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  1. matt17

    Pass the time waiting for snow

    Yep I showed it to my wife and asked if they should start a club "groomers wives anonymous"
  2. matt17

    Pass the time waiting for snow

    Something to make everyone excited. Some of you may have already noticed this on Facebook. Don't get too excited though, Kenny from PBR is just out brushing the trails.
  3. matt17

    A few updates from Dubreuilville And Longlac.

    Not to be a Debbie Downer but from what I have been told much of the trail south of Hillsport between Hornepayne and Manitouwadge ran right on the logging roads. Its the pickup of logging recently in the area (White River, Longlac, Hornepayne and even Nakina I have been told) many of those roads will be in use throughout the winters. In the past sections were shared and sledders just had to run on plowed roads. Now that would not be acceptable either for snowmobiling or the logging industry. Would be a major undertaking to twin large sections of trail both in terms of time and money.
  4. matt17

    Coldest Temp 2018/2019 Thread

    Yep same here. I think the snow we have now will be staying for a few months at least. Winter is here I hope.
  5. matt17

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    Probably not but I have heard from others who rode out west that they do pull people over to check max weight on trucks with decks, Any sled deck on a 1/2 ton is pretty much automatically over and you need to be careful even on 3/4 tons depending on loading weight. Even a sled deck is keeping the weight a lot lower than that rig for the side by side.
  6. matt17

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    Thanks, I had messaged and chatted with Kenny after I saw a picture of him on Facebook. They would have done a good job as always I am sure. I would love to make it some day but as you say employment gets in the way. My hope is one of these years I can at least make an AGM. Who knows my wife and I have discussed taking a self funded leave one of these days as we both have that option at our employers. Don't get me wrong I love my job and living where I do but while we both get a fair bit of time off (Teacher and Nurse working 12 hr shifts) neither of us have much flexibility in our time off (I only have 1 personal day a year I can take under limited circumstances) and a day of travel at either end to go anywhere complicate things.
  7. matt17

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    Who was there from NCDN, wasn't sure who was going this year.
  8. It is at the site of Dunc Lake Resort, West of White Lake PP I believe. Several years ago (spring of 2011 I believe) the building burned down and this was built as the replacement.
  9. matt17

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    I guess it depends on how the district sets things up. Our district/grooming association has a system where regular maintenance is paid by the clubs currently but the district keeps a pool of money aside for significant unforeseen issues. If the groomer or trail issue exceeds a clubs ability they go the the district and request additional funding. Kind of like an insurance plan if you will, each club doesn't have to have funds on hand to deal with the worst case situation as it can happen to anyone but unlikely to happen to everyone. As to the responsibility placed on operators I have a bit of an interesting view on that as my second trip out I had a little incident (with the guy training me taking a nap in the passenger seat on an 18 hour run) and pretty much snapped on of the wings off the bush side on a Pisten Bulley. Sometimes I wish I got "fired" (we were and are still primarily volunteer operators in our district) after that as I would have 100s of hours of extra time and way less stress as it is unlikely I would end up in the position as president I am now. I guess that explains why I have a bit more sympathy for issues such as this, sometimes "poop" happens. As to the repairs in that instance and others we (volunteers) got the repairs done as quickly as possible and the district providing some funds (can't remember exact cost but it was well into the thousands and thus ). There was never really any discussion or debate on how things would get repaired, they just were done in as timely a manner as we could to ensure that we could continue to provide the best trails possible for the permit buyers, isn't that why we all do what we do with respect to volunteering with our clubs/district/ofsc?
  10. matt17

    Summer Projects

    For the first year in many I do not have a major summer plan. I am hoping to tie up lots of loose ends on projects started previous years. Finish the last bit of landscaping and trim on fence (last years project), finish siding and build wood lean-to off back of the garage (summer project 2 years ago), finish some interior and exterior trim on my screen porch (400 sqft porch on a 900 sqft house) that I built 4 years ago, and finish off my pilot's license (started 2 years ago) because apparently I don't have enough expensive hobbies and have lots of spare time . . . . . Oh and try to spend a few days organizing and doing some trail work and maintenance days in the shop with the club to make the fall/early winter less stressful when trying to open up the trails.
  11. matt17

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Probably something like this. A quick 100km after work. Used lots of gas pushing about 4” of slush.
  12. matt17

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Don't know anything about a set closure date. We are not grooming (nor have we for the past several weeks) because the trails have stayed in good shape and it would be a waste of time and money to groom with the amount of traffic they are seeing.
  13. matt17

    End of season prognosis

    Based on the long range forecast I would say the conditions in our area (Hornepayne) should continue to be good. Minimal melting in our forecast and our base is still pretty think and rock hard. Wawa was out grooming earlier this week and conditions looked great from the pictures I saw. Again things can change rapidly but based on current forecasts I am planning on several late April rides to collect signs and generally get out (especially once the walleye season closes on the 14th). I am still holding out hope to ride South to the Kaby river (division with the Dubreuillville club) May 1st just to say I did. Also we have not groomed for the past couple of weeks but the trails are still in some of the best shape of the season. Traffic has died way down here at least (saw the first sleds in 3 days here in town) and the cold nights have the base set up like concrete. Although if it stays cold with minimal snow I would suggest scratchers especially early in the morning if we continue to get the warm during the day, cold at night weather pattern.
  14. matt17

    March 31 Longlac Ride

    Was a great day out. A little less crust off the trail would have been nice for playing but otherwise great. Was a pleasant surprise running into Scott and Paige at mooseland, I was going to run a few Kms south to check out the trail conditions but got a good report from Scott so I didn't have to go as far. On the return trip I just stayed on the pipeline to cross the Pagwa river. Didn't want to subject my sled to more road running on the highway than necessary, I let Denis and Doris play on the pavement with their roller skis. With the "hero" snow crust I wasn't worried about running the pipeline (and there were lots of other tracks). Banks at the river were steep, I think I would have been fine in deeper/fresh snow, not sure how shorter tracks would fair.
  15. I had meant to stop and hang some flagging tape there on my return trip on Saturday but my sled starting acting up about 30 km south of the river so I forgot and just wanted to get home (discovered a clogged fuel pump and 2 bad plugs once I got home). Having said that there are good sight lines and a "slow" sign coming into the corner at the top of the hill on the South side. While not ideal it is something that a "safe and prudent rider" operating according to the posted limit would have no difficulty navigating. I have marked the spot with my GPS and will be putting in some weeping tile next fall as this is always a problem and is actually much more dangerous for the groomer than for sleds.