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  1. I so want this.

    That's my thinking too. As long as we don't have a week of plus temps in February we should be good. Maybe we will get lucky and it stays good well into March for areas.
  2. DIstrict 7

    Yeah leaving after work tomorrow.
  3. DIstrict 7

    I will be Monday and Tuesday.
  4. Who's riding today

    Should be able to run up the lake in a few days. Heading out tomorrow fishing.

    Merry Christmas! Snowing like mad here!
  6. First Green of the season

    Sounds good.
  7. First Green of the season

  8. First Green of the season

    I'm heading up Tuesday till Friday. Looking forward to a ride on the Seguin.
  9. A little picture..

    Me too. Poncho was chasing me one day then all of the sudden he wasn't there. I thought "oh frig I hope I didn't put the old dog in the pickers". 20 minutes later he pulls up with his head down and I asked wtf? Just another belt he says. Then 10 minutes later nunz pulled in behind him, good times.
  10. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Good stuff!!
  11. New Years Ride

    Seguin and adsc will have some open I would bet. I'll head out with nate and do some trail work.
  12. New Years Ride

    Me too!
  13. Early snow

    In spots. Looks like it's snowing good in spots already. Just have to pack er down and let the frost get to it. I'll take the next couple weeks temp wise for sure.
  14. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Sounds like a Polaris.... See you this winter for a ride. Maybe we will try and get up there this time.
  15. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Just need to change the chaincase oil.