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  1. OC group ride

    I'm interested in going. As long as a know ahead of time so I can book time off at work.
  2. Hey Trail Map

    I just checked the ITG again. The trails aren't even showing up on map. I noticed you can see the whole map though.
  3. Hey Trail Map

    I agree. If they would have just added the total distance and directions for the route you pick, it would have been an improvement.

    OK. Thanks.
  5. Going to pick up new sled tomorrow. Trailer lights aren't working. Removed and cleaned all grounds, replaced tail lights. Nothing works at all. Guess I need to rewire trailer. Going to rent enclosed U-Haul trailer. Total inside length is 11 ft. 7 in. Will a zr 7000 lxr 137 fit. Found out chassis length is 126 in. Does anybody know the total length from tip of skiis to rear bumper. I can also rent an open trailer that is 12 ft. Thanks.
  6. Hey Trail Map

    I've been trying to map out my own loop and you don't seem able to do it. When you click on where you want to go, the highlighted trail will switch to the shortest route. It only seems useful if you are taking same trail there and back. Maybe i'm missing something.
  7. Hey Trail Map

    It's nice to click on the route you want to take and it tells you the km's. You don't have to click on every little section and add up the km's yourself.
  8. I believe the numbers stay with original sled.
  9. First Purchase of the Season

    Nice looking sled smokeater. Same colors as my new zr 7000. Can't wait to get out.
  10. Congratulations The Groomer Guy!

    Congrats on the award Luc. Great job.
  11. I did it.. can't believe it !

    Congrats. Way to go.
  12. Had to share this picture i found...

    The sled will be towing the car soon.
  13. Fast tracks prices are better on almost all sleds. These are all LXR 137's except zr 9000 sno pro. ZR 5000-same, ZR6000-save 1000, ZR7000-save 700, ZR8000-save 1200 and ZR9000 -save 350. Plus tax of course. ZR 7000 and ZR 8000 are the same price. $10,699.00. $12,918.00 out the door. Just thought i'd let you know.
  14. If your looking for an arctic cat, fast track performance in Dorchester seem to have the best deals.
  15. First Purchase of the Season

    You to Mike. Nice sled.