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  1. AC+YA

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    Can't wait to hear what you find. Have fun Dan.
  2. I am not sure that I would venture south off the pipeline to ride to Caramat unless there is something there. A restaurant or some reason to make that trip. I have ridden through there years back on the way to Longlac from the Hillsport Hilton and would love to see it reconnect to something which then DEFINETLY would bring me through there. Those loops are still remembered and as loops would get my attention. I took two trips to Longlac last season and plan on it again this coming season for sure. Longlac has additional riding to the west and lakes connecting many local trails and small towns. There are good places to spend a night and good eats to have. A long challenging trip direct from Hornepayne and back after starting from Dub makes a two day adventure. Along with nights in Dub or if you come from the Hearst it is a great long weekend with some new stuff to explore. I guess if you wanted to add Caramat to the list of places you have been this extra 90 miles round trip would do that.
  3. AC+YA

    Novi 2018

    I am planning to be there Friday evening. Lots of booths selling stuff at good prices.
  4. AC+YA

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I would not do that after the bad experience I had a few years back. Bought a new sled after selling the one I had purchased a permit for and paid the transfer fee and waited, and waited, and waited and...…. Finally stuck the tag on my new sled and at the very end of the entire season got notice that the switch had been made. Luck was with me and never got stopped with the wrong paperwork and the copies of my emails to change it.
  5. AC+YA

    trail Milage

    The changes you are speaking of removed the connection from Missanabie (Dog Lake) to Chapleau and the connection from Chapleau south past Flame Lake to Aubrey Falls. Chapleau is still part of the trail system, but connects to Halfway Haven going west and east to Foleyet and beyond from both. Dub to Wawa to Halfway to Aubrey Falls or Searchmont is the north to south now. Note that gas has not been available in Searchmont for years so you may want to carry a few gallons of gas if heading that way to connect to the Soo or Echo Bay or Bruce Mines. Some of the new sleds can make it without, but that is what you need to know. The map will come back online before the season opens and that can give you the exact numbers. From Halfway Haven, I am able to make it to Aubrey Falls or to Goulais River for fuel without extra gas. When conditions are good, these are all great trails. Halfway to Searchmont is about 90 miles or less and maybe about 110 miles to Aubrey Falls. I often take short cuts and don't remember the official trail miles to Aubrey Falls. I also get gas at Blackcreek Outfitters about 3 miles past Aubrey Falls Trading Post on the way to Elliot lake. They are always there unlike the trading post which is usually open only on weekends when many riders are out. Wait for the map to show the trails are open and have a great trip.
  6. AC+YA

    Trailer flooring ideas

    I have always put mine down in warmer times, but not when it was "HOT". Much like vinyl with lots of expansion and contraction. I had one trailer which did that expansion in the heat. I cut through it and fastened both sides of the cut. Took the extra out I guess. If you put more fasteners it can't do to much of that. I have only added fasteners where needed and it has been a great system.
  7. AC+YA

    Big Bear Restaurant Hawk Junction

    Service may be faster now? Think there was a party with like 30 people out of Wawa the night we stopped. That was a warm weekend and not the best conditions, but still not too bad a trip down to Halfway that day. Good chance we will see you guys sometime this season. The trail finally opened up to Longlac, so maybe a ride out of Dub or Hearst would be nice. It was a nice ride both times I went over there last season. If you have a couple extra gallons of gas you can even play a little along the way. Say hi to your wife.
  8. AC+YA

    Big Bear Restaurant Hawk Junction

    Great to hear. Definitely missed it last season. Thanks Nunz.
  9. AC+YA

    Trailer decision

    Put down plastic lattice on floors, wall where you bank off when driving in, and ramp doors. I would paint white first, but the wood will never be touched by picks or carbides. Cheap, light, quick, and easy. Have put it in 4 trailers. Have never seen a lighter, cheaper, or better system.
  10. AC+YA

    Trailer flooring ideas

    You can sweep and shovel snow that might get in the trailer. When it comes to dust and dirt, I just use a leaf blower to really clean the floor from one end to the other. The lattice may get scared up a bit, but never has been cut in half after many years of tractors, 4 wheelers, and sleds. I have put some old hyfax down as guides and some horizontal strips up the center on the doors so you can walk up the inclines when they get full of ice. Putting the lattice on the fold down doors is great compared to hitting plywood and digging in. That is why I line all my ramps with the same. The lattice even wet is not real bad walk on because of the texture and wet tires always seem to grab well. Tractor tires with dog crap lubrication seems to be the one exception I have found. Still my choice for cost, weight, and function.
  11. Planning at least one overnight to Marathon from Dub this season and another day trip from White River to Marathon and back to Dub. Have not been to Dunc Lake so will try to get there. Thanks for passing this on.
  12. AC+YA

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    Totally agree with this. Get the app on your phone and pickup some published maps of the areas you want to visit and you will have all the info needed. No additional GPS needed once you get the app on your phone. It is on my Iphone and works so well it makes the Ontario map look pretty bad.
  13. AC+YA

    all in...all done

    "Cat Cleaner" I buy at the dealer is really good at taking the exhaust stains off even the whites and light colors. If the starter messes up there is at least the pull starter. Haven't had any issues with my starters, but one aluminum screw holding the starter gear to the clutch on an older Suzuki 800 lost the head of the screw last year. Accidentally found the screw head and started looking around. Still worked fine with only one gone. They can only be torqued so tight and use the Loctite to keep them in place. Guess there is a reason to use aluminum, but easy to over tighten. My parts guy knew all about it, so may want to feel around the back side of the clutch to be sure? The "exhaust insert" they gave me does extend the muffler tube just a bit which may be a good thing? Even if I take the mesh out, I will keep the extension to route the gases down away just a bit farther. Think it adds about a half inch or just a bit more? No issues with the skid plate on mine, but the flames were pretty impressive in the dark! Did you ever see the flames when idling after a hard long run? If not for my Daughter, I would never had known.
  14. AC+YA

    all in...all done

    Not sure how rws does it, but I have gone up to two seasons when I didn't have time to even grease bearings let alone "rebuild". The 4 year warranty has never been used for any driveline related stuff since my 2012 Turbo MISTAKE and NIGHTMARE! (9 drive line rebuilds in two seasons all under warranty.) Over the off season I try to just grease all the bearings except those with oil against one of the seals like chain case bearings. I drop the undercarriage out to do it right and also put new sliders each season even if not really needed. I do change the oil in the chain case and after two seasons open it up and look it over. Pull the exhaust valves out also and clean them since it can cause big limp mode issues when they finally stop moving. I have been selling sleds after 3 or 4 seasons lately so no real issues with the Cat's. When the kids were young I ran sleds forever and we rode much more since our lake was frozen and we ran around every day of the week. Used to leave the sleds parked on the ice in front of the house. Rode sleds to dinner every night of the week. Southern Michigan and Northern Indiana had un-groomed trails everywhere. We used all the frozen lakes in our area to connect. I trailered much less and piled on miles much faster than now since lake running was fast and the kids rode everywhere too. The avatar I use is my boy running down the lake along shore where the river current kept it from freezing. I was surprised when I came across the video he and his friends had made. Since 2010 I have been leaving my sleds in my 4 place trailer and just commuting back and forth without the hassle of pulling a trailer. Because the sleds are in Canada there is no working on them between trips. That was a problem with the 4 strokes. They have oil and filter change schedules which can't always be followed. If we ride 1,500 miles over Christmas - New Years Holiday, how do you change the oil and filter at 500 miles which is usually the 2nd or 3rd day of a 10 day trip??? Once the filter is changed, I just started doing oil changes in my trailer rather then load it in the back of my truck and take it home. 4 strokes are lots more hassle when you crank lots of miles and don't bring them home. Next season we will be back to all 2 strokes.
  15. AC+YA

    all in...all done

    Hi rws, I didn't get as many miles as you, but got about 5,000 miles without a single issue on the new 800cc Cat Motor except for the "fire breathing dragon" thing. It never caused any real issues, but after running hard for a long time, idling was accompanied by flames puffing out the muffler. When you hit the throttle it was instantly gone with no other issues, or I could just make the machine off with no other issues. I never realized it was even happening until my daughter told me about it. Didn't want to pull up to a gas pump idling after a long hard run! I talked to my service guy about it and he had not heard of it, but Cat knew all about it and sent an insert extension/flame arrestor and asked me to try it. It stopped the issue completely, but may have stolen a bit of power. I could not be sure as conditions are not always equal. It seemed top end may have suffered just a bit. Good on oil and I could make distances even the Doo 850's had to use the spare tank to make. Not better mileage, just more fuel in the bigger tank. Any issues at all on your new 800cc Cat ?