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  1. Entirely by design to grant total authority to the bill collectors. I posted hard PROOF earlier or safety ineffectiveness yet these "policing" efforts continue to rise and we must push the gov't to restore our rights to due process and get rid of this over reach. Its killing people, and costing the economy a lot of money. There is no win on any front so it MUST end Again entirely by design to allow supreme police powers to the MTO and Police. There is a constitutional case here but the cops LOVE to use the old "driving is a privilege" bull crap to weasle out of it. Unfortunately there is no other option at the moment. It is a very dangerous time of BIG government and police state.
  2. The "crackdown" as you say, or as I would say "the goal to control the grass roots economy" is multi faceted but you are spot on that the landscape guys were used as the tool for these advanced MTO powers in combination with the CVOR program which is impossible to follow 100%, literally impossible. Unless you consider shining chrome and never driving your rig of the lot as a perfect compliance strategy. This is done ENTIRELY by design to grant supreme powers to the MTO and police. I see OPP guys with scales hitting the local gravel yard area all the time too. Its completely off the charts total imbalance full tilt effort to do nothing of benefit and to serve "busy work" for a MASSIVELY over staffed and under required bureaucracy. It sadly is as simple as that. Thats not to say there are not some problems on the roads with regards to safety but lets take a look at some massive figure jumbling going on that serves so called safety purposes; https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/motorvehiclesafety/tp-tp3322-2015-1487.html Please take note of "Licensed Drivers and Motor Vehicle Registrations by Type of Vehicle (in thousands)" and you will notice the most absurd stat possible, since the advent of CVOR commercial accidents went UP, and WAYYYYYY up. Why? Well, for people like me who avoid anything to do with CVOR requirement process it left the dregs, because they BLED the money so completely out of commercial vehicle operations with extreme red tape the results PROVE these insane over reaches, BACK FIRED and DO MORE HARM TO THE PUBLIC THAN GOOD! Its right there, in black and white. But nope, not interested in any of this in Ontario the game the gov't plays is bill and collect.
  3. MTO is one of if not THE most extortionist bureaucracies Ontario has. Perfect example of why we NEED to keep the damn gov't OUT of our lives as much as possible. The MTO is so over reaching they issue charges for potential crime. If you have a 14 pass van without a commercial sticker? You get charged even if theres only one person in the van because "You COULD possible pick up more people later" PULL THESE POWERS BACK, enough is enough
  4. Electric fan. Solved Replace clutch fan when arrives, keep electric as back up. Busy Man in Timmins could do this with ease if you can find those guys
  5. crispy

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    Early to mid 80's had some abysmal snow conditions too. Look at Europe, record cold, record snow. Antarctic has grown more this year than it has lost in 20 and FAR more than the arctic receded. Lots of conflict to that post slomo I aint arguing to be a troll, im merely saying theres a lot of differing info and weather patterns out there, if you look for it
  6. crispy

    Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    Hmmm Jeff Bezos built his business on one focused thought; "your margin, is my opportunity" In the information age the majority of customers are buying informed and aware of almost everything impacting their market options. Considering this reality, and the HUGE overhead of running inventory in hopes for walk in customers this might be brilliant if Yamaha can deliver top product, at DECREASING prices. Thats the key there A $10k sled that competes with the competition at $15k will almost overnight become a runaway success. Hmmmm
  7. crispy

    New Diesel Turbo sled

    Makes sense, never thought about that
  8. crispy

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    I didnt see a hp number listed anywhere, is this not yet released or does anyone know? ( or did I miss it? ) The four year warranty aspect means as much to me as snake oil promises. If the warranty said immediate loaner sled of equal or higher model until repaired and/or new transplant engines for warranty on exchange same day service guarantee? Then we would have warranty worth the paper its written on. I'd rather have none, and a cheaper sale price. The hp battle is a lot of fun though, that part is awesome
  9. crispy

    New Diesel Turbo sled

    Millitary loves their diesels. Not sure if this is still the case but Arctic service diesels never get shut off or they cant restart. Someone keeps refueling 24/7 while the engines keep running. The only diesels I like are turbine
  10. crispy

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    You make a lot of excellent points there. I do think overall its the cost of snowmobiling that drove so many out, and the pass was only part of that, and a relatively small one, although an often target for gripes, fair or not a lot of people gripe at permit costs. New sled prices and Insurance especially is what really cooked the goose in terms of cost imo. The snow conditions are always the biggest factor and theres nothing we can really do about that. There are a lot of fussy elements to the sport of snowmobiling in general to get out and have a perfect day where the sleds are running mint, the temperatures are cold but not "too" cold and theres plenty of snow AND its groomed, and your healthy enough to ride. A lot of ducks in that need to line up. I suppose my rant above was meant to serve that regardless of ducks, a good attitude going in improves the outcome of any circumstance good or bad.
  11. crispy

    Electric sled coming

    That cool. Innovation is awesome. Government or regulatory bodies deciding what we can or cannot buy are awful. Acceleration is electrics strength. Sustained high power output is their achilles, so far at least. E85, a hydrogen type deal, turbine, other options not yet thought up, plenty to develop. Regarding electric; Solar and some kind of capicitor makes the most sense and thats far away yet. Electric/battery is so far very limited, but it is only the beginning. For extreme weather such as snowmobiles and the safety factor of internal combustion engines, its going to take a lot of electric tech advancement to displace gas.
  12. crispy

    Tether Cords - Who Uses Them

    Talking about precedent... yikes
  13. crispy

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    If you really want to wake up people the biggest issue of today is criticism is not a political strategy of benefit. Critical thinking COMBINED with critically inspired maps for improving what someone is criticizing? Is ideal. Thats the trouble with literally the entire world these days. Everyone has something to say, or should I say COMPLAIN about especially when they have no skin in the game its finger pointing, blame, victimization and down the negative turd pile the whole she bang goes. If you can find something to complain about the only question you need to be asking is this; What can I do to improve this problem I have found worthy of criticism? If you cant answer that? Keep learning and reading until you can answer that, and when you can? Apply it or communicate with others. If you cant find the answer? Maybe thats as good as its going to get, or maybe you need to find someone brighter than you to solve it and support them. The approach being taken by and large by so many these days is spiraling the world down a pit of no fun, and over regulation. Take it easy, make the best of each day. Try focusing on good things to say, and listening to others. Surely this will help on all fronts. In my time of club support? We had a lot of fun. Isn't that why we are snowmobilers after all?
  14. crispy

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    You cannot compare Quebecs approach to Ontarios. The history and interest is entirely different especially considering Bombardiers HUGE political influence in Canada as a whole. Plus Quebec ran their credit into the gutter over ten years ago and are midway through a restructuring phase. Ontario? Is skidding the BOTTOM in terms of financial well being in fact it is GLOBALLY the single worst and most indebted no sovereign place in the world. Complete financial disaster so provincial money? Will have HUGE strings attached similar to communism at this point. Good credit, is long gone. What we can do is get a NEW government that respects Ontarios rural and Northern peoples and the lifestyles that go with it. Then we can work on improving the financials through restructuring and improving business climate to welcome investment.That much, we can, and should do. Heres the rub. Considering how RELENTLESS the Ontario Liberals have been to run amok with regulation, red tape, feees and DEBT burden on citizens and industry in Ontario? Would you invest here? Think anyone in America or England is gouing to invest with extorionist "change the operating costs at will" people? Because the sad fact is, even a new government does not quickly erase such a reputation. It will take a lot of time, and effort to improve the appeal of business and economic growth in Ontario again. These Libs cooked the goose, shredded the down, and made everyone suck on the crap hole and had the audacity to 'brand' this pipe as benficial for the "greater good" Who are these greater good exactly?
  15. crispy

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    I dont know anyone who owns or has owned an Apex that didnt love it. They cook too, in smooth and straights. Not perfect nor is any sled. Jackshaft and bushings seem to be the only gripes I have heard of. Yamaha is the 4 stroke market leader, no one sane disputes that and really I am surprised that Ski-Doo especially didnt work hard to address that on a performance level. Maybe the new ACE turbo will fit that slot, dunno I guess we'll see. I'm surprised we havent seen a V4 four stroke for size and torque especially that design would make sense. V65 magna, anyone? Ha