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  1. It Doesn't Seem Right

    At this rate we will be riding well into April. There is no significant warmup in our forecast for the next 2 weeks. Lots of sun will clear roads in town and at crossings, but still getting cold at night so minimal melting on the established trail base. Maybe I will see if I can beat my record or sledding to the Kaby river later than April 26th like I did 4 years ago (too be fair I did trailer 2km south to the airport to avoid the road running in town). Not worried about fishing the walleye closer (April 14th) from a boat this year either.
  2. Cochrane

    Groomer they received was from within the district (from Val Rita) with the Kap and I believe Mattice clubs extending their runs to cover that area while their groomer was on loan. This was the lowest cost and quickest option. Within hours of PBRs Facebook post the groomer was on the float and was on the trail that night.
  3. Chapleau Accomdations

    Yes contact aux trips moulins. They have purchased the riverside motel as well. (We stayed there for sports last year, register at 3 mills then drive to other hotel).
  4. Disappointing to read this.

    Yes in our district clubs pay all operating costs out of our per hour district funding.
  5. Disappointing to read this.

    Different clubs also have different fixed operations costs as well. How do you compare a club that does not pay or pays a minimal cost for a groomer shop to a club that pays all costs (heat/hydro/taxes). With the groomers being as complex as they are having access to a space to thaw them out is important for longevity. Our club needs to pay full costs for our facility and conversely we while not broke need to pinch pennies to the extreme, comparing us to a club that has free access to space and has extra at the end of the year. We are paid the same for our grooming but our costs vary wildly for performing the same task. Does that make us bad at managing money or just unlucky? In our case the decision was made years ago when economics were very different( heating fuel costs were 30-40cents/litre not 1.20/litre now. As well costs are not the same for all club in similar situations. We have to heat with Oil when you compare us to a club that can heat with natural gas our heating costs are substantially more expensive but we have no other options. Again bad at managing money or unlucky and have to make the same amount of money go further? I don't know what the answers are but treating everyone with a one-size-fits-all approach is not ideal and creates discrepancies.
  6. Wawa conditions

    Just saw on Facebook they will have both their groomers out tonight fixing the trails up. Keep in mind that this was their busiest weekend of the year with the fish derby (1400 participants) many of them use sleds to access the lakes. On top of trying to recover from 3+ feet of snow in some areas the weekend before. On top of having 2 groomers in various states of broken. Additionally many of the key Wawa Snow Riders volunteers are also key organizers of the fish derby (which is by far the biggest event of the year in Wawa with over $140, 000in prizes up for grabs). So take comments about last weekends conditions with a grain of salt. I believe that Luc also groomed the D trail as far as Hawk Junction last weekend to help the Wawa club out with their trails.
  7. Wawa best hwy directions from orillia ont

    Sultan is much better now. If it is consistently below zero it is even better as the potholes fill with snow. Several groups that I rode with at the Snow Down in Wawa took the sultan with their trailers and had no complaints. I almost always take the Sultan when heading south. As far as Orillia to Wawa I would take 17 if not willing to drive 80 km of logging roads, unless they are calling for squalls that is when 17 can get nasty. The highway along the lake is gorgeous. If the weather is bad take the suggestion of parking in searchmont and riding up.
  8. Wawa or Cochrane

    .Just a heads up this coming weekend (March 2-4th) is the annual ice fishing derby in Wawa. Rooms will be a bit scarce and things will be busy. They normally sell out the 1400 entries for the derby.
  9. Cochrane March 1 - 5

    The further west in the Northern Corridor the less traffic you will find. Haven't ridden there yet but from the conversations I have had despite nightly grooming on weekends the main trails through Cochrane are getting a bit beat up by the afternoon with the warmer weather.
  10. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    You would be correct that Hearst to Geraldton would be 275 km. Longlac is about 30-40 km east of Geraldton and has fuel and lodging. The group we were talking with came from Longlac.
  11. Disappointing to read this.

    I don't know anything about their situation, but I just got back from a ride with about 20 other club execs/volunteer/operators from across the Norther Corridor. I can say none of the discussion touched on worrying about finances/costs, some concern about being able to groom enough with the increased traffic, both due to volunteers and simple reality (Kenny can only groom the A trail through Cochrane once a day at most regardless of how rough it gets by the afternoon). Now across our district there is only 1 paid operator so that could be part of it and creates its own issues.
  12. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    They said 240km.
  13. Disappointing to read this.

    Even if it hadn't been closed Kenny is having a hard enough time getting enough volunteers to maintain the trails that they currently have . That trail would be even harder, not many volunteers are willing to go for back to back 12 hour days or the alternative of a straight 24 hour run. Something had to give and the Canyon loop was deemed more important.
  14. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    Talked with the group that rode in from Greenstone to Hearst yesterday. They said the trail west of Pagwa (green section) is starting to shape up nicely. The trail east of Pagwa is a little rough as can be expected for only 1 pass with the groomer on a trail that hasn't been open in years. Despite no fuel being available they said most made it without using extra fuel (all newer sleds) but they took their time doing some trail work along the way. Once the trail gets done another time or 2 it should be nice. Hopefully it will get some use, will help if people start to venture further west from Cochrane to relieve some of the pressure on the trails there.
  15. Wawa or Cochrane

    Skidooboy has a house in Dubreuilville and is up there now. But ya the snow in Wawa is great for off trail now. Was just there this past weekend. Check out Top Secret Boondocking on Facebook to see some pictures. From some comments I have heard and my experiences riding in the areas the trails in Cochrane can be a little better, (wider and better signage,) with more frequent grooming but much busier. The off trail options in the Wawa area are more varied. Having said that I have not risen the trails south of Wawa (searchmont north) in a few years and have been hearing good comments about them .