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  1. Maybe, with justice Belobaba This is already a proven safe trail network with no issues that I know of from anyone over many years. Adding signs will only help serve that plus isn't this a witch hunt anyways?
  2. Pretty easy for the hydro co to post signage at road crossings and trail heads something like; use at own risk do not climb towers, poles or related hydro equipment. Make right of way for work vehicles and workmen. Stay on marked trail Post a bunch of pics on SM and any dough head who does something stupid on the hydro lines its on them, not the hydro, OFSC, or MTO people or gov't its on them alone. OFSC could make a waiver for liability put in the fine print of every pass so they are not held accountable either. Its not that hard to do things like this
  3. Rumors, sounds about right. Seems totally bonkers to smack down on the tourism industry and damage the economy for no real reason or purpose. They cant be that thick can they?
  4. There is a silver lining in all this. As if the people in Ontario were not enraged enough when the Liberals sold off hydro one to escape sunshine list and jack rates to fund green schemes. Its not difficult at all to point out bureaucracy problems to most people now. Foolish acts reap a fools reward and TIME is on our side. Pensions are a very risky thing to play with, so to those with jobs that seem so secure it would be prudent to tread lightly because the cookie jar has been raided, is sitting very empty, and the bakers backs are RAW from your whips which makes truth so easy to hear. If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem Some humor perhaps? Or is it funny? You decide
  5. We have to volunteer our time, take time off work which negatively impacts the economy or hire legal representation to stand up for ourselves while the MTO, and OPP officers get paid OT to sit in court all day and make our lives difficult. If there is a genuine safety goal there is room to discuss but these ridiculous administrative harassment schemes have to stop. Ontario has bled enough and our international rep is in the gutter with all these activist agendas and a lot of bureaucratic red tape it does not bode well at all. A neighbor of mine immigrated from China 10 years ago and opened business a couple of years back. I asked him in the driveway how it was going and his response true word for word was "The only gangsters in this country are the government" I almost cried to hear it. The place I grew up loving and took great pride in being the best place to live and this is how the PR of public service is these days. Disgraceful really Anyways what is the goal with the MTO suddenly enforcing an admin rule? Thats what we need to find out, why are they doing this?
  6. The crazy in all of this is they target growth strategies within these bureaucracies. If thats not completely backwards to public SERVICE then what is? The MTO for some time now in kahoots with OPP and others have been intentionally trying to make life harder for more citizens and create more opportunities for officers to call for more work so they can hire more officers. Thats not public service thats public abuse and who holds these people to account? This is the big issue by and large they run wild Its so bad even Firefighters too they are CRAZED with turf conflicts and power games. Training centers made for controlled burns and whatnot all funded by the taxpayer are completely off limits for other halls to train at. First truck on the scene controls the scene even if they are far less capable. Theres a lot of ego stroking at work that really doesnt serve the public interest one bit
  7. He supports the tourism industry in Ontario. I do not know the reason the MTO is doing this, what is the goal on their behalf do we know?
  8. Take em to court, fight it
  9. crispy

    Helmet of choice

    HGC been good to me too but I am very interested to see how this new BRP lid works out. Very innovative product I hope it lives up to expectations
  10. NDP bill 164 passed no fault insurance Jan 1 1994 and was quickly revised with Bill 59 a few years later. Thats what got all this ball rolling towards this insane CVOR crap Since then the MTO has gone hog wild targeting anyone doing anything and now have the gooned up mind to make up the rules as they go with no clear set rules for us to follow. Total over reach and for what? To cause MORE crashes and more harm to the public all the while costing us MORE money? Good grief how can ANYONE support this nonsense? Added danger AND added cost. Dum and Dumber
  11. Theres three types of CVOR operations going on at the moment 1. Broke ass industry follow the rules no money to be made over regulated gotta feel for them types. 2. Those in on "the dole" or some kind of subsidized BIG industry where everyone is getting paid 3. Those who are underground Seeing as 2 is a locked down club with all but impossible access #1 is dying a slow painful death driving #3 which is below #2, and we all know what a #2 is Plate to owner, ditch the no fault, lets get back to sanity here
  12. The numbers dont lie. Since CVOR, problems have sky rocketed http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/fatal-truck-collisions-1.4753960 Over regulation KILLED the transport business and this garbage is what we have left. Aint ever gonna be perfect, but the time of Gov't making profitable business practically impossible MUST end asafp.
  13. Makes a lot of sense for BRP already having such success with SeaDoo and wanting to increase outboard market share with OMC outboards. If they can package up boats that are priced well and perform as good as or better than the competition Im sure they will do well.
  14. crispy

    Manitoulin Snowdusters in deep trouble

    Whats the trouble?