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  1. AC+YA

    elliot lk to halfway

    Talked to Black Creek Outfitters just now and there is a very short area that is down to road because it had been plowed this winter, but yesterday Monday April 1st riders came from and rode back to Elliot Lake and said the trail was good except that short section of plowed road near Black Creek. The Elliot Lake Club is done grooming and turned all the trails RED. They said that by Saturday there will be a big problem since it is going up to 60°F. They need to ride back down ASAP to get back to Elliot Lake. The ice bridge 50 kilometers south of Halfway could also become a problem. I had planned to cut trees and fill the drop if it gave before my return 7 days ago, but it seems it has held through a couple days as someone posted on facebook with pictures. Some people came from Searchmont to Black Creek on Sunday and said that the D201F was still good too. After all it is April and the farther south, the faster it will go.
  2. AC+YA

    elliot lk to halfway

    Take 108 north past Dunlop Lake Lodge like you are driving there and keep going until it turns into 639. Continue north on 639 until it hits 546. Turn right on 546 until it runs into the F Trail. The parking area is at the intersection of the F trail and runs west there and you will turn left off 546 at the T shaped intersection onto a bit of plowed road which is the F trail and the parking area. You have ridden past it on the trail and probably noticed all the vehicles. The problem is that the F Trail and all Elliot Lake Trails have gone RED today. Sorry to see that as you were hoping to start there. Perhaps a road has been plowed? If not, you will be able to ride to Black Creek because it is all fast open road. You need to call Black Creek and ask what's up at their end. (705) 841-2555 Jean or Don. Good luck Glenn.
  3. scott,how things,had great time in Quebec & put 2000 kms on..

    do think trails will last till next wk thurs..thinking of last ride to halfway & duberville

    and where is that staging area when u come up from Elliot lk ?

    1. AC+YA


      Hard to predict because any warm and rain will kill the water crossings fast.


      Look at yellow on the D trail before the Chapleau split by Halfway.  That is from a water crossing which is about to give and they may close the trail when it goes.  It is in a bad spot and the only way around would be to jump on the pond which is melting down.  The other way would be to bring a saw and cut lots of small trees to fill the gaps after they drop and leave 4 foot drops between logs they put in at the beginning of the season and covered.


      I will send a picture by text message.  The rest will just keep getting dirtier and more road rash, but might be there?



    2. Nunz


      Saw this online in that area.

      Image may contain: snow, outdoor and nature

    3. white dragon

      white dragon

      that looks ok,but about freezing temps...thx for info nunz

  4. AC+YA


    Did the same trip from Searchmont to Dub on Friday. All around the area on Saturday. Back to Halfway for the night on Sunday and back to Searchmont and drive home Monday. (see snowgirl's pics above) Fantastic trails if you had ice scratchers early and late in the days with the few bad spots which come along with the blue sky and warmer temps we call spring riding. Just as 1049 says, we took Trail 5 and avoided as much pavement and dirt/mud as is possible by going straight to Dub on the Magpie. All the Wawa trails were well kept, but we avoided going into town. Had a couple meals at the Big Bear in Hawk Junction too. Might want to avid the yellow area on the D Trail between Wawa and Hawk where the work crews have plowed because it was getting close to melting off. All trails were hard and very smooth with the occasional frozen ruts on the River which could be avoided completely. All lakes were frozen hard and smooth except in areas beat up during the rain and warm, but usually could be totally avoided. This was my best spring trip ever and the road all the way into the closed trading post had been re-worked by the groomer so that snow was cut from the bank and spread to create a sled path on actual thick snow. Wow what a nice surprise to get back to the Driftwood. No road rash or bad stuff thanks to the Trailblazers working the banks with the groomer. That is rare! Great last ride for the season.
  5. AC+YA

    Polaris don,t float

    Ox, I never said I didn't screw up! Just following my track back the other way when the ski hooked a land mine and the sled was re-directed. I was just commenting on why it is a great idea to carry a saw. Live and learn, right? Never dreamed my sled would ever be locked into the ground.
  6. AC+YA

    Polaris don,t float

    You are so right! I learned my lesson years ago. I have cut open many tight trails with blow downs and cut routes to jump around washouts via ponds and lakes. This season for the first time I found my ski trapped below frozen earth/sod and no possible way out because my ski slid forward and dropped into a crack in the ground. The ski could not backup or go forward while also being below the frozen root reinforced dirt. It was wedged solid in 3 directions and falling deeper into the open crack was not a way out. This was a 5 foot deep crack cased by water erosion prior to the winter. My 14" folding saw was just long enough to cut the ground away so that the sled could be lifted to free the ski. Perhaps an axe, but one way or another the frozen ground had to be cut. I have never been so locked down and even a tow truck could not have removed my sled without destroying it. I carry a saw and it has saved me many times.
  7. AC+YA

    TOP A Hearst to Greenstone

    Last season on my 2nd run the trails were hard. I made it from Hornepayne to Longlac without using any extra gas in my Cat with the new 800cc motor. Paige had the old Suzuki 800cc and it needed an extra couple gallons of gas put in. We were with two BRP 850's which both got within 20 miles of Longlac before one stopped and they split a spare can of fuel. To be fare my tank is a big one at 12 gallons. The 4-strokes I rode with on our 1st run to Longlac last season all needed extra fuel on the way back to Hornepayne, but we had topped off in Calstock on the way there so the ZR-7000 (a 10 gallon tank) did make it from Calstock to Longlac without extra fuel added, but was on fumes. I would not make that trip without a couple extra gallons on board with any sled out there for safety sake. Easy to get playing and use up too much. The Ace 600 4-stroke, I am sure can do it, but take a little extra anyway. It is about 270 kilometers from Longlac to Hornepayne. Pushing 6" of snow, I would have to add a couple gallons to my XF-8000.
  8. AC+YA

    St.Raymond Quebec - March 8 - 12

    Bought a few of those sweat shirts last year. We wanted to be owls too. My wife wears hers all the time.
  9. AC+YA

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    I understand because both of my new Cat’s have factory LED Lighting and you don’t need anything more.
  10. AC+YA

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    They offer plenty of add-on LED lighting for a small fortune.
  11. AC+YA

    After the snow n wind storm in Gaspe

    We were in New Brunswick when it hit. The winds lasted almost 3 days but we traveled the 2nd day. We went west along the ocean from Caraquet back west into mountains by that afternoon to find the trails in open areas gone! Our last 8 miles to Campbellton were done on the roads because following the trails had become too painful since they were unused local connectors. What a day followed by reaching the ice crossing back to Quebec only to find a 30 foot drift blocking access to the ice. The grated bridge was not passable and we were promised that our sleds would be fined and possibly taken if caught. The tow company would add 3 or 4 hours plus $360 to our trip and it was already 7:30pm and dark and less than 5 miles from our motel. Patrick called all the guys to get together and climb and kick the tops off all the drifts blocking our route. We worked together and rode the sleds up and over the tough but much easier drift and found access to the ice crossing. The tree line had been covered or blown away, but the guy in the last gas station told us to look for the big lights of a parking area at a store on the other side of the river and then drive back along the edge to find somewhere we could climb off the ice to a road. It was scary but he said the ice was 6 feet thick and safe. We made it and took the main road north to the Motel. What a long day. It took 1 full hour to go the first 5.3 miles. We lost a sled at that point and he was able to nurse his old clutch back to the BRP dealership and get it rebuilt AND find a ride to meet us that night at the motel. He won and beat us to the motel. Too bad but most will not load? Just like most of the time. 4C6F3963-A1DA-4CC7-8532-EAAC2D21FA45.MOV
  12. AC+YA

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    Lac-Alfredla Mitis south west of Amqui.
  13. AC+YA

    Zrtkat is in Quebec

    No! This was Patrick Bouchard. He runs the RMR in Dub and is Pat Dubreuil's brother in law. Great guy who set the pace while Paige followed and stopped when he made a wrong turn. Never thought 12 sleds could move so well as a group, but we did.
  14. AC+YA

    Newbie looking for riding buddies!

    I don't make most of the races and those weekends try to remember to avoid anything East of I-69 on Route 12. I have done them years ago and my son loves the races and the "Faster Horses" long weekend concerts in the summer. I think the concert is getting bigger every year.
  15. AC+YA

    Newbie looking for riding buddies!

    PM me as we live on Coldwater lake (next to I-69) and go often. Many times I have room in the trailer or in the back of my truck. I would also be able to meet you and show you many great riding areas.