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  1. capster59

    Go snowmobiling Ontario app

    Can u mark and save a home location
  2. Im hoping to make my 1st appearance
  3. capster59

    Through the ice in Chemong

    cut two holes in Peacock Bay on Lake Vernon Huntsville - ice good 5 inches a week ago.. Sled tracks this past weekend.
  4. capster59

    Baysville trail update

    very nice well
  5. capster59

    DIstrict 7

    you should be good to go. Hill N Gully Website says they will be opening quite soon. I rode through that way on weekend and there should be enough snow...just needed the machines out to pack and level. Stopped at the 3 way intersection 37,,D north (do ya wanna ) and D South ( Hill N Gully) 2 of 3 aint bad and they get a star.(for having trail groomed some)..which one was the loser? lol
  6. capster59

    DIstrict 7

    On We I rode from Vernon to port and bac and had seen one sled tracks in front of me. but with fresh snow it was like breaking trail. Parts of D (do ya wanna) had D trail panned etc. HG no....Still were 3 or 4 trees that needed to be moved (esp on 82 ) I should have brought my chainsaw...Moved some branches off and such that I could manage. Seemed to be enough snow and no wet spots
  7. capster59


    can we park truck and trailer at conestoga lake?
  8. capster59


  9. capster59

    DIstrict 7

    looks like my (Bootsie) cat when a dog appears!!!
  10. capster59

    DIstrict 7

    So should I be bringing sleds home on Sunday to go out in D9? or does anyone think Muskoka trails will be opening soon..other than the Seguin
  11. capster59

    Whack of Green?

    yep false alarm...parry sound says they having trouble with the fine system
  12. capster59

    Whack of Green?

    Ok so I just saw a whack of green show up around parry sound ,,magnetawan ???
  13. capster59

    Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    They now say they will extend time to purchase the lower cost permits by as much time as system is down
  14. capster59

    Summer Sucks Get together.

    depending on date I would love to be there
  15. capster59

    Things You See Up North...

    I saw one in Huntsville once on the sled trail 82 just west of D. Stooped at road crossing looked to the right...what the Hell...big one staring at me from 20 ft away