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  1. Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    225 kms when ridden hard on groomed trails is more than enough range to tour this entire trail system. 4 liters of oil in a sled that burns at 50 one with even a high 18l/100km has a range of 1100 km on a four liter reservoir. If you cannot find oil for your sled in that distance you are not looking.
  2. Wawa best hwy directions from orillia ont

    I would take the money saved on fuel and use it to buy a qc pass and drive half the distance.
  3. Helmet Suggestions

    Guys that ride vintage often like to wear the vintage clothing and helmets. i love seeing a guy on a 50 year old sled wearing the gear from back then that matches the sled.
  4. Stonecliff to Deux Riviere?

    More snow coming for the area, should last well into late march.
  5. Helmet Suggestions

    ...if they are willing to buy it, I will sell it.
  6. Helmet Suggestions

    I just sold this one on ebay.
  7. Sudbury tips

    Yes rocky's. You can cut a few km off by running the north river.
  8. 600 ace true mileage

    next week?
  9. Helmet Suggestions

    I find it odd that anyone would not sell a helmet they themselves would wear.
  10. Helmet Suggestions

    So, would i not know if any of that had happened being I am the seller? So again, I ask, why would you not sell a helmet you would wear yourself?
  11. Sudbury tips

    Shining tree to the gas is as you say around 150kms, it is not a very long day as much of it can be run at speed, we used to ride for hours around sudbury, then head there for lunch. You can get there in under two hours of ride time not counting whiskey breaks.
  12. Helmet Suggestions

    I would sell one, why not.
  13. Why Is the lake trail closed in Sudbury?

    it is like that every year. There is no water under where the drop is, it is a sand beach;
  14. 600 ace true mileage

    Title says 600 not 900.
  15. New Diesel Turbo sled

    look for them in two years on Crown asset distribution auctions.