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  1. Bigfish

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    Not worth the paper it is printed on. Any lawyer worth his pound of flesh, would have that over ruled in court.
  2. Bigfish

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Better to take a Power Squadran course Gets into more detail regarding operation, safety and navigation of the crqaft. Plus as a bonus, if you are successful passing the Power Sqadran course you automatically receive the Ontario Boaters Licence!
  3. Bigfish

    Epic ride

    Depending on the dates, I may be available. Would have to be after Jan 15th, as the wife has rented a place in Fla from Dec 1st to Jan 10th!!
  4. Bigfish

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Soup, it's not the distance for meetings that concern us, sure it could be done with video conferencing, if we have total reliable internet coverage, which we don't, but that is a minor issue. Just because there are now districts that are too large to manage, why create more of them? Hell, why not make the whole province one district? The issue is effective groomer utilization. With the scarcity of snow in the south,and the volume of riders, we need to be able to deploy groomers to the areas required in a quick effective manner, which large districts do not lend themselves to.
  5. Bigfish

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Yes it is They are finally listening to the clubs and districts that realize that amalgamation is not the answer In our case District 2 and 3, created a unmanageable area that was way to large to be run effectively. The distances werte too large and the variations in terrain did not lend itself to effective groomer distribution.
  6. Bigfish

    MF Ski Whiz

    Are they complete? I noticed a missing carb in your pic Might be interested in another restoration project.
  7. Bigfish

    On line trail map?

    Sorry Mike, but I don't understand your argument! It is shut down during the off season to prevent ATV, dirt bikes, 4x4, etc from accessing trails on private land, so as to avoid landowner issues for snowmobile usage.
  8. Bigfish

    On line trail map?

    I believe he meant that it was shut down over the summer so the ATV clubs Don't have access!
  9. Bigfish

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Good points, Rick Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't all grooming equipment (drags and tractors)belong to OFSC now? Will this equipment not still belong to OFSC, albeit indirectly thru the districts? I'm not suggesting the the clubs make these repairs for free, but if there is a qualified member of a club, who can make the repairs for less than the dealer, why not throw them a bone, and let them make the repairs which are then invoiced to the district. Seems like a win-win to me. Could you please elaborate on the "2 tiers of accountability", not quite sure I follow your train of thought.
  10. Bigfish

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    It is very difficult (if not impossible) to get a volunteer to commit to the hours and erratic schedule, that have become the norm in southern Ontario. We have been paying operators ($15 p/h) for several years now.
  11. Bigfish

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    My understanding is that all operators are paid, under MOTS
  12. Bigfish

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Gotta disagree Dave. If a club has the expertise available to make the repair, in a timely manner at a portion of the cost, than a dealer would charge, then the district has a fiduciary responsibility to have the club do the repairs, and save the district some repair dollars as well. The district is the clubs, it's not an us and them situation.
  13. Bigfish

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    Just checking the social events calendar and low and behold we will be in Gravenhurst on that particular weekend! I will make the appropriate arrangements, in order to attend. Thank you muchly for the invitation