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  1. snowman

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I have asked this before on this board before and didn't receive any info on the subject, but is there anywhere online that the last seasons financials are available for viewing from the OFSC? I would have though that it would be the best interests of OFSC to have the years financials available for member viewing?
  2. snowman

    A Look Into The Past

    Seems like this is happening more and more in areas. It drives me crazy supporting a business that supports another TAX. It also seems like transparency in advertised pricing is on its way out the window. wife and i went to home depot in parry sound to buy a new stove and liked one of the models they had. it was advertised for $500, but when we inquired about it, it was impossible to buy that item for $500.00. We had to purchase shipping on top of that, and having it delivered to the store for pickup was NOT an option. Needless to say we took our business elsewhere.
  3. Had good luck with hammer bay ordering some water pump parts and coil for my ancient 1973 2 hp Johnson seahorse. I love this little motel for our 7’ boat, Always runs and has never disappointed me on the water. Simple engines.
  4. snowman

    Summer Projects

    Looking good!
  5. Second that! With all the data breaches going on why would anyone want a lot of information out there?!
  6. snowman

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    Can’t fix stupid, never could
  7. snowman

    Summer Projects

    I did the same thing 2 years ago, cleared a few treeed acres, built a 6000 sq foot shop (with help of course), moved the business got married and moved homes after finishing renovating. Wasn’t too bad. you just won’t get much sleep! I hope for your sake it is not as wet of a season!! Invest on a paint sprayer and you will have more honeymoon time
  8. snowman

    Summer Projects

    Well I hope you didn’t pay to much for that...worth around $100 would be my guess at the high end...
  9. snowman

    Summer Projects

    Used these units before behind the atv pulling some logs. All i found them good for was keeping the butt end up in the air for dragging on fairly open and flat ground. They also drag the logs through all the crap to kill your chainsaw blades or sawmill blades....maybe want to add a rear section to keep out of the dirt... They are wide and do get caught up on standing trees/brush when trying to pull the material by them. Never was really happy with the unit, as most of the logs i tend to deal with are 30" and over and up to 8000lbs.... As i see in the background the 3pt snowblower, you must have a tractor with a powered 3 point hitch, why not just use the tractor to pull them out?
  10. snowman

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    Love Spaenaur for hard to source items. Also essentra components http://www.essentracomponents.com/en-ca. Essentra is not the cheapest bit I find if I call in it is always cheaper. The do send free samples as well!
  11. snowman

    Show your 2018 pics.

    Trying to keep the sled upright in the deep powder at mont valin. Nice soft landings!
  12. snowman

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    It was about 5 years ago and I believe it was around $200 for no sticker on trailer..maybe changed now but I still do not safety my 2 boat trailers, but my truck is always stickered to pull our larger stickered trailers. Here is the fine schedule for the Ontario traffic act and you can look it up to see if it is different : http://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/how-do-i/set-fines/set-fines-i/schedule-43/
  13. snowman

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    You can try this site.: https://horttrades.com/mto---annual-truck-and-trailer-safety-inspections it explains much of what has been asked here, otherwise refer to the e-laws website. If you want a dry long read. . I have been fined before by towing my boat(non stickered) behind my commercial stickered truck a few years back. If no one wants to believe it then just suck it up and drive it until you have a problem. I still do not sticker my boat trailer, and just drive it with risk.
  14. snowman

    Mont Valin March 26-feb 1st

    Yes this is a trail in the higher elevations about 10min away. We are staying near the Le Valinouete ski hill. There were areas east of us that had much more snow than that. Lots of off trail riding here...
  15. snowman

    Mont Valin March 26-feb 1st

    Still a few weeks left here for sure. My wife made a comment that she has seen more women riding here than anywhere we have riden before. Weather has been great, stayed an extra day to snowboard in some of the fresh powder on the mountain. Hard to compare to these conditions, so we won’t...