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  1. Sure, must’ve been a woman 🙄 Hilarious.
  2. Working on it! It’s still snowing!
  3. We had one today too, Freshly groomed trail. 😡 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYNC4UbU/
  4. Only scouting local trails so far….lots of water. Heading to either North Bay or our hunt camp near Sundridge later this week and hope to come back to open trails at home.🤞🏻
  5. We also got some groomer time in, hoping the forecast is inaccurate for later in the week. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFvjeK9x/ *don’t come rushing up here for trails, they won’t be open anytime soon sadly
  6. We got enough snow in Stoney Keppel land that we had to help out our local ski club. Their new groomer can handle deep snow, so we got to do laps of their trails all morning. Some of our guys brought their vintage machines, this one was so fun! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFvjrHUE/
  7. Was good to get some laps in around the property and down the road but I’d rather have it after all the waterholes are frozen.
  8. Loads here! Friday night-Sunday morning.
  9. Probably not as slanted as that website, yikes.
  10. If I can break into the ‘old boys’ club then you definitely can. I started with helping them with social media…and had to email a few times to get a response. I think club members are just too busy to do the work of organizing new people, but nothing changes if they don’t take the time to do it. Good luck! It is worth it once you get in.
  11. The snowmobile world lost another legend this week in Wiarton. A huge loss for his club 💔 RIP Daryl
  12. How far are you from Owen Sound? 😂 We welcome all volunteers and scoop up people like you that get ignored elsewhere!
  13. 100% agreed. If you need to spread the word I’d turn to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Failing that you could talk to local dealerships to spread the word.
  14. Shallow Lake Arena should have loads on a weekday but they were overflowing last weekend and don't want the trailers there if they can't park at the back of the lot in a somewhat organized manner. But a Thursday, you'll be fine. See you out there tomorrow probably! Where you heading?
  15. Not anymore and not likely again this season. The trail connecting the east and west sides of Owen Sound is closed....and all the other routes that would work.
  16. Christy


    +1 for oxygen. I leave the cord connected to my jacket and inside up to the back of my neck so it’s easy to just plug in. I always run it plugged in, can have it on the lower settings and sometimes need to. I can really feel the heat on my face on the higher settings. Cochrane week was highest the whole time but locally usually lowest. Usually vents open too and balaclava pulled back off my forehead and chin, really not on my face at all.
  17. I hope we survive today 😔
  18. Great work! I also have a hard time sleeping when the groomer is rolling, especially if it’s a new section or new operator. I somehow have a groomer 6th sense though. I’ll wake up from a dead sleep and know something is up, check the groomer and sure enough it’s stopped. I called the groomer phone last year to ask why he was stopped and he said “I’m really stuck, how the heck did you know?”
  19. Swamps are in good shape but we need snow, fingers crossed that we get some this week!
  20. I creeped the new owners on Facebook after someone tagged them. They give me a total Tiger King vibe. Maybe they’ll get a reality show next.
  21. Are they keeping Brian’s location too?
  22. I haven’t heard that one yet either but could very well be true. Brian’s Yamaha sold this year too, it’s now part of Southwest Marine & Powersport.
  23. I hope you are right! We have too many water holes for the freeze-thaw-freeze crap. Does a late puffball mushroom season mean anything? I’ll have to go look again but so far we have zero as of midweek. We normally have so many that it looks like we are growing volleyballs in the forest. I hope it means a good winter!
  24. The Intrepid Snowmobiler 10m · IMPORTANT UPDATE: Here’s an update to my Sept 21 post with a new report titled: “Cambridge man seriously hurt in a collision involving snowmobile”. In my post, I expressed surprise about a summertime snowmobile injury and can now set the record straight, thanks to Tony Schmidt… The injured party is Peter Brenner, one of the best racer/tuners involved in grass drag racing. On Sunday, September 19, he was sled testing in a field, which isn’t an unusual summer activity in this circuit, but that fact has been overlooked by all media reports on the incident to date. Peter is pictured here standing beside racer Alan Glavin. Here’s one link I found posting race results for Peter (see Snow-Cross Class 0-500 and Mod 0-500) - https://www.pembrokeobserver.com/.../fast-and-furious... I join the entire snowmobile community and his many grass drag friends and fans in wishing Peter a complete and speedy recovery. Word has it that he’s already standing in physio! To contribute to the Go Fund Me campaign is Peter's name, click here: https://gofund.me/3a0e63a2
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