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  1. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    I'd say yes. Should be great spring riding. Lots of base. Hope for a bit of snow to help out the road rash. If you start in Port sydney heading up D north the road run on yearley road wasnt too bad on monday. Dyw has the ditch groomed the best they can in spots. Heading east to baysville is good till u get to echo lk rd. Sunday morning the grader had scraped it down pretty good but was still bearable. Could be worse by now. Heading north east towards north portage is still good base but u have the road run on lynx lk road or whitehouse rd and also north portage road before lake of bays trail which shows red now. I might be out saturday and sunday if i can get my sled fixed friday night.
  2. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    When i got back from the east side trails yesterday the groomer was out on the west side. He had done the lake trail and was on his way up 50. Not sure where he went after that. On a side note some stupid piece of $hit ripped the map boards off the wall at Freds place and also burned the sign-in book my GF brought out. Why?? Lots of firestarter and newspaper. No real damage but its pretty nice having the BEST warm up hut in Muskoka and it'd be nice to keep it that way!!
  3. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    We rode from Port Sydney to baysville then up 64 to kawagama and back the same way. Some nasty icy corners thru baysville area. Some slushy spots too. Lakes were slush. Gas on and go. All in all the trails were smooth and flat. Etec i was riding with had no scratchers and was fine with inch or 2 of snow last night. Port sydney trails faired the best after the warm up, less ice. On the way back on 64, group of 4 comes past us, we were all on our right sides and the last guy in their group on a old zl500 got startled and hit the brake to hard, kicked the ass end out, he jumped off, machine went in the ditch. Lost his one boot in the deep snow. So funny watching him superman off the sled. Lol! Lots of muscle to pull the sled out. Good times.
  4. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    I think there is a good chance they go out tonight. Calling for -12 and there is a tonne of base left.
  5. Steve F6

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    I was there around 2-3pm. I was looking to sit on a 600R but Doo didnt bring one. All 850 and 900T.
  6. Steve F6

    Great riding in D7 & D8 this week

    I'm right on both your heels! 7270km on my ZR6000 this year and 900kms on a friends 850 Doo Renegade in Quebec last week. So im at 8170km this year. Good lord that 850 was nice!
  7. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    I did a loop yesterday, headed south on D to 37, 37 north to D to 82, 85,83 to seguin. All minty. Turned south on 95, little bumpy but bearable, 78,79 to penn lake was aweful moguls. Over penn lake to HGR east side all minty trails.
  8. Steve F6

    Lake Muskoka Ice Conditions?

    Thank you for clarifying that Blake. I'd like to a stake line put in. Something like this maybe?
  9. Steve F6

    Lake Muskoka Ice Conditions?

    Is there a safe stake line to follow in and out of muskoka bay? If not, perhaps its time one be put in. So easy to get disoriented on a lake at night.
  10. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    Trails are absolutely mint!
  11. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    I found a black lobster type glove on trail 51 at Brunel rd on thursday. Pics wont upload. Let me know if u lost one i'll leave it at the groomer shop on the trail map board.
  12. Steve F6

    24hr Guinness World Record- Lake Muskoka

    I think the 800 blew 8 belts and the 850 ate just 1 belt. They were super fast changing them out. It was really exciting to watch! Truly was an amazing feat! Here's a pic of the drives on the 800 after 16 hours of WOT.
  13. Steve F6

    24hr Guinness World Record- Lake Muskoka

    They beat it by 47km
  14. Steve F6

    Port Sydney conditions

    Just got back in from a short run around hgr. Can barely tell it rained. Moved about a dozen big branches/pine trees off the trail. The base underneath the fresh snow is still insulated and not icy. Once they get groomed and cold tonight they will be fast as hell! Groomer was out on the west side when i got back from the east side. So was some guy on an atv! Trying to get thru the tunnel and couldnt fit, i chased him for a bit towards the lake. Got his plate #.
  15. Steve F6

    24hr Guinness World Record- Lake Muskoka

    Here's the update as posted on the facebook group. Unfortunately, the weather conditions have forced the team to make some hard decisions. The strong winds are still whipping across the lake and causing visibility issues, which would be incredibly dangerous with a ride like this. They also need a few hours to set up all the tents on the ice (needed for pit stops, time hut and volunteer station), which is impossible to do in these conditions. They are working hard to figure out a new game plan, but as of right now, it is looking like the soonest it can take place is tomorrow morning. With this comes the need for your HELP! Due to the change in plans, many volunteers who were gracious to donate their time today, are not able to do so tomorrow or Wednesday. With the strict rules for Guinness, many volunteers are needed. If you or someone you know are available to help at all for any time throughout the next couple days, please contact me! Please share!!