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    You do realize that you will be handing the cop your unlocked phone for 20 minutes in their car while they write you up. My porn is for my eyes only
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    Thanks goodness Halfway Haven is there. It brings sleds in from all around, etc. Preaching to the converted on this forum (most like the place). Enjoyed my visits with Sean.
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    Just wanted to share, for the Facebookless.....
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    Both good points, however, placing a camper frame or other ad-hoc structures over a creek, while it may work for a short term, for a snowmobile, is not engineered to hold the weight of a groomer + snow, never mind what some joker might try to use it for in the off season. If it fails, the MNRF is on the hook, liability wise, because it’s on Crown Land. That’s why they’re so anal about it. I’m aware of a similar situation that occurred north of Nipigon. The club installed an old truck frame across a river. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough, so the contractor pushed the banks into the river until it fit. It was not pretty. I can assure you that asking forgiveness later didn’t work, and it was expensive to fix.
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    I understand what you are saying if you are disturbing the waterway by doing something different than what was previously in place at the crossing. What Ox was talking about was a steel frame for a bridge that would have not likely touch the water at all. I'm pretty sure that would not "off" a fish population. If you replace exactly what was there previously for years and do a good job of the work then I personally don;t see an issue that either..
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    I was thinking my texts to Denis007 would come into question...
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    Money saved on the Bullit trailer and included equipment pays for my entire sled season this year and I plan to get around quite a bit. No difference between this model and the Triton offering in quality. Personally, never consider or give a damn what the trade in value will be - acquire for my own use and specs. In the case a subsequent owner does not recognize the genius of my various improvements to an implement, they don't deserve to have it.
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    Bored out of my mind with that show and as I need nothing further for this year, will not be going. Any 'deals' are evened out by the price of admission and what it costs to get there. A tip from previous years - buy tickets online and enter by the door closest to the rail line where usually where the acrobatics take place - way shorter line up. (you will probably loose any seniors discount - but the line ups can be so long you might pass your 65th birthday in it ) There may be other events in the same complex that can also be taken in- once a drug convention at which there was free food to be had. Many of us are of the age where we can speak with authority about various blood pressure and cholesteral medication so fit right in next to the pharmacist digging in to bacon, eggs, and pancakes with table syrop. A free to enter photography show in another area was also interesting. If you think of it, post if they have finally given away that black Corvette they have in a draw every year - looks like the same one each event.
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    Sean was an awesome advocate for that stretch of trail.Hopefully whoever takes his place is as passionate as he was,but I doubt it. Glad they put some money and time in it,it was badly needed.
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    I'm planning at this point to help with the set up of the Gravenhurst Booth then spend a few hours walking around the show Friday, will be working the booth all day Saturday and possibly Sunday at this point for a bit. If anyone wants to meet up Friday night for dinner I would be interested for sure.
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    I would go ahead and get it fixed without the MNR. The old saying is that forgiveness is easier to get than permission. I've seen the truth in that adage along the river at our summer place.
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    It is a club / district issue.
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    As for quaility, imo you get what you pay for. Ive seen a few of them on the road. If your not all too worried about price, id be buying a Triton TC-167. I had one several years ago for 3 seasons. Several Oc members have them also. Great trailer. Tows awesome, and holds value EXTREMELY well. But it all depends on budget and what you want?. Quality, price?. How many miles of towing etc etc..
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    I see a few dealers around. Georgian Bay Trailers in Parry Sound, and Jensen Trailer Sales in Oshawa, and PJs in leamington, and Excalibur Trailer Sales in Brampton. Not quite sure of anywhere else... Good luck on your search..
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    We shall be attending, most likely with 14Snow, and family. Not sure if Friday or saturday yet..
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    X2 W/o the business sledding between Chapleau, the Soo & Wawa would entail hauling your own gas.
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    I'm sure there are a couple of contractors along 35 between Canarvon and Dwight that the clubs could contact. I'm thinking Port Carling is a bit away regardless of your thoughts on the business.
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    I realize my bike will not ruin the fill in but some posters here seem to think so ,but nothing new there as some think atvs are worse than a nuke spill ,another debate for another day and yes Brent is high on himself and exspensive
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    Riding over a properly filled wash on your ATV will not damage the trail in the slightest way.
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    Yup nice to know you can provide valid proof if you forget to put the updated slips with your paperwork though
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    Thanks for sharing, but i will still carry......My proof of insurance that is...
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    Glad you made it that far ok revrnd. They are calling for blizzard warnings along the 400 from Barrie to Sudbury at least.