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I was out grooming yesterday and found a moose antler in the middle of the trail, pretty cool.



Post up your finds on the trail.

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This one we picked up in the bush NW of Wawa.

(not near any trail)


The boy stands >6' at that time I think.

It's a pretty big rack.


We were back in a small spot that was clear cut and had a LOT of moose lays in it, but the area was very tight and I was quite concerned aboot scaring up a moose with very little options...

As we were leaving that area I saw it.

It was under the snow, but sticking up.

I could tell what it was by the profile of the snow.

I stopped and waited....

"What'cha dooin'?"

I said to the boy:

"You gunna go pick that up?"


"That shed"


"Over _ there..."




That is a real prize for him to this day. 

11 years ago.







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Back in 12/99 (I think? Pic will say) we found a few snowmachines along the trail on the way to Halfway. 

We knew that they were out there overnight and not been seen yet when we left Searchmont. (The store was open in Searchmont back then)
We were also told that the OPP went out at midnight, and nobody'd heard from them yet either...

It was a COLD night!

These guys were scattered for 45 klicks I bet?


(Looks like we took this pic on the way back home a cpl days later)


These guys are from The Soo.

Not sure if any of them are on this site or not?


This same group came along and rescued us the previous year. 

Actually - the fella on this sled had a fiver for me and my chum to split - as they knew that we were out there and not made it through...

Me and my chum were breaking it open the year before and we each had burnt through 20 gals gas and had not found Halfway and was all but out of gas.

This group was to have been following us the day prior, but they obviously didn't leave in time, and held out fore the next day.


So the next year, they beat us by a day to breaking it open, but they didn't understand the concept that it takes extra gas to break open.

I think there was aboot 7 sleds strung out for a long way.

The guys running point ran out first, then the next, and the next, and ....

I think that the last guy made it within maybe 5 or 10 klicks of Halfway tho.


By the time we made Halfway, the last of the group was choppered out, and the OPP flew in some fresh meat to ride the sleds back out.







Not that I haven't left a snowmachine or three in the bush as well, just no-body has any p;ics to post of those. ;)






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Here ya go. Found this sled frozen in to the side of the trail, last ride of the season, last March north of Mont Laurier. Called the club for the area, and they were already heading out to retrieve it, as the trail was disappearing fast. (This is after a large wash-out on the trail, which caused us to turn around.)



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Lots of antlers over the years. we have over 20 now. still a hoot to find them, on and off trail. the antler with the water bottle for scale, is the one on my back, in the blue, green, white gear. it was pretty big. the one with Lynne in the pink gear, Dan Kelly from Manitouwadge, and I ran it over, my sled kicked it up, for Lynne to see. the one with Lynne and I, was the first pair we found laying together. I found another later that day, that gave us 3 in one day. The one with GrapeApe and I is from circa 2012, in Manitouwadge. We have found them in Dub, Mani, Hornepayne, etc... they are everywhere. :D the most we have ever found was 4 in one day. that day lynne and I each found one, and my buddy and his wife, each found one, taking turns leading. Ski

dubreuilville feb 2013 guys trip 071.JPG

2013 antlersm.jpg

manitouwadge febmarch2014 030.JPG

april 2015 dubreuilville 064.JPG


ericlynne antler full size.jpg

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Now, on the opposite note, this fall we were looking for a snowmachine that we left along side [an old and not used in several years] trail 1 week before the shutdown.

We didn't find it.


BUT we did find an oil jug and a 2.5 gal jerry can!

Not ours mind you.. ours were gone, but at least there were others in the bush as a boobie prize, so that was nice. 

But the jerry has a mess'a holes in it!

I have not yet fingered out what fer vermin would have been able to leave these marks:






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A couple of years ago in Quebec we were noticing that someones saddlebags let go and there was underwear and misc clothing along the trail for about 20 clicks.    All of a sudden I noticed a big bottle of Crown on the side of the trail and immediately turned around to check it out.    It was new, unopened.    We didnt want it to go to waste to so we took it to the hotel in Amos and polished it off that night.  

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Bought my wife a new Skinz tunnel bag last year for Christmas.  White with black camo design on it.

She lost it between Iroquois Falls and Cochrane last year end of season.

Only upon back tracking down the hydro line she had been playing on, did we realize that white and black camo is a really shatty combo to try to find in the snow!

Expensive lesson got when worse this fall  when she remembered her spare belt was in it too. 

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