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  1. matt17


    https://www.allhomemadecatering.com is a new pizza delivery place that has started up and I believe their kitchen is in the Mission (small village that the D trail goes through south of Wawa) so I am sure they would deliver out to the Mystic Isle. Had their pizza once this winter at my parents place and it was pretty good.
  2. matt17


    And if coming along the D trail from the south there is some (4-500 meters) of road running in the small village south of town. Otherwise yes trail leads straight to the motor inn.
  3. matt17

    The freeriding has to STOP

    In my opinion, like a lot of things it comes down to the nut that connects the throttle to the seat. I enjoy most forms of snowmobiling but off-trail riding is my favourite. Despite many peoples wishes it isn't going away. Blaming it on the manufacturers or advertisers is a cop out in my opinion. The blame lies with those who trespass to participate this activity. In my opinion it is no different than those who enjoy snowmobiling for the speed aspect of it. There is a time and place for it and knowing that and exercising judgment is key. I don't see people complaining that manufacturers are building sleds that go too fast. Take the new Thundercat or SRX models that have specific "Go Fast" modifications done from the factory. Used inappropriately they can cause extensive damage to trails, cause accidents and are in no way needed to legally participate in the sport anywhere other than on open lakes. No different than the crossover/mountain sleds used in the right places they are wonderful tools/toys but they can be miss used. Painting all "free riders" with the same brush based on incidents involving trespassers on farmers fields (which to most true "free riders" would hold no interest) is no different than me saying all trail riders ride to fast/ can't stay on their side of the trail/drink and ride based on a few instances of close calls I have had up here or the copious amounts of empties that can be found in the warmup huts. I know this isn't the case, same as not all of us with long track/paddle sleds are out specifically to trespass.
  4. matt17

    TOP A Hearst to Greenstone

    It is 240 km gas station to gas station filling in Hearst and Longlac from what I have been told. I know of 2 900 ace sleds that did the trip last year and were ok on fuel. Funny enough based on what I was told they actually used more fuel on the Eco setting than standard. Based on my calculations I would be ok making it on my 600 Etec Summit if I stayed on the trail the whole way. Would bring extra gas for some play time. Depending on how this weeks weather goes I may try riding it with Denis on the weekend, was a great trip when we did it last year. Lots of snow so trails will survive the rain. I just need enough snow to fall after. Paddle tracks and icy trails don't get along well.
  5. matt17

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    It is not the operating mine in Dubreuilville that he is involved with to my knowledge. It is an exploration company (Manitou Gold I believe it is called). I think they have property out in the west of the province (Dryden area maybe) as well as in the Localsh area near Dub. There has been quite a bit of exploration activity in the Wawa area in recent years. Will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.
  6. matt17

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    I am pretty sure Pat Dubreuil still owns the RMR, his brother-in-law Pat Bouchard is the day to day manager while also doing some guiding is my understanding. Pat D is also involved in in a jr mining company in the Dubreuilville area.
  7. Not sure why Kap wouldn't have been mentioned but Northeastern Ontario Tourism was one of the "sponsors". Hornepayne is technically part of Algoma and Greenstone probably the "West". The photo shoot I was part of was with a photographer who does a lot of work for both Tourism Ontario and also the Algoma tourism association. Although it was focused on backcountry riding mainly, not sure when the material will end up published.
  8. matt17

    Gowganda helicopter

    May also have had the COs on board. They do that once or twice a winter to check up on anglers ice fishing on the remote lakes up here. They surprise a lot of people who think (and are to an extent) in the middle of nowhere. Checked me once when I was in high school fishing in Lake Superior PP about 7km from highway by snowshoe. Asked for a ride out, they declined. :P Not sure if MNRF have COs with rotary wing licenses or if they just ride along. I know they do have at least a couple of COs who are pilots, talk about dream job (for me at least) get to spend most days outside and fly around in a Turbo Beaver on floats/wheel-skis.
  9. matt17

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    As IQ just posted in the other thread the A trail West of Hearst was just put back to Green status. I got an email last night while I was out that the Voyageurs would be grooming west to where they meet with our trail today. From Facebook I also know that Dubreuilville is doing/did their half of the D108A trail today. We did our section north of town yesterday, and our groomer left around 3 this afternoon to go South to the Kaby river. By tomorrow morning the entire run from Dub to Hearst will be freshly groomed in the past 48 hours. Keep in mind this whole area received a lot of snow the past few days and it will take a few grooming to firm up. Some of the corners will wash out quickly because of this. I know we will look to regroom our section as soon as possible for this reason, can't speak for the other clubs but we all have similar standards.
  10. matt17

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    There have been tracks going both North and South through town. South of Hornepayne was groomed last night (and was told Dubreuilville did their section Tuesday) so it will just be today's accumulation, 2" and counting so far.
  11. matt17

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    It certainly isn't secret any more. Word started to get out several years back and a concerted effort was made in town (Primarily by Russ and Gord Jones and the former Tourism director from the municipality) to publicize the availability of off trail riding in the Wawa area "Top Secret Boondocking". It has certainly been successful for the community, however while the easy areas get tracked out fast if you put a little work in you can still find lots of good areas to ride even weeks after a storm. Can you post a picture of the magazine? was it the one that comes automatically with the permits, I would be interested in tracking down the article. (Sorry for the thread drift, this is a long way from where we started)
  12. matt17

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    It is but the organizers have decided they are only catering to snow bikes this year, they can have them. Cool in principal but just don't have the pure power of a sled(maybe I am just jealous because I cannot afford another toy though). But a couple of guys I rode with in past years are heading up so I am planning on meeting them there. Assuming I have a sled back by then . . . . . :P Haven't seen that article but I have been riding that area(Badlands) since before I knew what boondocking even was. Started out there on an old 250 tundra when i first got my license at 12. Didn't even dream of riding what I can do there with the newer sleds now. But still managed to get stuck just as much (although I did appreciate the lightness of that old sled) and most importantly always had fun. First ever "mod" I did to a sled was hot gluing chicken wire into the hood openings of that old tundra to cut down on the snow coming into the engine and steaming me out.
  13. matt17

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    Heading to wawa that weekend for some riding. Maybe our paths will cross around there. Be spending a lot of time around wawa 6 .....
  14. matt17

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    Next time you are through try Wawa 6, new trail last year through the "fume kill" it is wide open so it can get drifted in easily but when freshly groomed it is a great trail. Goes through he main boon docking area and has some great views. Best part is it ends right at The Big Bear in Hawk.
  15. matt17

    Great Short Day on the Corridor

    I was wondering the same thing about those mats. Or are they being used as “drags” behind a skidded/dozer for winter road construction? Glad to see you got out. Too behind on work this weekend to ride, but it was nice to go for a longer walk with the dog and not freeze.