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  1. zoso

    Heavy Boots?

  2. zoso


  3. ...but not cold at all
  4. zoso

    New Jacket.

    Both. It is a technical shell. Simply put, it is virtually watertight and breathable with zero insulation. You choose base and mid layers to obtain the right amount of warmth for the day. I have been using the valzez for 7 years. It is just a shell as well so I have a multitude of base and mid layers I have collected over the years and do not need to shop for any at this time. I will still be in my Klim free ride pant, that is also just a shell.
  5. zoso

    New Jacket.

    My Klim Valdez had run its course. So, I was thinking of a new Klim with insulation. After much deliberation, I decided to go back to the shell. Was intending to buy another valdez. However I came upon a discount site selling last seasons ski gear. Klim rarely discounts much so I had a look. Came upon this spyder gore tex pro shell, which is what the valdez is. I know it works it is gores top of the line technical shell material. Price was great, paid 439 including taxes and shipping. Klim was 800. If looking for new gear, ski apparrel is a great option because the selections of high end stuff is endless and ski people are fasion freaks so many would not be caught dead in last years gear so left overs get deep discounts. Last hunt is the site. Canadian company.
  6. zoso

    New Jacket.

    It came time to replace my klim valdez pro shell. Considered insulated but none have the gore tex pro shell and insulation. I already have a wide varietu of base and mid layers, so decided to get anotjer valdez. Until i found this for 200 less. https://youtu.be/rQYes_oi5oM
  7. zoso


    Season is 3 months away yet because i ordered today I am now getting excited to ride.
  8. zoso

    Get ready to blow.

    Push back is coming and this law will be repealed once the SOC gets to her a case. https://globalnews.ca/news/5326941/nanaimo-woman-wins-court-challenge-breathalyzer/?utm_source=GlobalBC&utm_medium=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0GO21SIoqsCWzkbLR_VUCS1wJcoiaiMP1YW6LilDdmpATBH9USscyS_XQ
  9. zoso

    Beer cans on trails

    flask is better way
  10. zoso

    Beer cans on trails

    I know people that i would not get in a car with unless they smoked pot.
  11. zoso

    Beer cans on trails

    I live on a dirt road in a rural area. One of my neighbors must be an alcoholic. Near the highway there are beer cans tossed out onto the side of the road every day. Pretty sure I know which guy does it. While sitting on my next door neighbor.s porch another guy pulled in to say high, my neighbor offered him a beer and he said no as he raised the one he was drinking. Same brand and a guy that drives with open beers pretty much tells the tale. I just hope he does not kill anyone before he is caught.
  12. zoso

    OFSC survey

    Weekday riding in suds you never see them, weekends much more but still scarce. I have been stopped more in the three winters living in the south than i was the entire time I lived up there. I really do miss those awesome remote trails, the south pretty much sucks for riding but it is better than nothing. Already lobbying to move to the north again.
  13. zoso

    OFSC survey

    Simple, arm band with picture on it, just like a ski pass. Trail pass is not a plate or registration, your comparison is invalid.
  14. zoso

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    Truth. There is no place I would rather be than in this great country of ours.
  15. zoso

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    glad to hear the care is top notch. I have always been satisfied with the care I have received, sans one time at the hospital by an ER doc that must have been last in his class.