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  1. Bigfish

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    We got 2 or 3 inches here. Cleared the driveway with the blower, and then the rain started. Now have a driveway that looks like a skating rink, except it's on a 35 degree decline to the road! Think I'll be staying put for a while.
  2. Bigfish

    eye in the sky

    and how many of those folks would still be alive, because of a helicopter buzzing around Muskoka?
  3. Bigfish


    Is that where the expression "Holy Crap" Came From?
  4. Bigfish

    2019 Manufacturers Sneak Peak Dates

    SJ I'm hearing a rumour, and I have no idea if true or not, but I have heard it from several sources, that Yamaha is buying the snowmobile division (Arctic Cat) from Trextron.
  5. Bigfish

    Quebec Free Weekend

    Had a couple of Que officers question our custom numbers last year as well, but as we all had them he didn't make a big deal about it.
  6. Bigfish

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Less than an inch here!
  7. Bigfish

    Yamaha steps up.

    As far as I recall the free pass was a club initiative. But it was shut down by MTO, several years ago
  8. Bigfish

    Provincial Trail Guide

    Mine is taped to the back of the garage door great reference when planning a trip
  9. Bigfish

    Yamaha steps up.

    Our club stopped doing it years ago we were getting a lot of, "but I got 3 sleds, how come you won't give me 3 permits"
  10. Bigfish

    Gas - Nephton - Reid's Store

    I believe it is up to $15K now. Stopped at Reid's many times in the past
  11. Bigfish

    Provincial Trail Guide

    It would appear that it did come with the mag. I have one here for 2019 and I haven't picked any up at a show.
  12. Bigfish

    Yamaha steps up.

    we have had several trail losses in the past due to owner/renter issues. (renter says yes, owner says no and vice versa) Also dealing with owners who live out of country, and don't know what snowmobiling is! Extremely time consuming
  13. Bigfish

    Yamaha steps up.

    In that case the renter would probably refuse permission as he would not get anything, and the owner would probably lose the renter next time the contract came up. This is the problem with the tax credit
  14. Bigfish

    Yamaha steps up.

    I agree with the tax credit idea However we have a lot of absent landowners here, with farms being rented out either to individuals or corporations. Who would get the tax credit, the owner or the renter? We have had many occasions where we get the owners permission and the renter refuses permission, and vice versa.
  15. Bigfish

    Night Riding

    I do as well, although a scotch would be my choice!