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  1. Parry Sound ride

    X2 I usually leave with sleds full of gas, and belly full of food depending on the location of where i park
  2. Stratford to Wingham

    It saves a pile of wear and tear on the groomer, and operator as well. Unfortunately OFSC doesnt pay for this. It is up to the clubs to cover that cost.
  3. Stratford to Wingham

    In Milverton area, fields are blown bare. If you stay south through Mitchell, to Seaforth and then head North, trails will be in better shape. I cant help you where to park in Stratford, However I think there is a gas station besides the Diner in Sebringville that the trail goes to. I don't know if they allow trailers or not there though
  4. Ohms hut, in the MIlverton District celebrating 40 years of warming snowmobilers http://www.stratfordbeaconherald.com/2018/01/05/ohms-hut-near-monkton-has-been-offering-relief-from-the-cold-and-camaraderie-to-snowmobile-enthusiasts-for-40-years
  5. Cancer sucks

    Thanks everyone. I cant stand a two day mustache, so no Movember for me. I would rather buy a ticket than grow some facial hair.
  6. Cancer sucks

    In the past Prostate Extreme Team, and/or the Kelly Shires have sold tickets here for some of there runs. Does anyone know if there is a run to buy a ticket for this year, or who to contact? Was it maybe Yukon Cornelius? or someone else?
  7. Wingham to Collingwood

    One of my boys, and a friend of his have a dream to ride up to Blue Mountain from Monkton, stay overnight, ski for a day, and then ride home. What are your thoughts on Blue Mountain, and how sled friendly are they to get there. We have skied there many times and enjoy it, don't want to sled all that way, and be disappointed to not get there.
  8. Tree lines in Honey Harbour

    Thats cool.
  9. Tree lines in Honey Harbour

    As someone who hasnt been up that way, what is the tree line? I assume it isnt a line of trees along a fence row like it is in D9
  10. What’s going on in D5/9

    Milverton, Conestoga Lake, and Maitland Valley are all out grooming and trying to get a base that will stay in place. Definitely need more snow before they can open up
  11. Try Our Trails

    Our club gives out a 2lb block of cheese to all our landowners as a Thank You/ Appreciation
  12. Stolen sled recovered, sort of

    You can trace it back to his kiddie kicker soccer coach who yelled at him to run after the ball instead of picking dandelions, and then had the nerve to not give him a participant trophy at the end of the season. Poor kid has never been the same since.
  13. http://www.stratfordbeaconherald.com/2017/12/15/joyride-on-stolen-snowmobile-ends-in-collision-in-perth-south-wednesday?utm_source=addThis&utm_medium=addthis_button_facebook&utm_campaign=Stolen+snowmobile+recovered+|+Beacon+Herald#.WjP0pv_Wb-w.facebook
  14. What’s going on in D5/9

    Frosty, I live near Milverton, We have about the same amount as snow as you do. I just came home from Hamilton this morning Maybe a little more, but not a lot. I think closer to the Lake is better.
  15. OFSC On-line Map Working? Is it just Me?

    I noticed that the available trails mileage at the top corner is missing on the new map also.