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  1. taking in consideration that the towing vehicle is NOT commercial and registered for under 4500kg, it is not that simple, if the towed trailer is under 2800kg (actual weight) regardless of 1 or 2 axles it does not get added on to the truck weight, and you do not have to register the truck to account for this weight. if you have a trailer that is over 2800 kg (actual weight) you would have to add the trailer weight to the actual weight of the truck, which in this case it would most likely put you over 4500lbs would require a sticker. http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/trucks/commercial-vehicle-faq.shtml There are no laws as far as i am aware that would force you to get a sticker for a 2 axle trailer if you can fall within the above weights. i am not saying that you may not need one...if you are pulling ANY trailer with a stickered truck you need to have a sticker on the trailer regardless, even if it is your 12' aluminum boat. seems to be some misleading and wrong information about towing on this forum. I would suggest if anyone is still feeling overwhelmed with the information, stop in at a weigh scale and ask the mto directly and get the proper information directly from the inspectors. If i remember right, EVERY year this subject gets brought up and some of the same information is circulated again and again........
  2. snowman

    The freeriding has to STOP

    i think that would be a law suit waiting to happen. Canada is coming close to the U.S when it comes to law suits for everything and anything. A quick listen to the radio and you will hear all the adds from lawyers not getting a retainer for business these days. our commercial insurance broker says that is one of the reasons our corporate insurance has been hitting new highs..
  3. snowman

    Afternoon ride by Sudbury

    Sadly a know problem for the past few months at least. Vipers I think also risk the same fate I have heard, as well as others I would suspect. Below is a link in detail the problem and a solution. https://ty4stroke.com/threads/cat-dna-strikes-again-chaincase-tensioner-roller-wheel-fail.156166/
  4. snowman

    Rain north of orillia??

    About 4+ inches or more fresh snow overnight in Whitestone. Still snowing a bit. Trails hopefully will be good for a few days more. Thursday looks like it could be the end of some of the lake runs. Looks like I will be trailering from here on in. So far 2800km and no trailering this year...great snow year!
  5. snowman

    Ice riding

    Trails and lakes are in fine shape, you surely will have a treat riding if you have never been to the area before. Advice...As zozo says...stay on the packed trails on the ice if you are not familiar with ice riding, and possible slush under the snow. You can't see the slush until your in it, and you do not want to get stuck in it, as it will put a damper on your day...Dont explore off the trail if you don't know the area....
  6. snowman

    OPP checking that helmet strap ?

    Seeing from your profile you are from the States, maybe if you choose not to do your strap up intentionally, you should STAY in the states, and not ride our trails. We have enough of a hard time on our trails to try to educate people (No cans, stay on the trail, don't drink and ride, etc..). Not doing your strap up seems like a pretty lazy thing to not do.. sure we have all forgotten to do them up here and there, but to intentionally not do it up all the time seems pretty stupid really...... We do not need our health care system burdened any more than it is now, by helping people who choose not to wear safety gear PROPERLY. I have personally seen unfastened well fitted helmets fly off. Just because you have not seen it does not mean it does not happen.
  7. snowman

    Seguin Trail

    I would have to agree with you, at the end of one of the straight sections there was a 4' diameter washout, that would surely hurt people if they were to miss seeing it. That trail is so dam fast as well so it may creep up on you....
  8. snowman

    Cochrane Bound This Weekend

    Seems like it could be a fun event, but i feel sorry for any unsuspecting riders that may be pleasure riding while people are racing to the checkpoints. May not be the best idea for a public trail, but i hope it works out and people ride safe. Still sounds like a race to me, and i think people will treat it as so. Maybe these trails/routes should be running the trails in one direction with marshals at the intersections making sure nobody encounters head on traffic.
  9. snowman

    Parry Sound area trail advice

    This explains where it is
  10. snowman

    Parry Sound area trail advice

    Take a look where Pikes Peek is located, you may be able to hit that on a loop. If I remember it is north of lorimer lake. Nice lookout of the area. You would have to do a search online for exact location.
  11. snowman

    Whitestone Lake Restaurant

    Yup closed for a few years, i think it is now just a residence. Loggers station house in ardbeg is alright if your right beside it, or duck rock is a bit better (no lcbo lic.), or if your coming up the c101, swiss country house on ahmic lake (staked to rest) is probably the best of the three.
  12. snowman

    Lakes in Sudbury

    I was more afraid of you pouching your little baby, I was wondering why you were going so slow?! Lol
  13. snowman

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    Thanks for reminding me to put my little sticker on my ownership and then re-photocopy them and put them back in the sleds....!!!! havnt put that little sticker on my ownership in many many years....but since they are becoming sticklers, i guess i should to avoid any potential problems...
  14. snowman

    Help needed in whitney

    This only says that it will tow your snowmobile trailer, as far as i read it, not your sled alone.... Also did notice the below PLEASE NOTE: North and east ontario membership does not cover select vehicles including pick-up trucks?????? 2A CAA North & East Membership covers select vehicles only. Classic Membership covers bicycles and valid licensed cars, pickups and vans. A CAA Plus and Premier Membership covers bicycles, valid licensed cars, pickups, vans and motorcycles. Dual-wheel trucks are eligible for all services except Flat-Tire service with Classic and Plus Membership. With rented passenger and commercial vehicles certain limitations may apply, and will be determined at the time of service. Please note: a CAA North & East Ontario Membership does not cover select vehicles, including (but not limited to): modified or not-from-stock vehicles, such as certain body kits, raised suspensions with oversized tires, plow blades and/or salt spreaders, flatbeds or tilt, and loads; any vehicle that is part of a working fleet (defined as business- or broker-owned vehicle used to conduct work); vehicles over one ton in designation (this does not include trailers or RVs that are covered under CAA Plus RV or Plus RV Membership classifications); cube vans and other large commercial designated vehicles; taxis, limousines, or vehicles-for-hire; and loaded vehicles, including vans of all designations and pick-up trucks.
  15. snowman

    Help needed in whitney

    They said it was because it was not a road worthy vehicle. but the person did mention they did bicycles as an exception.