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  1. Being no prescribed trails can be on a logging road it makes sense you just groom and go, same as a guy with a camp on that road can plow right behind the groomer, or a side by side with tracks can run it.
  2. After 50 years on the water I am just relaying my observations over the years on lakes all over the province. That being said, this is off topic.
  3. Of course they were, but they were not boarding vessels for no reason at all or just to"check". Now they are, all the time. Boating has become much like sledding, every time a cops sees a boat they stop it.
  4. No they have not, perhaps you are new to boating.
  5. zoso

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    I use a KLIM Valdez jacket and free ride pant. It is a shell only. Has been used in +10 C down to -42C at the start of the day with a high of -32 riding 300kms. Never was I cold. You will never be warmer or dryer than with a high performance gortex shell and the proper layering. I have ridden out in the morning in rain and by noon been in a driving snow storm and sudden temp drop to -20, never wet or cold. My jacket is now 8 seasons old and has some wear but still functioning as designed. it is expensive, but well worth it and I will replace it with the same.
  6. The boaters exam is not designed to increase on water safety. It was designed to give police an excuse to stop and board vessels when no other reason is evident.
  7. Ya, right after they returned from the dealer with a 500 jacket an 800 helmet and a 189 new belt.
  8. zoso

    Helmet of choice

    I am very interested in the new BRP helmet.
  9. It can be behind as much as a week if the volunteer that updates does not do so right away when the status changes. there is no way I am not riding local groomed trails that were just groomed and still listed as closed. There is also no way anyone cares that you do so in february when the trails have already been open and closed three times. Some people see things as black and white, if I had to fear a fine because of one person not updating an online ap, then I would not even buy a pass and give it up. not to mention, not everyone even has internet.
  10. ITG is not definitive and it is clearly stated as such.
  11. Beating a dead horse.
  12. zoso

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    It involves going to Toronto which I will avoid at all cost.
  13. Exactly, fine the sled owner. They have photo radar that fines the vehicle owner, we could do the same. Picture of trespassing sled on trail taken by TP and a fine gets mailed out. 500 bucks sounds fair with 80% going to OFSC. Person being fined can opt in. to a trail pass if they so desire. This is fair to all involved. It would not take long for the trespassing to stop. As far as AGM, still just a waste of money and could be done in a more prudent manner.
  14. That was what I have heard, but not sure if it was the reason.