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  1. AC+YA

    Newbie looking for riding buddies!

    I don't make most of the races and those weekends try to remember to avoid anything East of I-69 on Route 12. I have done them years ago and my son loves the races and the "Faster Horses" long weekend concerts in the summer. I think the concert is getting bigger every year.
  2. AC+YA

    Newbie looking for riding buddies!

    PM me as we live on Coldwater lake (next to I-69) and go often. Many times I have room in the trailer or in the back of my truck. I would also be able to meet you and show you many great riding areas.
  3. AC+YA

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    On open trails those turbos don't feel the deep stuff like less powered sleds.
  4. AC+YA

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    The trail up to Calstock only goes so far and then it uses the road to get to the place. They have specific hours they are open and when the road melts down it can be a rough trip. By the time you go up there you will be half the way to Hearst. The trail should be very smooth as Dennis said with all the fluff. All the new bridges they put in over the last 5 years make it nice too.
  5. AC+YA

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Hi Matt, Sounds like your trails should be fine. The A Trail between Hearst and your D108A for 35 miles is yellow. That should be OK since it is only a short stretch. Fun in those hills along the Hwy. Some will love pushing a little snow. If your sled will only go 120 miles on a tank normally, may want to have an extra gallon or two?
  6. AC+YA

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    I see the trail west of Hearst just went yellow.
  7. AC+YA

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Mark, you are having a heck of a time this season so far...………. Hope you get a good trip in before the big one!
  8. AC+YA

    Dubreuilville to Hearst

    Also, note that Hearst had lost it's water supply. Check with Dennis, but last I knew they were having problems. May not be the hotel and restaurant experience you are accustomed to in Hearst until the water is fixed.
  9. AC+YA

    D trail south of Wawa

    Many of the models come with stock LED headlights on the Cats now. Both my XF-8000 Cross County models have them.
  10. AC+YA

    Elliot Lake - 2019 Updates

    It was great to see you too Dan. We like the BM2 also and ran it 3 times last week on our trail rides which included many trails not open or in poor shape over the past few seasons. The Soo Trailblazers have the D201F in the best shape I have ever seen. The water is all bypassed and we loved that trail. Best I have seen most trails in that area and they have snow this season. Hope it stays that way. Some of the lakes had a lot of slush so we had to run fast on them. With those conditions it is hard to beat riding between SSM and Elliot Lake. The Ice Bridge to Drummond Island was open, but the crossing was wavy and took some work.
  11. AC+YA

    Elliot Lake - 2019 Updates

    Hi Dan, Great to hear about the snow. Do you think that is why the Elliot trails seem to be staying yellow this season? Also, I am wondering why the Echo Bay trails are still RED? They seem to be splitting the trail system in half from Echo Bay all the way to Black Creek. I plan to stop over at Dunlop Lake Saturday so hope to see you. Scott
  12. Like ski said unload the spring first. Then I just use a long punch to back the locking collar off. Then sometimes a squirt of WD-40 and then grab the spring and both the nuts and turn by hand. If it starts to get too hard, use the supplied wrench to finish up. I seem to like the front springs compressed quite a bit on my newer Cats especially the 4-stroke.
  13. AC+YA

    Port Sydney conditions

    I saw one ready to be picked up at my dealer in southern Michigan. They told me they tried to talk the guy out of buying it to ride trails, but he insisted. They figured he would be back and real upset. They took his money.
  14. AC+YA

    D trail south of Wawa

    There has been additional snows and thus if the clubs don't groom on a regular basis remember your sled will use additional fuel depending on the amount of snow laying unpacked on the trail. Trails can also become hard to follow in certain open areas. Hoping the clubs keep these trails groomed if they keep them listed as open.
  15. AC+YA


    zoso, Sorry to not have clarified that I was referring to the way sound limits are set for new sleds. The track noise at high speed is still the biggest component. Have you ever been out by yourself and listened to the far off wine of a sled at high speed. That is the track. If the sled has open stingers, it is an amazing thing reserved for racing and I wear hearing protection myself.