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  1. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    Glad to hear, last (well first for you heading north) 20km has only had a drag across it once and it was mostly powder that packed down. Hoping to get someone(or more likely myself) out on it with the groomer this weekend to get it up to par with the rest of the system. Were you on a pair of Sidewinders that posted on Pat's Facebook page? If so I think I saw you at the Tims in Hearst on my way to Kap for a meeting tonight.
  2. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    Let me, (and I am sure others) know how the trail is. Not sure if anyone has been across the river yet, haven't noticed many tracks through town. Most importantly have a great ride tomorrow.
  3. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    We appreciate the business . You going to be coming through Hornepayne on a weekend on any of your trips? Trails are shaping up nicely here, if you are through on the weekend I can try and meet up with you for a ride. Thats if you don't mind reigning back that 850 so I can keep up.
  4. Food in Hornepayne

    Hahaha, I think that is what they put up when the Tyvec wore out. It is sided now. That photo is several years old back when the chip stand in the trailer was actually open.
  5. Thanks, I rode about 40 km south yesterday checking and replacing some signs and removing some of the brush that fell onto the trail. The trail north of town will be posted green today (had changed it to yellow because of too much snow and no operators available to deal with it) its freshly groomed and the operator had lots of snow to work with. and the trail south of town to yellow, not so much because of the trail base but there is some brush that has fallen after being cut by the drag, so yellow it is as a CYA. More snow coming next weekend it looks like, trails should be mint by then equipment and manpower willing.
  6. Food in Hornepayne

    yep open 7days and for breakfast too. Let me know I had thought about a day trip down to Dubreuillville but my wife is working days so I am limited to about 6hrs because of the fur ball at home. Going to try and get that trail groomed at least one more time before then either by myself or others not too sure yet. Trail is in pretty good shape but with the depth of the snow and power issues the Husky was having (from the fouled air filter) I couldn't move quite as much snow as I wanted.
  7. Food in Hornepayne

    Cross the tracks go behind the old "Mall" (snow packed road between mall and tracks), through LCBO parking lot and across the road you will see it 2 story building behind the old "Pit Stop" bar/restaurant old green chip stand trailer out front (they have moved all equipment inside and have tables to eat at) Depending on when your trip is we may have a short trail signed and groomed for part of run behind mall. we just need some more snow as it goes across the playing field so we wait for lots of snow to not mess up the grass (I have a vested interest in this as I also coach the high school soccer team most years and do not like having to do landscaping before practices can start). But that road is gravel so it is always at least snow packed except for very late in the season.
  8. Food in Hornepayne

    Didn't know you made it to town this summer. Odds are it was one of the weeks I was out of town. Must have been a great ride with both our highway and the Dubreuilville ones recently paved. For those that remember I believe one of the cooks currently at Cindy's used to cook at 4 Stevens before it became uncles.
  9. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    I hear they are a little different, they even have snowbikes :P
  10. Sounds like next weekend is a good time to plan a trip south
  11. Food in Hornepayne

    There is Cindy’s which is essentially an indoor “chip stand” about 2 blocks from the trails, the hospital which is right on the trail where the “cafeteria” is quite good and Uncles which is just north of town on the trail. I can be confident in recommending the first two, Cindy’s for burger and fries and hospital for healthier fare, they do a really good salad bar. I have heard uncles is better but was disappointed too many times in the past ...
  12. I so want this.

    Yep same here, just enough drizzle to knock the air out of the snow we got on the weekend. Nice and cold now and snow falling. Calling for 20-30cm here. I think the rain we got will actually help the trail long term.
  13. Lake of Bays ATV Club is officially offside

    With regards to the Crown Land access as I have mentioned in other threads up here the MNR has no issue with limiting travel on crown land roads with respect to roads accessing or near designated remote tourism lakes (Fly-in Fishing lakes) Their COs enforce this quite strictly. One lake I fish in the winter I have to go 10km down a power line to access and cross a sometimes maintained plowed road within 400m of the lake but that road is off limits for access this particular lake. However I do not see this as being a huge issue in the far north. Locally we have very few riders that ride long distance and those that use the trails to access the backcountry have been sold on the benefits of having the local club and trails and as such they purchase a permit despite the widely known fact that there has been no enforcement of permits in our immediate vicinity in the past 2-3 years. I cannot speak for other communities but we have has some success through explaining the benefits of the permit and supporting the club vs the adversarial "Were you riding on the trail, Where's your permit" as the first sentence when approaching a local sled filling up with gas.
  14. The 'other' new sled pictures..

    Nice sled, always been interested in the 900 ACE, if we can ever swing a second sled I have been thinking a Renegade 900 would be a great sled for when my wife wants to ride or when I don't want to take the Summit on the trails.
  15. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    My side isn't completely done. 40k south from town is groomed and in pretty good shape. Last 20km to the river I just packed the other day, need some more snow in the high ground plantation between the glacial rock deposits and full sun it gets the groomer found every rock when I went through. I actually hopped on the plowed road for the return trip. No snow to pack and there was no sense in me subjecting myself and the groomer to the abuse on the way back. In hindsight I could have got through with the drag but decided it was more important to establish some creek crossings we have not been able to use the past years (used road instead). Delays opening by a few days but will be a better trail because we will use the road less.