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  1. Amazing what can happen when a lit match slips into the gas tank
  2. Our backyard, folks were out as well, reported excellent conditions
  3. My son is 9 and rides an Indy Lite, we govern the throttle but he handles it very well and loves it
  4. 279.3 miles! My most in 3 years of one kid in rep hockey and the other in rep soccer and figure skating,
  5. DuYaWanna trails were perfect all weekend, thanks again guys and gals, what a finish
  6. Other thing you can do is tailgate the trailers in a convoy
  7. What you do is get a transponder, then sit on it as you go through, plate not visible, transponder present if stopped.
  8. Agreed, that is just an outrageous not even close number.
  9. Me too - our place is in the 30-50 zone - that would be pretty nice to see.
  10. It's amazing to go from -32 to +15 in such a short time frame, it's really depressing and I am sick of being pisseed off about it, investing in anything winter weather dependent these days is a complete waste of time, money and energy, sleds, rinks, skiing, whatever, save it and find something else to do
  11. More people should speak up, what is everyone afraid of? good for you, it's not about being polite,,it's a life's lesson
  12. Both kids on trail sleds for less than the cost of 1.
  13. Weather doesn't help, my daughter could use an Evo, but the 340 Lite deluxe is a good alternative and a crap load cheaper for how much use it actually gets
  14. 81 miles, fields and lake. with hockey schedule, that could be it unless great snow late season
  15. Been out of the game too long, have a friend looking for a weekend get away up north and looking for a good place to stay with easy access to sled rentals too, suggestions?
  16. My backyard, thanks for the efforts and assistance
  17. Your understanding is unfortunately wrong
  18. Guys, this was going to happen, TD gobbled up the market share with low rates, eventually claims happen, payouts take place and rates increase as their loss ratio increases. start shopping around for the next TD
  19. Got some trail riding in with my daughter, wife and son and my sister, great day
  20. Kids first race against each other
  21. Take the vin, pay the fee and run a title search and lien search, do both, cause mechanics etc can register liens as well. If there is a lien on it, have the seller pay it out and get a discharge letter, if not willing etc, walk away
  22. I have a pro cross tunnel in a box still, never needed it, it's black, maybe I can sell it?
  23. Not sure why everyone thinks a letter from a lawyer will do anything, they will ignore it just the same
  24. Which would be thrown directly into the trash bin, issue a statement of claim, letter of intent does nothing.
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