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  1. Thanks to you and your team of volunteers livin. Did most of my riding up your way. Now just have to sit around for 10 months waiting for it to snow.
  2. Thanks a lot guys. Will definitely give TD a call. This is a great site. Everyone is so helpful. Thanks again.
  3. I'm paying $140 for my 02 viper for just liability with Intact. Was paying $240.00 two years ago with someone else. Forget who it was.
  4. Just got quotes back from insurance broker. I'm with Intact right now, they want $1669.00 for the zr 5000 or zr 7000. Gave me another quote from Optimum. They want $968.00 for the 5000 and $1163.00 for the 7000. That seems like a lot to me. Going to call TD. Heard there rates are more reasonable. We have a group policy with TD for our union. Got quotes for vehicles and they were more than where I am insured now. Will give them a call anyway and see what there rates are. What does everyone else pay for newer machines.
  5. Still undecided. Have until the 27th to get the zr 5000. Thinking there might be discounts on leftover 17's after season is over.
  6. It comes with the mid-height windshield, which is 13 in. Just compared both sleds. The tracks on both are ripsaw II 1.25 lug. Everything seems to be the same except the 7000 has deluxe digital gauges and the 5000 has digital/analog. Pretty much identical except for motor. How do other dealers feel about servicing sleds bought elsewhere, since i'm about 3 hrs. from country corners.
  7. Sounds like an idea. Was thinking of keeping it for two or three years and then trade it in or sell it and get the Yamaha engine then. Could use the extra three grand right now. Wife wants to go to Europe this summer, need a new roof and have to get some RRSP'S. Country corners said they bought a pile of the 5000's, so will think about it for a few days. Thanks for info.
  8. Okay. Got some quotes on two sleds. Best prices were from Country Corners. Can get the 5000 lxr 137 for $10,994.00 out the door. The 7000 lxr 137 is $14,009.00. Would love to get the yammy engine but can't see paying an extra $3000.00 for it.
  9. Is it King's snowmobile and small engines. 1438 Townline Rd. unit 3 Oshawa. 905 728 0533
  10. Thanks for info. I'll take a look. It never made a big bang when it died. It sputtered a couple of times and just quit. Heard like a tinny sound just before it died.
  11. Did compression test. One cylinder is 118, one is 112 and the center one is 15. Any idea what it costs to change a cylinder and piston. Could losing a cylinder cause damage to other internal engine parts. Thanks for any info.
  12. Thanks for everyone's input. Don't know whether to get the 5000 now or wait til the end of season and see if I can get a good deal on a 7000.
  13. I'd prefer the 7000. At the end of last season they were on sale for $10395.00. It's a season later and there going for $11595.00. I seen a 7000 at the snowmobile show and they were asking $9999.00, I think it was Country corners also. Should of grabbed it then but wanted to wait one more season. You snooze you loose I guess.
  14. I see Country Corners has these on sale for $8999.00 + frt. pdi, taxes. It has the Suzuki 1056 4 stroke. I here it is a very dependable engine. Would rather have the yami 4 stroke, but is more money. Anybody have one of these or know anything about them. Thanks.
  15. I was wondering about the gas. Put in half a tank. Where could I get the gas tested.