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  1. Garage Goodies

    Garage Goodies For years, I ran electric heat in the garage. This year, I decided to go with a kerosene heater as my neighbour has had good luck with his. The results are a much more comfortable heat. On cold days like yesterday, It took approximately 30 minutes to get the garage warmed up. Within the 1st hour, it was 20 celcius and t-shirt time. The unit consumes approximately 1 litre of kerosene per hour, but can be cut back. This is a great backup device to heat the home in the event of loss of Natural Gas connection or Electricity. Dan
  2. Dropping at Heyden

    Hi J, Unfortunately, there is no public parking in Heyden. The only 2 open spots I can identify are a semi-abandoned strip-mall and a school. Both are private property. There is a gas station at the corner of highway 17 and 556. I am not sure of their parking arrangements. Ac+Ya has provided some helpful solutions. Hope this helps. Dan
  3. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Northern Ontario We were not immune to the January Thaw in some parts of Northern Ontario. Here are a few photos from my Camp this morning. Its located west of Iron Bridge at Basswood Lake. (West of the D134 and North of the D Trail - between Blind River and Thessalon). I suspect it will be difficult to establish an east/west link between Blind River and Thessalon anytime soon, unless significant snow falls. I've owned this camp for 13 years and In that time have only see a few winters like this one. The good news is, as you progress westward towards the Sault, snowdepth significantly increases. North of Sault Ste. Marie still has good snowdepth. UPDATES: Additional Fresh Power has arrived in both Sault Ste Marie and Iron Bridge areas as of Jan 15th.
  4. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Sault Updates: My front yard today. Shaping up to be a nice winter.
  5. SOO Trail condtions?

    Sault Updates: There's no shortage of snow in Sault Ste. Marie and logging road and back-country riding has been open since late November. You are good to go in terms of unofficial riding, with 100's of kms of various routes, mostly on crown land. One of the major challenges our region faces is the ruggedness of the terrain, which makes us susceptible to washouts, ruts and boulders on the trails. Having said that, even though we have a good snow-base which would be plenty for flat-land and farmer's field riding, the boulders and holes on some of these trails need to be covered up. Many riders have been out already, especially points northward of the city, however, very few are on OntarioConditions to post their updates. You are good to go. Snowdepth is between 18" - 36" at points north of Sault Ste. Marie. Hope this helps. Have fun this weekend. I may be out on Saturday or Sunday, once Christmas company heads home.
  6. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Mostly White-Outs in Sault Ste. Marie today from Lake Effect Snow. Photo taken at 5 pm, Christmas Day.

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from Snowy Sault Ste. Marie
  8. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Sault Ste. Marie this morning. Dad to the rescue as I boosted my daughter's vehicle. It was end-of-January weather last night, pretty cold for December. Great for the lakes.
  9. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Halfway Haven Video - From Yesterday. An extended version of the Eton Bluffs Trip.
  10. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    A Video from yesterday's Fun Day north of Sault Ste. Marie
  11. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    Sunday Ride We are loading up in the morning, then heading north. It will be a 2 hour trailer haul before we hit our riding destination. Optionally, we can unload at the 1 hour mark, but are heading for deeper powder for the new sleds. I've attached my SPOT map which goes live at 9 am Sunday. Please feel free to follow along. (Map Goes Live at 9 AM Sunday) https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=03iT3ldi9Gbljpr8HG9KsVj0yXdeMdYuN
  12. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Hats-off to the hard-working gentlemen from the Sault Trailblazers. A handful went back up to the Domtar (D201F) again this week and worked their butts off. Some of the new photos I seen today show tremendous gains against some of those washouts. I bow to those dedicated gentlemen while many of us sit at home enjoying the warm temperatures in comfort.
  13. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    UPDATES Snowmobile Season OPEN The riding season has started north of Sault Ste. Marie. Friends of mine were out today 1 hour north of Sault Ste. Marie and reporting 30 cms (12"). Higher elevations deep inland are at 45 cms (18"). I'll be riding this weekend. My front yard. Sault Ste. Marie Photo (Friday Dec. 8th). The Core of the City gets reasonable snow, however, north of the City is typically double, if not more.
  14. Webcams for ride planning:

    WebCams I've got 11 of them linked on this website below, mostly for Sault Ste. Marie area, however, a few up north as well. http://sledtime.com/
  15. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Yes, it's a new washout. Here's the link below. The old one is still the same. It takes almost 3 hours to get in there from the Sault, then another 3 to get home. So damn far. Doesn't leave much time and with so many regulations, your hands are tied in terms of repairs.