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  1. Steve F6

    Weekday riding around camp

    It was a great ride. Cold start!
  2. Steve F6

    D- Trail Bracebridge

    I was surprised they opened that new section on D102b. Sorry. I helped clear some of it but it does need lots more snow. For now till we get some more snow I'd take 51(its groomed) to d103. I helped stake Mary on Friday. The west side of HGR was groomed today and its pretty good, just got back in, rode north to 37 and D intersection, turned around and ran D south to Bracebridge. Sno bombers had D in good shape too! Hopefully by this weekend the drags will have more snow to work with.
  3. Steve F6

    Weather radar

    What the heck happened to intellicast? Now its switched to wunderground. Wheres the future radar?
  4. Steve F6

    DIstrict 7

    Some more yellow in hgr and Happy wanderers territory. Mary lake will be staked Saturday morning. Lots of ice and the gates are open for the lake trail. Trail to Baysville was groomed this afternoon, needs more snow but good enough. A couple reroutes in hgr territory this year. I'll post those up tomorrow as a heads up but they are signed.
  5. Steve F6

    Baysville Staging for RAP?

    I would contact Happy Wanderers club, they might let you park at the groomer shop. Very responsive if u message them via facebook.
  6. Steve F6

    Staging in Sundridge or south river?

    One thing to note about Restoule was when i called about gas availability on Sunday they said only regular no premium.
  7. Steve F6

    Mileage this season, so far...

    About 1600km on the ZR this year
  8. Steve F6

    DIstrict 7

    Lets just move this one back to the top....... I got out for a ride today in Baysville, trails were excellent! Tried out the reopened d102b (baysville express) one little wash out half way that had froze back up and wasnt an issue. Other than that it should be listed green. Long road run on the B to get over to d101b. Ran east on d101b to Tall Pines limit. Tall pines has packed they're section but not groomed. I turned around and heading back to town.. Also OPP had a ride program set up at Brunel road where the trail crosses, stopping cars and sleds. Everyone had to blow in the machine. Havent had a drink in 7 years so no issue. Cheers!
  9. I'd really like to know if Near North groomed last night. Thinking of dropping in sundridge and going to port loring and back today.
  10. You can park and unload at the arena in sundridge. Trail is right there.
  11. Not sure on the conditions but i'd stay at Caswell resort.
  12. Steve F6

    Slow start this year

    It was only 2 seasons ago that the west end of the seguin was opened early (pre xmas i believe)from Bear lake westward and the East end was still closed. It will come soon!
  13. Steve F6

    Baysville Express (Closed )

    Looks like the Baysville express is back open! Nice job Happy Wanderers!
  14. Steve F6

    Kearney area ride?

    Kearney was a mogul field today. Dropped sleds in Dwight and rode to Dorset on d101with the GF. Trails were good with some icy spots. Groomed last night. Rode up to Kearney on d101b, when we got to Highland rover territory it was brutal. Tried to go to sand lake for lunch but it got worse. Turned around and went to oneils for lunch. Took 95 and d102 back to d101. Some bad wash outs in this section so be aware! Getting to 95 on the seguin D was horrible moguls.
  15. Steve F6

    Kearney area ride?

    We rode from the welcome centre in emsdale to 95 south then all the way to dorset on d101, grabbed fuel and back on d101 thru kearney to the trailer. Most of the d101b was excellent with the usual spots needing a bit more snow. Lakes werent staked yet. Road runs were bearable. 95 needs more snow and it seemed like there was more road running than last year on that trail? Pretty good day for the first ride in muskoka. Parking lot was full of trailers but we didnt see too many sleds on the trail and we were last trailer in the lot when we returned.