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  1. Or you could make it easy on yourselves and just trailer to the Driftwood in Searchmont as PLC says above. We stay at Blueberry Motel and Campgrounds and ride from there. Just a kilometer before and across from the Zone on the east side of Hwy 17.
  2. Ride up to the last fuel along Hwy 17 at Goulais River by the Zone Bar & Restaurant / Hardware. There is a spur trail no longer showing on the ITG (not sure why?) which is groomed and takes you right to the gas. This is a 3 mile detour off and 3 miles back to the main trail which goes around the north side into Searchmont. With topped off tanks our Cats including a ZR-7000 make it to Halfway Haven no problem. Don't get lost or you may need a spare couple gallons. If you stay on track, no problem. If there is a problem, you may be able to setup in advance with Carl at the Driftwood lodge in Searchmont (right on the road/trail) to get a 5 gallon can of gas. Again, don't get lost and no problems. By the way, when the gas gauge finally starts reading "FUEL" where the gauge had the RPM, you still have 2 gallons left. That stretch from The Zone to Halfway is about 125 miles. They are re-routing around the portion of Whitman Dam Road the guy is plowing to his house the last couple years. Just a mile longer, but will have snow when it warms. Thanks Trailblazers.
  3. We ride even shorter ways, but I told you the shortest route on the map and marked trails. I haven’t run the Magpie Resovior yet, but came down the trail to Hawk Lake a couple weeks ago. It was fast and not even groomed yet. We came up over the dam and used Wawa trail 5. Beautiful ride! Saves time to skip Wawa if you can do about 115 miles on your fuel. We seem to make 150 miles plus on a tank no problem. Wawa was had great trails if you have time, but that will be a no smelling the roses ride. Years ago ago I rode from Blueberry in Goulais River to Searchmont to Chapleau to Timmins to Cochrane and stayed at North Adventure Inn that night. That was before the groomed trail from Halfway to Chapleau, but there was fuel in Searchmont. The Canyon the next day and day after to Hearst to relax after loading sleds on the train that afternoon so the morning would be easy and have a day to relax on the train back to Searchmont. Miss the train!
  4. This is not a short trip, but start early and it is faster than in years past. The "old" trail from Dog Lake (Missanabie) to Chapleau was work and then there was a period where the road (651)had to be used from Ernies to Dalton, but then Big Reg and Luc helped rework the trail and put a new bridge to get that section going again. At that point it was the fastest way to get to Chapleau from Dub and we used it like an express way. It was mostly wide open road and very fast. The washout stopped that and now we run down to Halfway and over to Chapleau. This is relatively fast, but we skip Wawa if in a hurry and just take trail 5 over the Dam whether coming through from the Magpie or coming down the trail past Hawk Lake and run straight to Halfway to get gas. If you go through Wawa and get gas you could find your way past the Polaris dealership and once crossing the big power lines a 2nd time (an almost perpendicular crossing) look left and follow the tracks up to the lookout. You can see the bay on a clear day and very nice view. You will then cross the Dam same as in the faster way to get to Halfway Haven. After getting gas and lunch at Halfway the trails to Chapleau are some of the best and very fast between Pineal Lake and Hwy 129. We take another shortcut, but you should follow the trail to the airport or take the trail along Hwy 101 and turn east at the tee and end up at the same gas station by the airport. From there the trail has been changed to be a bit faster than previous to a few years back. Foleyet is still a long haul but not like back in the day when your arms felt it and you wanted it to end. Then the trail continues towards Timmins and has been routed more along 101 than back in the day. The bridge crossings get old and some of the hills along the way are fun for some and pushes some to run the edge of the road. When ice is good and many use the water crossings, briges are skipped by some, I don't recall any of the water being marked as good to cross. Timmins finally comes and it is the end of a good haul. My daughter and I rode from south of Chapleau to Horwood Lake Lodge and back to Chapleau in a day last season. We spent a few hours there eating and riding around also that day. A couple seasons back we left the Magpie in Dub and rode to Timmins across the top. Paige and I left at 8:00am and had lunch at Moonbeam Clubhouse. We pulled into the Microtel in Timmins and took a cab to dinner at 7:00pm. We continued to Halfway the next day and the final day were back in Dub. Weather was getting warm and the trails went red the day we were riding through Chapleau. great trip.
  5. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Comes with a 65hp China built 4-stroke or the 600 CTEC 2-strke from Cat.
  6. Garage Goodies

    The shed is probably not very air tight and thus ventilates and the heat source may be raised off the floor. Needs to be 1.5 meters up minimum and always ventilate shed when the heat is running.
  7. Garage Goodies

    In any area exposed to gasoline (gas tank in sled or mower or gas can) the heater should be 1.5 meters above the floor. Gas vapors are heavier than air. Ventilation also is needed. Spread the heat down to the floor with a low velocity fan up at ceiling. Any gas spill or use of spray can with flammable vapor - open doors and ventilate immediately. Have to keep the mixture diluted to avoid the worst.
  8. I know we can ride from Searchmont to Hearst now. We would have gone to Hearst a couple weeks ago but stopped in Dub because it was so cold.
  9. Dropping at Heyden

    Skidooboy suggested, if going on to Wawa by trail, you should just trailer to Searchmont and if you really want to start from a place close to Heyden lookup Blueberry Hill Motel and campgrounds. It is about 5 miles farther on Hwy 17 past Heyden. Just go down the big hill to Blueberry Flats and just before you get to the Zone/fuel/hardware you will see on the east side of the road a plowed way back to the motel. Great place to stay and ride from. Just ride the trail to connect to the D trail and run north and around east to Searchmont. Just under an hour to Searchmont. Fuel not available in Searchmont. You need to make 135 miles no wrong turns to get to Halfway Haven from Goulais River.
  10. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    My ITG is showing “green” from the Hwy 11 intersection about half the distance to the west toward Longlac this morning!
  11. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    The screw in studs I got from Bergstrom had instructions to pre-drill 1/16" diameter holes about 1/4" short of the length of the screws. I put them in three machines. I think that the 3/4" length of screw is best, but you always need to stay at least 1/4" short of the lug depth. So if the lug is less than 1" you must drop back to a 1/2" screw. Don't use an impact driver or a real powerful drill. I used a small drill with a clutch setting and learned quickly how much to run them down. Scott Bergstrom told me that if you want to be sure to not have the screws ever work out, you just dip the tip of the screws in Gorilla Glue or there are a couple types of super glue which can bond rubber and steel. Best to wait overnight in heated shop with Gorilla Glue or 24 hours with super glue. After drilling the hole, wipe the area with a wet/damp paper towel to clean. Do not dry as the water is a catalyst speeding the Gorilla Glue reaction and causing it to set faster. Don't leave a drop of water either, but wipe with a damp cloth. They can be removed by holding the lug with pliers while reversing the screw out. With Gorilla Glue some rubber will come along with the screw. Big difference on ice. I have not had issues on cement either as long as I don't spin the track. No marks on the floor yet.
  12. no start

    I actually heard about a Polaris ignition switch which was faulty and would with vibration would switch the ignition on and off rapidly and caused 7 motor rebuilds in one season. The final time the machine was left at the dealer in spring time. The agreement was that it would be picked up the next fall. The person bought it in Wawa and lived in SSM. Over the storage period, the machine was found running. It had started itself and had run for an unknown period of time and the person who discovered the running sled investigated thinking there was a fire.
  13. Report - SSM to Dubreuilville

    The heated grip failed due to damage from last season. Not the fault of the heating element or wiring on the sled. Sled spilled on an icy road. Kept working until this trip. When I expanded the grip with the air hose and slid it off, I could see where the scuff on the grip had actually penetrated the element and eventually caused it to open the circuit. I have replaced the element and grip. So fast and easy with Cat putting the bar plugs to hold air pressure! All good now and the track has screw-in grips to stop it from happening again this season. 1000 miles and they still look good.
  14. Fuel - Hearst to Longlac

    There is always Calstock which is much closer to that turn than Hearst. You are about 23 miles from the corner of Hwy 11 and 631 when coming from gas at Calstock. I think that puts you around 125 miles to gas in the city of Longlac. Just not sure about store hours in Calstock to buy fuel. We just ran from Halfway to Goulais River (Blueberry Motel and campgrounds) and went the long way over towards Chapleau and back on Toll Creek road pushing lots of dense snow for 20 miles on our Cats with no extra gas. About 150 miles no problem. I have not heard of any progress on a new fuel station/restaurant which was discussed.

    Guess I never thought about my saddle bags which are my Extra Large Size Tunnel Flares.