tomorrow!