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  1. Bigfish

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Only 1700 km for me so far this year, mostly local Not too shabby, considering circumstances. My wife has been laid up with a hip replacement since early Jan (2 knees and 2 hips in 3 years). So I have been chief cook and bottle washer and nurse. So not much time for riding! I've been telling her that I'm replacing her bit by bit!
  2. Bigfish

    North Adventure Inn

    didn't know a roof was required!!!
  3. Bigfish

    Braap Shack Busted

    Not mushroom for performance enhancement!
  4. Bigfish

    Pembina Valley in Manitoba

  5. Bigfish

    Stop signs!!!

  6. Bigfish

    Stop signs!!!

    The clubs are, definitely not EOTA! If they had their way, there would be no sleds on that trail. Stop signs, for some reason are the most stolen signs we have (or don't have) Probably a lot are decorating rec rooms and garages. A double Stop Ahead sign would indicate a major/busy road crossing.
  7. Bigfish

    Tek vest

    Great piece of equipment. I would like to wear one, in fact I have tried a few over the years, just can't get comfortable with one on. Too hot, too restrictive, feels like a straight jacket! Perhaps the fact that I only wear track pants and a t-shirt under my suit (in any temps) it makes me feel over heated, if anything else is worn.
  8. Bigfish

    Revrnd's Adventures

    Great pics Very familiar territory, Revrnd
  9. Bigfish

    Stop signs!!!

    We had an incident recently on our club trails. A section of E108 is quite hilly, and apparently a fellow was "getting air" over one of the hills. Unfortunately for him, coming up the other side was the groomer! Well he got air alright, right into the blade on the groomer! Sled was destroyed on impact and the rider went under the groomer! Fortunately the groomer was able to stop, and the rider was unhurt. However the police were called and the rider was charged with no ownership, no insurance, and NO PERMIT! Oh and the sled was a write-off.
  10. Bigfish

    Throwback Thursday

    93 AC 550 EXT
  11. Bigfish

    Always better to leave space between sleds

    Ok I saw this totally different: The sled filming was trying to overtake the sled ahead of him, hence the reason he was on the left side of the trail. The sled that was being overtaken was trying to stay as far to the right as he could. The sled that was being overtaken hit a stump at the right edge of the trail, causing him to be thrown from the sled and the sled spun to the left and into the overtaking sled. or maybe I'm seeing it wrong???
  12. Bigfish

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    That would be hoarfrost! Not sure what whore frost is, but a whole lot of images spring to mind!
  13. Bigfish

    new trails opened in southern ontario.

    I got caught in that yesterday, while coming home from Cobourg. Wicked lake effect snow, couldn't see the hood of the car. 15 miles north of the 401, the sun was shinning
  14. Bigfish

    2020 Yamahas

    https://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/?group=SM Somewhat disappointed with the 2020 lineup. Lots of different Sidewinders and Vipers, but not much else. Oh, there is the Transporter a 599cc 2-smoke, which IMO is a step backward Not a fan of 2 strokes.