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  1. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    DIVISION IVFIRST AID KIT33. Every snowmobile used in Qu├ębec shall, inasmuch as possible, be equipped with a first aid kit which shall at all times contain basic first aid items.
  2. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    Good Point. I have to wonder though, if I had never ridden in QC., if I were relatively new to the sport, would I know about mirrors. There is no doubt I would be pretty sure about a helmet, as that is the law everywhere. I will still reattach my mirrors for my rides there. Why have a hassle or worse a fine.
  3. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Right now a 2017 crosstour 7000 can be had for 10500, or a 2017 zr 7000 for 9999 brand new leftovers. These sleds have an msrp of 14800 and 15500, substantial discounts.plus 0% finance for 60 months so your cash can earn money for five years.
  4. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    When you register for your free pass, which I just did, you click a box saying you read and understand the safety guidelines. This is what they are, no mention of mirrors. To safely ride our trails, please remember: Have your free temporary trail permit on hand at all times (printed or accessible in your smart phone); The owner of the snowmobile must hold a public liability insurance policy with a minimum coverage of $500,000 and have proof of said insurance in his possession; All snowmobiles must be registered and licensed; The minimum age to operate a snowmobile is 16. In addition, 16 and 17 year-olds must have a valid snowmobile operator's permit; It is forbidden to have more passengers on the snowmobile than the capacity listed by the manufacturer; Always keep right and stay on the trails.
  5. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Just buy a 5000$ sled. You do not have to ride a new 15k sled to have fun.
  6. sled at the dealer.

    non idiot is five hours away.
  7. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    really. So the truth about grooming in sudbury offends you. For frig sake, you have said the same things to me.
  8. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    Ya and the stp has never done the same.....oh wait, average of about ten times a year.
  9. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    I know you must have mirrors on the sled, however is that for qc sleds only, just like the qc snow tire law or does it transcend to out of province plated sleds as well.
  10. sled at the dealer.

    S;ed has been sitting there for one week. Called today. Waiting for tank to come in. It takes five minutes to lift the pod and look at the tank to see it is cracked. Obviously they let it sit then just this week looked at it.perhaps only today and determined it needs the tank, then ordered it. So I asked, do you have it apart, nope, have not done a god damn thing to it. Is service something sled dealers know nothing about.Every single dealer I have ever dealt with are idiots except one. Bet I do not see it for another week.
  11. Parry Sound ride

    15 bucks to park. I would never park there nor go in there in my lifetime.
  12. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    The STP has for many years ignored the coniston trail out of town. The club has no control and the excuses are never ending. They have a bridge out so they will use that excuse all season even though the groomer could run as far as town from the east. When those controlling the groomers never ride an area it tends to get neglected and placed on the back burner. This is the biggest issue when you let a couple of people control all the groomers in an entire district. Much like the the club out espanola way wanting to run the groomers and being told no from sudbury earlier this season.Who knows the trails better, the club or the guy in sudbury 70km away? Money was the reason.
  13. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    That trail never sees much grooming and has always been neglected. They used to groom it coming from the garson connection which is now a dead. the groomer is turning off of C at the D trail, if it went to Coniston the furthest it could get is into town at the rail tracks crossing government road as the bridge on government road(not the single lane snowmobile bridge) is out and the groomer can not pass. So even if they decide to groom further along C, there will be no grooming from moonlight to Coniston. I doubt they will do any of it. It will be rideable is currently being ridden every day. Soup could offer better details as I am no longer living on that trail and my info is a week old from the coniston club.
  14. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    No snow here yet, calling for 4cm. Have over one foot on the ground. As long as it does not rain, a couple of +3-4 days will not hurt anything but the roads. will need a 15 cm dump after the next warm up to see things opening up again in my area. I have no desire to ride right now, from what I have seen there are some nice traps out there. 2 feet of water under what appears to be all snow but is just a skim of ice being insulated by the snow.
  15. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    So has that VK chassis. Makes you wonder who is paying 11500 msrp for those old tech sleds. Find a used one for 2k and get the exact same machine. i guess they will not sell too many, I mean how many 80 year old trappers are still working the line.