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  1. thetorches

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    We got 3-4" in Oshawa and lots of rain happening now.
  2. thetorches

    its a shame :(

    We got 3-4" in Oshawa. Just got done shovelling in the rain.
  3. thetorches

    Peterborough E208 - Parking ?

    Its green from Fenelon Falls to the north now. Was red on Sat. from Fenelon to Kinmount.
  4. I see rail trail is open to the south now. Doesn't go all the way to Fenelon though.
  5. No problem. Will be next weekend for me. Don't think there will be anyfhing closer.
  6. thetorches

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Looks like 5-6" in Oshawa.
  7. thetorches

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Finally some snow in the south. About 8 cms so far in Oshawa. Hopefully Port Perry gets enough to get a trail open.
  8. Went for a ride today. Rail trail from Kinmount to Haliburton was in great shape. Head lake is staked and smooth. From there to E trail was bumpy. E trail was good.
  9. thetorches

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Put 120 kms on sled today and 270 kms on truck.
  10. I worked at the oshawa flying club in the late seventies. Heard a couple of stories of pilots hand propping their planes, forgetting to block wheels. Was told plane took off on its own, circled until out of fuel and landed on its own.
  11. thetorches

    Guess the speed?

    110 kph
  12. thetorches

    Rap tour not completely availabe yet

    Just checked. It is open now on ITG.
  13. Any info for Haliburton area. Going to Kinmount in morning. Is there other parking besides behind old railway station. Just in case it is full.
  14. thetorches

    Congrats Wild Bill

  15. thetorches

    Rap tour not completely availabe yet

    Think its a landowner issue.