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  1. IDK how the Yammi worked, and I don't recall how the Doo worked, but I also don't recall any issues with it? Not like a Pontiac Fiero (wedge) Those routinely had one headlight up and one down. .
  2. Not all that innovative. My Doo Olympic had that 10 yrs prior. .
  3. I'm gunna place the start to their hayday a bit further back. Mid/late 70's with the Enticers and the Exciters were a big deal as well. That was also the start for Yamalube at that time. (big sales point I'd say!) I remember drooling over the SS440 when that came out! It looked sharp in silver / blue (1982 or there aboots) Was skeptic aboot the telescopic struts up front that came out aboot then. .
  4. That sticker doesn't look too new from here. .
  5. Can anyone confirm whether the multi-day is $48/day, or $48 min for the 2 day min? (2 days = $48 or $96) .
  6. Well, considering how close the Farmers Alm was last year, I think that I'll wait'n see...
  7. What exactly is a ".01" rivet or alum? Shirley you don't mean .010" thick material? Tha'd be a bloody Dr. Pepper can! .
  8. I know of at least one from Ontario that owns one, but the sled prolly aint here.
  9. Only 1 ton I ever rode with ... IDK that it floated or not, but at the speed that thing went, it didn't need to. Yami dealer in Gunnison, Colorado had a 2 stage (?) turbo set-up on his, with a 163 track. My 163 x 2.25 tracked Summit made it 25-30% of the way up the big hill, and I turned out. My chum made it 1/2 way, and turned out. (it was really rotten snow! Seriously...) Mr. WonTon went over the top so hard that he aired the whole thing out with remarkable ease! OH friggin WOW! Makes a fella feel a bit ... inconsequential ..... .
  10. Those are '23's? .
  11. 130,000 Loonies sounds awfully cheap to me for such a vee-hickle. MotorTrend had a writ this last month or so about a new Bugatti. THAT was just as impressive'a read! That was just short of 1600 HP, V16, 64V, and quad (purty sure) turbo's! Test driver was trying to hit 250, but on that day it's only go 245 MPH. Test track @ shuttle landing in Cape Canaveral, Florida. That's also an impressive car, but at $1.4M (?) USF, it really doesn't matter much anyhow. But this Dodge is reachable by a LOT more people! With all that said - I don't have a need for speed or racing. There is always someone with more time and money to devote to being first. But I can appreciate the engineering behind the results. I don;'t need to be first, but I sure don't want to be last! .
  12. That new 1025hp Crashler runs on E85 preferably. Degraded to 950hp (?) if ran on premium gas. (alcohol is a cooling agent) .
  13. Track issues usually stem from overheating - as I understand. So, if you are running fast on hard trail, you will likely reduce the life of your track. This is one of the reasons that my Summit goes slow. .
  14. B/c they can't sell a very high % of sleds with cardboardmeters anymore. They apparently need to have a high$ fuel infection system to pass emissions. So, they can make a few low buck sleds, but not many.
  15. There wasn't even such a thing as a "Mountain" segment until the mid 90's. Let alone it "always" being the tech leader. Yeah, the last 10+ years it seem to have been, but not historically. .
  16. In case you weren't there at the time: Textron owned Polaris in the 70's. They weren't turning out big winners at that time.
  17. Been a decade commin' Boy, in 1980 you Shirley wouldn't'a guessed they'd have gone this way!
  18. ... and government grants to finance it? Basic case of "other people's money"? Bristol in Wawa as an example? .
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