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  1. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    good point!
  2. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    That's what I think I will have to do However there are occasions when I carry two sleds. The RX-1 is 9' and the new one is 10' 6". If it fits, it will be tight!
  3. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    Uh, no!
  4. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    Good to know I have an old Triton 10' clam shell, so we will see when I get it home.
  5. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    Thanks I hope the "Exxon Valdez" handle isn't due to the petroleum products it uses. The name we had in mind was "The Big Comfy Couch"
  6. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    Good news: Picked up a 2015 RS Venture TF, with less than 2K on it, for less than half the cost of a new one. Bad news: it is a 151" track, and it is located in Windsor. Haven't picked out a trailer yet, but I don't think it's going to fit on the existing 10 footer. I was checking the length to see how much would be hanging out the back of the truck, when I pick it up on Friday
  7. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    Thanks Hopefully it fits in the trailer!!!!
  8. Bigfish

    Quick Question

    When reading the specs for a sled, how is the length of the sled determined? Is it, from the tips of the skis to the rear flap? Or, is it from the nose of the sled to the rear flap? a new sled purchase depends on this!
  9. Bigfish

    Sledarama - Peterborough

    GPRSA - Great Pine Ridge Snowmobile Assoc
  10. Bigfish

    Sledarama - Peterborough

    Tomorrow is the day Anyone who is going, be sure to stop by the club (GPRSA) booth and say Hi!
  11. Yamaha has some pretty deep pockets of their own. Besides they would only be buying the snowmobile production facilities. Anyway, I have no inside information on this, and I am just repeating the gist of the rumours floating around on the Yamaha forums
  12. But they are producing them in for other world markets, ie: Europe and Russia, just not for the N. American market I smell a big change in 2020 for Yamaha, perhaps even taking controlling interest in Arctic Cat!
  13. Bigfish

    Coldest Temp 2018/2019 Thread

    Minus 2 C here this morning with a inch or two of snow. Already i've seen sled tracks in the ditches and on the roadside! Inlaws keep their place at 75F in the winter. I can't last more than 15 mins in their house at that temp! Our place is always between 65F and 68F, all winter!
  14. Bigfish

    Coldest Temp 2018/2019 Thread

    SLED Spend Like Every Dollar!
  15. did not know that helmuts on snowmobiles were optional in Nfld!!