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  1. snowman

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    Thanks for reminding me to put my little sticker on my ownership and then re-photocopy them and put them back in the sleds....!!!! havnt put that little sticker on my ownership in many many years....but since they are becoming sticklers, i guess i should to avoid any potential problems...
  2. snowman

    Help needed in whitney

    This only says that it will tow your snowmobile trailer, as far as i read it, not your sled alone.... Also did notice the below PLEASE NOTE: North and east ontario membership does not cover select vehicles including pick-up trucks?????? 2A CAA North & East Membership covers select vehicles only. Classic Membership covers bicycles and valid licensed cars, pickups and vans. A CAA Plus and Premier Membership covers bicycles, valid licensed cars, pickups, vans and motorcycles. Dual-wheel trucks are eligible for all services except Flat-Tire service with Classic and Plus Membership. With rented passenger and commercial vehicles certain limitations may apply, and will be determined at the time of service. Please note: a CAA North & East Ontario Membership does not cover select vehicles, including (but not limited to): modified or not-from-stock vehicles, such as certain body kits, raised suspensions with oversized tires, plow blades and/or salt spreaders, flatbeds or tilt, and loads; any vehicle that is part of a working fleet (defined as business- or broker-owned vehicle used to conduct work); vehicles over one ton in designation (this does not include trailers or RVs that are covered under CAA Plus RV or Plus RV Membership classifications); cube vans and other large commercial designated vehicles; taxis, limousines, or vehicles-for-hire; and loaded vehicles, including vans of all designations and pick-up trucks.
  3. snowman

    Help needed in whitney

    They said it was because it was not a road worthy vehicle. but the person did mention they did bicycles as an exception.
  4. snowman

    Help needed in whitney

    I called CAA today and asked if the plus would include snowmobiles and they said no. Motorbikes they will cover, but not sleds. That was only speaking to one person mind you.
  5. snowman

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Just rode down c101. One of my favourite trails all time when it looks like this. Past the groomer right at the bottom at 103. Haven’t seen many people out yet!
  6. snowman

    Kearney Area Loop Suggestions

    Horrible as you can see
  7. snowman

    Parry Sound trip

    Lakes are pretty hard packed as well as trails just north in dunchurch. Did 200km yesterday and was thankful of scratchers. With the freezing rain in the forecast today I would suggest scratchers for sure.
  8. snowman

    Parry Sound trip

    snowing hard in whitestone right now, nothing will help if it rains again on thursday as they are saying. hope i can get a ride in between now and then.
  9. snowman

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    many people on the trails seem to be getting up there in age as well, so retirement from the sport is becoming a thought for some.
  10. snowman

    QC puts the hammer down.

    A few local land owners put up this sign just off the trail. Seems like the noise issue of the aftermarket pipes is really starting to piss a lot of people off. I like my toys to be quite as do most of us here it seems. Just the odd die hard that just doesn't seem to get it, and ultimately that will ruin it for the rest of us. Same category as trespassers if you ask me.
  11. snowman

    D trail south of Wawa

    I have not bypassed the valve yet on mine, but have heard about 4 now that has blown the seal because of the valve. You reminded me that I should probably do my bypass next week. hope for better luck for you...that is a drag
  12. snowman

    Ride tomorrow mactier

    Trails up to ardbeg and over to Whitestone are pretty bumpy as there was lots of traffic on them yesterday. Not many exposed rocks though. I went through at 10pm and at that point it was not groomed. Maybe a bit less traveled up to loring. I think people got off work early yesterday!?
  13. snowman

    Parry sound yellow?

    Had 3-4” of snow overnight in Dunchurch, and still snowing. I am doing an evening ride tonight looping a few trails locally, I will give you an update tonight.
  14. snowman

    Mounting my camera??

    i have had a sticky mount for my gopro on my hood of the sled for just over a year and it worked well, and has never came off (i have only mounted to it about 6 times though). I still ran a tether to it just in case though! I do like the helmet pov best as long as i don't bobble head too much, which i used the same 3m stick mount
  15. snowman

    Yamaha steps up.

    BBQ’s and gift cards are awesome, but the OFSC should be doing more if our sport is to survive the times I believe. I know postal workers and teachers who receive more from their recipients (home owners and students) than many landowners get, sadly. Agreed that we can’t do enough for the people who make the sport available