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  1. Dave K

    I quit

    Not to mention, I heard on the news the other day that street Marijuana is getting laced with Fentanyl in some areas. I don't use it, but that would be a good reason for me to buy it from a Govt run store
  2. Dave K

    Show your 2018 pics.

    No, Just north of there about 10 mins. The bush near Smittys cabin
  3. Dave K

    Show your 2018 pics.

    . Did some of this, but I think I put more miles on the skis as a family than we did on the sleds
  4. That should read class A licence, not D. D is for a straight truck only. A is for trailers
  5. Dave K

    Hand Sigbals and Ride Lite

    Agree 110%
  6. Dave K

    Milverton Opened up

    Sorry VR, Just saw this. I was out riding instead of thinking about it. Base got some much needed help yesterday, and was in good shape last night when I was last out. Going again this afternoon for a little ride. I did close to 200 km yesterday in and around here.
  7. Dave K

    Milverton Opened up

    Milverton Trails just opened limited Enjoy the weekend and get out and ride
  8. Dave K

    Milverton Opened up

    Milverton Trails just opened limited Enjoy the weekend and get out and ride
  9. Dave K

    Grooming funds....

    With the up and down temps we have been having, stakes that were standing on Jan 1 have fallen over, signs have blown over etc... the groomer goes out and packs a base, as well as notices that signs etc... need to be put up. VOLUNTEERS then go out and do such work in order to make the trails safe for everyone to ride. If the map is red and you want to ride, you better be towing a sleigh full of stakes, signs, and a sledge hammer to install such equipment.
  10. Dave K

    Replacement of Damaged Permit

    Not a receipt, but we all carry the sticker on the back of the vehicle ownership with the same number as the sticker on the plate has. These numbers match up, so you know it was purchased and not stolen from some other plate. Essentially the same thing.
  11. Dave K

    Parry Sound ride

    X2 I usually leave with sleds full of gas, and belly full of food depending on the location of where i park
  12. Dave K

    Stratford to Wingham

    It saves a pile of wear and tear on the groomer, and operator as well. Unfortunately OFSC doesnt pay for this. It is up to the clubs to cover that cost.
  13. Dave K

    Stratford to Wingham

    In Milverton area, fields are blown bare. If you stay south through Mitchell, to Seaforth and then head North, trails will be in better shape. I cant help you where to park in Stratford, However I think there is a gas station besides the Diner in Sebringville that the trail goes to. I don't know if they allow trailers or not there though
  14. Ohms hut, in the MIlverton District celebrating 40 years of warming snowmobilers http://www.stratfordbeaconherald.com/2018/01/05/ohms-hut-near-monkton-has-been-offering-relief-from-the-cold-and-camaraderie-to-snowmobile-enthusiasts-for-40-years
  15. Dave K

    Cancer sucks

    Thanks everyone. I cant stand a two day mustache, so no Movember for me. I would rather buy a ticket than grow some facial hair.