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  1. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    I did some reading on the new 850 and it shows a lot of promise. The iron inserts for the piston rings is a big winner imo. I've replaced a ton of burnt pistons over the years trying to squeak every drop of hp out of them old tanks pipes etc. Waste of time really now I know better to leave the engine stock and work the clutches. The priority main oiling is interesting. Is it monitored in or measured in real time? Or is it a case of spray and pray set within the tune to squirt so much so often and thats that?
  2. Kirkland lake corridor

    Timmins is a solid home camp. I've stayed there a couple times for a week plus and had a blast. I'd push further north now though as the Southern/Western trails are all closed which limits your options for tours. Quebec maybe? I only rode there once for a day so I have no suggestion otherwise
  3. Howdy

    harharrrrr!!! well done thanks for the welcoming all
  4. Abitibi Canyon

    Great riding up there. Timmins/Smooth Rock trail section is red but if it greens up during your stay the Cochrane/Timmins/SRF loop is solid. The people at the North Adventure Inn will be able to inform you what trails are best to run
  5. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    These new 850's are slick. I read there are bulkhead and clutch updates for this years models. Anyone here running a 2018?
  6. Howdy

    new member, looking to check conditions that are from the horses mouth so to speak and maybe chat about sleds a little here and there. Found this site, looks like very informed members. Glad to be here