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  1. reevester

    OK, I'm done. Last ride for the season at Missing Link.

    XC 850. Poor nunz.
  2. reevester

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    It's going to be sweet dude.I was just smitten when i seen it and seeing the motor was nice too. I'm sure we will catch up next season.
  3. reevester

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    Get the blue. It looks really good and will be better on snow I bet.
  4. reevester

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    I'm sure it's fake, can't see a cat flying that far with a boot. Being an A-hole about switching brands and telling people to watch out for Murphys law and karma is ok though?
  5. reevester

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    It will be the best looking sled on snow, add my good looks as a rider and it's a home run for Polaris.
  6. reevester

    Arctic cat procross accessories

    It's a bit more yellow than green I think. We will see tonight.
  7. reevester

    Arctic cat procross accessories

    Make any offer on remaining accessories.
  8. reevester

    Arctic cat procross accessories

    Saddlebags and tank bag sold. Nice meeting you smokeater446.
  9. reevester

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    Broke into a few peices. Team primaries are going 8k easy before needing any service and not eating belts other then on the turbos. Clutching was a huge issue on the 7000s prier to 16. Glad you got it figured out with yours.
  10. reevester

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    I guess that cat clutches are good for 1000 miles a season. I had 5000 miles on 14 zr 7000 when the primary spyder was toast. Team clutches are far superior then cats every were. That's why they are in them now. The clutches on the 17 i just traded in with 4k miles look and fell as new as the day I bought it and run extremely cool in the 8000.
  11. reevester

    My update

    Glad your starting to feel yourself again and getting stronger by the day. I know we text almost daily but I could tell just by the giddiness in your voice today with our short chat your felling better. I have a feeling we might be riding buddies next season lol. See you Sunday buddy and cheers to quick summer for us both!!
  12. reevester

    Arctic cat procross accessories

    More like a goodbye kiss now.
  13. reevester

    Arctic cat procross accessories

    Sound like every procross I have owned. Northgate by the looks of it. A fellow member has been spiking the koolaid and will hold my hand through it all. I sled with more Polaris guys then anything they just flat out work and ride amazing. I think this will be a homerun for them and I've obviously bought into the hype.