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  1. Weather/ trail conditions makes all the difference. When it is cold, hard trail can get cut up more from studs than lugs and powder suffers most from the throttle jockeys with any size lugs. We followed a group with no respect for others last season. They had met the groomer running back to Wawa from Halfway in the daytime and the throttle jockeys had no mercy on that trail! Six sleds on a day-race-ride out to Halfway and back to Wawa destroyed the grooming for all. It does matter how you treat the trail with your throttle! When the weather is on the warm side, the bigger lugs throw large chunks especially as the trail starts to freeze back up. Nobody can help this, but scratchers are needed as the trail turns to ice. Scratchers also tear deep grooves in the trails. Warm temps make the trail vulnerable. In fact, I have seen the most severe damage to soft trails come from heavy 4-stroke machines pushing in corners and sinking deep ruts in straight portions of trails. This is fact and caused by nothing more than the physics involved. I have a 4-stroke and hate riding it in warm weather. In cold hard conditions it is great! In loose conditions like snow packed but not hard or unpacked, deep lugs will start and stop better. On anything hard like plowed road or icy trail, studs will far better start and stop. When the trail jumps onto a plowed road or you hit an icy patch, the safety of studs is unsurpassed and sooner or later you will get a surprise if you don't have studs. I don't run studs and have had many surprises, but tempered with many track and heat exchanger failures due to studs, I just run slower on hard conditions. I plan to try screw-in studs to see what happens. I may add some regular studs to another sled also for safety.
  2. The D201F was a great loop trail for the Soo Club when Halfway Haven closed and the D Trail north was then closed. Without it, there was only the D Trail east which then split at the D106 to head out of the Soo and join the trail system. The F trail north to Chapleau from Aubrey Falls has since closed so the D201F is a vital link to connect and be able to link north to south and east. The connection east can still be done without the D201F by using the D trail, but at the cost of lots of extra distance and fear of running out of fuel because Searchmont has since lost its fueling station. If fuel was available in Searchmont it would only be a 3 to 4 hour addition from Halfway to Elliot Lake vs. the D201F connection. The choices after Searchmont include D trail, D100, and D106 all going to the east, but fuel, time, and trail conditions may likely force overnighting somewhere and ending most touring from the east to the north. NOT fixing the D201F KILLS lots of touring for people trying to start from Elliot Lake and makes a 3 -5 day trip north unlikely. Does the OFSC promote continuity and keeping the trail open or is this D201F going to be lost due to letting nature take it away? The D201F gets used like crazy when it is in good shape, but washouts can scare people away and who really is trying to keep it open? Not fixing or re-routing to keep the system whole will surly hurt Halfway Haven and without them, the system is really broken and the D Trail dies AGAIN. I hope it all gets worked out because I love all the Soo trails as those of Elliot Lake. The D201F was the reason the F trail could be retired without loss of traffic to Chapleau and Wawa from Elliot.
  3. We have gone to ski mounted on our newer sleds, but the harder it gets, the old single springs seem to dig more. Some sleds need them more. Seems the lube for the Hy-fax slides is less of an issue then engine cooling on sleds with short lug tracks. Bigger displacement engines in the same sled models (800cc vs. 600cc) seem to have more issues. I would guess the cooling system is almost the same and needs to dump more heat. Fan cooled direct and radiator equipped sleds like my 4-stroke only need scratchers in extreme ice conditions. Studded tracks also go a long way in hard conditions. We stopped running studs due to all the reliability issues they caused. I am thinking about trying a pre-studded less aggressive type of studding which may help to throw more lube and cooling as well as be safer on icy conditions. We used scratchers more last season than ever before. Temp swings from warm to cold cause the issue. I expect it late season, but it seemed to happen and then there were some long periods without snow. Big lakes and packed roads can lock up and be a real issue.
  4. We never did it last season, but the year prior my daughter and I left Dub at 2:oo pm and ate a late dinner and stayed at Aubrey Falls Trading Post which is only a couple hours from Elliot Lake. Dunlop Lake Lodge is a half hour closer than the city of Elliot Lake and many start from there. If the trail is good it would be a good trip, but some don't like to go that far in a day. Black Creek/Aubrey Falls (gas) to Halfway Haven (gas) is the longest stretch.
  5. They close for 3 weeks in July for staff to take holiday. Been doing it for the last 5 years. The bar still serves food during this period, but only easy to fix meals like burgers and deep fried.
  6. Because the 1st oil & filter change comes so quick when you ride in the north, it is hard to honor the 500 mile recommendation. I found that it was the biggest hassle of riding a "new" 4-stroke. Most of our rides are over the 500 miles and then you must plan to take the machine home rather than park it and just drive without a trailer. I know most are trailering anyway, but it did make for another issue for me. Now that break-in is finished, I just change oil in my trailer in the middle of the season since the filter is changed already over the summer. The past 2 seasons I have not had to do anything to the sleds except change the oil on the 4-stroke. It seems that the 4-stroke is more maintenance than my 2-strokes. It is nice not filling the oil reservoir and not having to carry quarts of oil. Also, when in the lead on a 4-stroke, I can usually smell the sleds we are catching up to before I see them.
  7. Congratulations Glenn. Post a picture when you get it.
  8. Thanks everyone on the congrats. Not a 850cc motor, but Cat's new 800cc 2-stroke. Seems the 600cc they build has had good reviews so I am going to try it. This sled has some features other brand sleds have had for a few years already. Like LED lighting found on the Cat 9000 series last year, but not yet found on many 2018 Cat models. The new clutch and top end shocks were also part of the choice. The newer body panels may also be nicer? Sold off a few sleds last season so I will be keeping the ZR-7000, ZR-8000, and the Crossfire 1000. Always good to have backup for various snow conditions in the trailer. The new sled would not be good for the hard icy trails we rode so much on this past March, even with scratchers. It will get some good miles on it next year with Paige and I'll have my son Graham ride it to make sure it gets pushed on and off trail. He can always use 20% more fuel than I when we travel together, but he always stops to let me catch up along the way. Hope I get to see you all next season. (I was only in Dub once when you might have been home ski. That was on the sausage-fest weekend in March, but I never got to see you. My boy and I were moving around pretty fast that weekend) Everyone have a great summer! Scott
  9. Going to try the new motor.
  10. Hi Mark, As sledjunk said, it is the cedar swamp which often is closed due to water issues. It is often the last to freeze well enough to risk running a groomer through and this is no doubt full of washouts and the remains of downed trees ect. which are now coming through due to the lack of snowpack. I am going up this weekend, but know from the past that starting as close to the unplowed southern-most end of Whitman Dam Road is best. The warm has taken its toll. Looks like you could still run around the southern loop to Searchmont, but Searchmont and the road section prior will not be nice to scrape through and the gas issue means you will have to carry gas or arrange to have gas waiting for you somewhere to make it to Halfway. It is spring riding now. The trail is still good most of the way up to Dub from Searchmont. Only a couple small washouts and a couple dry spots. A gas station in Searchmont would fix lots of things all season long. Save yourself and just trailer to Searchmont with full tanks in the sleds.
  11. It was great riding with you also and nice to meet you at the 1st annual Sausage Fest on Dog Lake (DUB). See you next year! Trails were great all the way back to Searchmont. Heading back up this weekend for the last ride of this season and taking the wife. She hasn't been to Halfway since Steve and Gail.
  12. Good point. I would recommend scratchers of some type because it looks like warm during days and cold again at night. Or may have to wait till late in the morning to ride and be done by just after dark. All is pretty hard out there. Can go anywhere with a short track. Normally not possible.
  13. Fill up before you trailer to Searchmont. Road rash if you try to run from Goulais River as the trail has been changed to eliminate part of the trail and replaced with road running Robertson Lake Road from McGaughan Rose Road to the parking area about 2 kilometers long. Also, the last I rode that trail they were plowing all the way up past the start of Roberson Lake. The road through Searchmont has been getting scrapped down and sanded all year. It was OK last weekend, but was melting down last Monday and a guy moved out to a place a couple kilometers farther than the end of the paved road/bus turn around and is plowing it down, so it is going to get muddy in that section. After that the trail is good. Yes, the trail is still green for spring time riding conditions........If a little road rash and dirt doesn't bother you and you have enough fuel start from Goulais River at the Zone on Hwy 17. Your last gas because the TSSA got rid of the other gas/store on the river. My 2 cents worth ................ start from Searchmont at the Driftwood and have your sled full.
  14. Happy Birthday Glenn! Paige, Graham, and Scott
  15. Great condensed post! We all had late lunch at Big bear in Hawk Junction which was in the middle of the fishing derby. very busy but still much faster service that the night we were there with Nunz and group. Guy in accident 22 miles south of Halfway that evening was saved by US Coast Guard helicopter out of Traverse City, Michigan since Canadian copters won't take flight after 3:00 pm. If still alive in the morning they will come. We stayed at the Moose Horn Lodge just south of Chapleau. Best food in Ontario - Halfway Haven with chef Sean. Paige and I went on to Horwood Lake Lodge. We turned off the trail 55 Km. past Foleyet toward Timmins and ran about 60 Km south to the lodge. Nice place off the grid. Have to stay there next season for sure. Scott