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    What I've always found interesting is the fact that it's spending which ( often ) benefits remote communities, where sledders buying a restaurant meal, groceries, sled repairs, lodging, even fuel....keep the lights on when summer tourists have left.
  2. Trakmaps was safety . A way out of a predicament. Both it and paper maps didn't tell you where you were, or the trail status - but both offered a way out in a pinch. At the front end - both helpful for trip planning.
  3. I get it. Can't buy a Skidoo myself
  4. You guys with the ' solid body ...no floorboard rot thanks to Krown ' remind me of Fred Flintstone and his awesome vehicle. 2013 Toyota, Tundra $275 K, no Krown, still good. Will do it this year tho. Thanks for the advice.
  5. And the Quebec trails will be filled with students "( Quebec is) short more than 8,000 teachers, and has rather lowered its standards to fill the gap. "You have a BA in history, mathematics, chemistry or French? You want to try your hand at a new career? We have place for you now," says Drainville. "You will become an unlicensed teacher." He stopped short of offering a free toaster to entice more applicants." LMV should teach. I'd love to read about it in the local newspaper 🤣🥸
  6. I find northern Ontario trails better than comparable Quebec trails. We've experienced miles of brutal trails there. Taking a break from Quebec trails.
  7. What are you doing for boat fuel this year? Marina is far away. Currently stopping at marina with gas cans on the way north, but that's messed up - driving by car to the marina, to fill cans with gas. Old Yamaha 100 4 stroke. And 40 hp Merc 2 stroke.
  8. Only 10 stattions in Ontario still pumping ethanol free gas according to this crowd information site. And those reports may be dated. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  9. RX-1 tonne and ' float ' in the same.e sentence. Not that beast Innovative as heck. Exhaust out the back ( loved it on my Apex ). But she certainly didn't ' float ' by any stretch of the imagination.
  10. I've had the same feeling at low - traffic gas stations. Still use premium in the sled in that scenario, but it's a " hmmm " moment.
  11. I still see the BRP Skidoo jet boats on small lakes. Definitely a trailer boat - not designed to sit in water ( friends delaminated - dealer advised him to keep it out of water, in trailer ). Not as many Yamaha jetboats out there. Where we are.
  12. Won't territory rights impede? In our area, Georgian Bay Yamaha on Hwy 12 is unlikely to become an Arctic Cat dealer with Team Powerports Arctic Cat on Hwy 400 ( exisiting rights) so close . But who knows. Would be nice for the Yamaha dealers to sell and service Arctic Cat. They've got the repair technology, equipment already, by and large.
  13. Agreed. Great memories of the Venture, Apex. Not so fond memories of the starting - issue plagued Viper.
  14. Ontario historically sets prices in the fall. https://www.ofsc.on.ca/2022/09/29/ontario-snowmobile-trail-permit-fee-increase/ Thanks for the Quebec update. Found their trails hit or miss ( and when they're moguls, it's bumpy for miles and miles). Not a one off - spoke to riders in northern Ontario with broken mirrors. Pourqoui? I asked. Quebec trails shook them to pieces. They still go back. Diehards. Sticking to Ontario myself. And hey, there's a stretch north of our cottage ( between Six Mile Lake and Bala...hydro line ) that was historically bad. Same thing, moguls, tough returning Sunday night. Not saying one is better than the other. It's just nice knowing what to expect - Ontario offers me that.
  15. Lots of snow ( historically ) in that area. Many early starts there in years past. Katrine, Sundridge, etc. Nice memories of the area .
  16. Really enjoy watching the seasonal changes, now that I've been to your place. Good luck walleye fishing and antler hunting. I sense you've got a few more ' finds ' in you.
  17. The one day employment was a longer ( two sides ) story. The landscaper approached it in his somewhat old school manner. Worked the yoot hard on Day 1 - to show him what's ahead. If you're going to quit, quit now, before he invested time in the learning curve / training. Yoot chose Door #2 - didn't return the next day. Anyhow, many approaches to management - I'm not in that business owner's shoes ( boots ). Hard working guy. High expectations.
  18. I'll have to stop @ Robinsons next time I'm thru - never been. And the discussion around employment was on par with friends who hired last few years have said - folks don't show up, or if they do - quit after a day. Some longer, but rarely into the next season ( landscaping in the one case, warehousing the other...to the point where temp agencies have taken over the latter. Hiring is their headache, not yours).
  19. Very sad to hear. Condolences to family and friends.
  20. That's what I was thinking. Always chuckle when I see that at a gas station ( happened in Cochrane and Hearst - spring sledding). Nutter has some great pics along a different genre - "here's the view from a sled". 6 months later... "here's the same view from a bike". Great idea.
  21. No FB here, but searched and found it a great summary of the posts on an Arctic Cat website ( sled of choice 🙂) https://www.arcticinsider.com Well done, gents
  22. Thanks for informing us. Interesting to see if / when it's sold how the new owners will interact with clubs, riders. It's been a few years - have met these owners, rode with an employee south on last ride out ( April) . Youth was conscientious, gas available until trail toggled to red. But recent reports (last couple of years ) troubling.
  23. This is the Delawana Inn Webcam. Not McRae Lake, etc but read recently " thin ice" . Honey Harbour. https://delawanaresort.ca/webcam.htm
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