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  1. crispy

    eye in the sky

    Due to condition variables and trail changes I dont believe its possible to formulate a speed limit, thats the whole issue and why its absurd. As stated many times by many of us there are many places where I dont care who drives, you simply CANNOT achieve 50kmh and there are many other places where 50kmh is absolutely boring slow. The guide of 50kmh I can support but the LAW of 50kmh is absurd and when police "enforce" this its a total money grab with zero safety net gains. As for how to promote trail safety? Thats a discussion that still needs to be had
  2. crispy

    eye in the sky

    I rode from age 5 and I understand I too am a parent. The asinine part to the speed limits is that they are set arbitrarily there is no formula for them. Roads too absolutely no forumla its a bureaucrat who dictates and our own tax dollars that pay for all those police ads brow beating us into their version of why they are important and blah blah blah. There are plenty of places in the world with no speed limits that do not have more bad accidents than we do. What the goal is, for ALL of us; is to ride safely and always be in control of your equipment. There is no perfection and life is a risk so if you want perfect safety? Stay home. If you want to take some risk and enjoy yourself in ways such as sledding you understand the risks going in. None of that has anything to do with the absurdity of speed limits on the roads, or the trails.
  3. crispy

    eye in the sky

    Speed limits were initially created as a limit and were not considered a safe cruise speed ever the LIMIT was dangerous hence a limit like redline on an engine. This is precisely why I am SO SET AGAINST any new bureaucracy or police powers because we have not seen speed limits increase alongside vehicles improved performance and safety capacities at all. So as the vehicle peromance increase the speed limits have become increasingly useless for safety and increasingly profitable for policing which is NO GOOD AT ALL. If the limit was indeed a dangerous level no one here would even be discussing the problems with them at all and praise the police for patrolling for those few whackos. Instead we have asinine arbitrary limits being enforced by officers who couldn't care less about the reality of these limits or they simply would not patrol for speeding. They use all that BS as an excuse to exercise power over the few of us fortunate enough to be doing something enjoyable, imagine the gall that we might want some time to do something free of the day to day BS? Guess we are the real problem in Ontario eh? Those dang snowmobilers are surely to blame for all the crime, debt, and other nasty societal problems so police better go get em hard and punish em good. So the reason is some maybe scenario of some asshat who cant drive harms himself and wants a payday? Nope. If we rid the courts of bufoons like belobabba or whatever his name was this too would not be an issue. FIGHT EVERY TICKET
  4. crispy

    eye in the sky

    I enjoy the outdoors specifically to get away from tech, people, and get into tune with the wild. Any single element that brings tech outdoors is something I frown upon. I use compass and maps and no phones or any of that nonsense its not what its about to me. Now a bunch of half militarized jack boots want to fly cameras around while we ride? hell no.
  5. crispy

    eye in the sky

    Its creepy over reach. Who wants to live with a camera following every step and issuing fines for anything and everything? Remember, this is merely the START of this program it will grow like any other bureaucracy that hunts for dollars. Why ride at all if the only thing that matters is following arbitrary rules? If its not arbitrary then spell out right here in black and white the formula used to calculate speed limits? What will 20 years from now look like if we accept this? I do not support this one bit. I encourage safe riding but big brother tactics are a resounding no from me. Think about the Country we live in, and the rural lifestyle and the inevitable future of someone who is not from Canada, becoming elected or appointed to govern over us who does not understand a single thing about our lifestyles what they decide is best? This is a giant fail and setting the future up for a penned in existence.
  6. crispy

    First Open Trails

    Its been a very cold fall if the frost stays in the ground it'll be a great season.
  7. crispy

    eye in the sky

  8. crispy

    eye in the sky

    I was all jokes and laughs in the beginning of this thread, then offered out some info on how to handle police and have been responding to replies towards me since, as I am now. If you dont care or dont like? Dont reply, dont read, its pretty simple. If you engage in efforts or question why I am posting what I am posting I will do my best to explain. I can only speak for myself I do not suggest I speak for others or the group here nor do I ask any of you to be silent when i dont agree. I engage as straight forward as I can Thats it. Lots of people seem to have this living in their heads for some reason or another the amount of replies speaks volumes. Dead forums die, active ones thrive. The threads Im in are more active than the rest so this is now a bad thing?
  9. crispy

    eye in the sky

    LOL well it was published in late October, before the official propaganda purchase. Its only meant to suggest how we can be our own worst enemies is all. The funny thing about all this is I do not consider myself any sort of political party at ALL. I am not a conservative, liberal, NDP, Libertarian or any other badge you want to try and stick on me or yourself that is nonsense. I am only focused on whats best for everyone in Canada to the best I can grasp and I look up to others who share the same goals. With healthy, respectful discussion we can learn what is best and work towards achieving it. I'd vote for a beaver if it made a debt retirement law and bound politicians into fixed budgets. No one, NO ONE, can spend what they do not have. You can only borrow it, for a time. Unless you can figure out a better way to exchange goods and services than money? This is how the system works and ours right now? Is BENT over backwards in yesterdays political promises. No more
  10. crispy

    eye in the sky

    For those of you who get angry at what I post and do not have a better solution to offer? Dont let your ego fail you by pushing you down an illogical road just because you dont want to feel wrong. As above? I LOVE to be PROVEN wrong, truly and when I am I instantly become a huge fan of whoever does this and learn all I can, so I too can improve my thinking. On that front perhaps this will assist you https://www.cbc.ca/radio/tapestry/change-of-heart-1.4870009/why-your-approach-to-changing-people-s-minds-is-all-wrong-1.4870038
  11. crispy

    eye in the sky

    My only goal to help us keep Canada strong and free so we can be our best, and some people want to attack that? Showing true colours I guess. I love Canada and all it stands for and work hard to inform people of what I believe is the best direction forward. Its simple really the math needs to add up, thats it. If all you have is personal attacks towards me or anyone else who is trying to improve our lives here perhaps stress or life troubles are weighing you down and if that is the case? I wont judge, I can only hope that sense and reason will prevail and we can all benefit from a stronger country both economically, and socially. These are my goals, what are yours?
  12. crispy

    eye in the sky

    Never heard of it. I fear no challengers to my ideas and I LOVE to be proven wrong so I can learn and improve with a new mentor. See you take my rejections of YOUR judgement on my opinions personally and try and bash me in some manner or another while I am literally BEGGING you to outsmart my ideas and improve ALL OF OUR LIVES i do not wish to be right, I want us ALL to DO RIGHT. I seek harmony and decency above all and want our brand of Canada to retain its polite and sensible manner. What is it you want? What do you want me to do? This makes a lot of sense although a big part of the function in policing is officer discretion which is what I prefer. If its all on camera then its all black and white and good officers may get punished from some overzealous manager when an officer uses to exercise discretion and a lecture rather than fines/charges accordingly. This here is a FANTASTIC model of Canadas policing success where charges were seldom, and results were safety. These are interesting times for preserving liberty while policing crime. Whistling Smith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nMSq7Zrtoo Troll fever, its contagious and why everyone wants their guy to win. Now go run around with your tribe hat on while Canada sinks another step backwards into some sort of totalitarian police state, or not, the choice is yours.
  13. crispy

    eye in the sky

    Yes of course I tried to correct the colour I typed to red but missed some of it. I fixed it now and Im not surprised your running for cover, you have nothing to offer even close to the same level of reason, because if you COULD squash my explanations with your great sense of it all, im sure you would. Thank you for your comments I do appreciate them
  14. crispy

    eye in the sky

  15. crispy

    eye in the sky

    Fear is the ultimate weapon. Fear of the unknown is even more powerful. Fear of the unknown coupled with rumors fueling paranoia? Hmmm where exactly did Canadian police learn these tactics? Who else in history used these tactics? Hmmmm I say again. EVERY SINGLE TICKET needs to be taken to court and fought to the end every single time. Inform the public and we will start filing freedom of information requests, once we have done that we will start ( Ive been doing this for years already btw ) comparing costs of policing operations vs public interest and benefit. We will also look at station and region specifics relating to crime vs efforts and THEN, we will put the policing of Ontario to where in needs to be; in the ervice of the public Its their moto after all, the least we can do is make sure they are doing their job. Smart cops right now? Are quickly shifting away from fear tactics and the old bill and collect model. Just remember, RESPECT for the law is paramount. Respect for any officer or officers? Thats on a case by case basis and they are trained not to trust anyone they speak to so we public should never trust them.