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  1. How many permits were sold last season?
  2. True as it stands now they do. The real focus on advertising needs to be a push to have the manufacturers advertise the trail system. They are the only real financial beneficiaries of our trail system. Volunteers pay with their time and money, the permit buyer pays for his pass, and the employees that get a cheque from the OFSC or clubs to groom do not make much. What we see is multi billion dollar multinational companies riding on the backs of the Ontario sledder and the OFSC to help sell their products. Every sled ad shows a goon jumping one over a hill on a trail, something we all know is dangerous and stupid. they should be marketing our trail system as a safe and fun place for families and touring sledders. If the trail system in Ontario were to fold, 85% of Ontario new sled sales would simply be gone. They are totally dependent upon the trail system to sell their product and it is high time this was pointed out to them.
  3. I cannot blame him for grinding out a living doing basically nothing. He found a platform and wormed his way deep inside it. Any volunteer would be happy to write about their area for free. No need to pay a guy to ride with permit money. But whom among us would pass on that deal?
  4. Ned Nickerson.
  5. Ryan Eickmeier Ryan is the Vice President, Government Relations & Public Policy with the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), the recognized authority on franchising in Canada with over 600 corporate members nation-wide representing many of Canada’s best-known brands. Ryan is responsible for increasing the influence of the CFA and advocating for favourable public policy to support franchising in the marketplace through government relations, strategic public policy partnerships and advocacy at the federal and provincial levels. Before CFA, Ryan was the Senior Director, Public Affairs at GS1 Canada, the world’s leading supply chain standards organization. Prior to joining GS1 Canada, Ryan was the Director, Government Relations & Policy at the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac), where he helped lead the commercial real estate sector through proactive and reactive advocacy campaigns. Ryan was also an Associate at the political consulting firm Greener and Hook, LLC where he worked on both the political and corporate side of the company. Ryan worked extensively with political candidates and corporations at all levels on messaging, strategy, research, and social media communications. Before Greener and Hook, Ryan was a research assistant at The Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS) where his deliverables helped formulate the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), now the largest open source intelligence database in the world. Ryan also worked as a policy analyst at the grassroots advocacy firm The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition where he produced advocacy literature and political mailers. In the fall of 2007, Ryan accepted a key staff position within United States Senator Fred Thompson’s Presidential Campaign. As an advance and field representative for the State of New Hampshire, Ryan was responsible for the planning and execution of campaign events, grassroots advocacy efforts, and ensuring maximum visibility for the candidate at all times.
  6. Good background for the position. I wish him well.
  7. Rode the bike today, winter is over.
  8. zoso

    High speed train tracks.

    Fact clearly offend you.
  9. zoso

    High speed train tracks.

    If that is the case it would be max 25km to a crossing, not 50.
  10. zoso

    Encore to last ride of the season.

    Being I am now living down south my expectations have been adjusted. I would like to see winter come and stay for 6 weeks, that would be nice.
  11. zoso

    Encore to last ride of the season.

    Really, we had a ton of snow that year in sudbury..
  12. Yamaha builds this, they can leave the sleds to cat and focus on what they are great at.
  13. zoso

    Show your 2018 pics.

  14. You are like 99.9999% of us, no matter what you do, if the MTO wants to nail you, they will, so just make sure your rig is safe and drive on.
  15. zoso

    Show your 2018 pics.

    There are only two species of wolf in Ontario, the Grey, which is what you call the timber wolf(Canis Lupas), and the eastern which is much smaller(Canis Lycaon). they both live in packs with a male alpha that has a manogamous mate being the leader, these packs can be as large as forty and as small as five. You will see the 2 adults and also juvaniles as well as yearlings all travelling together.