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  1. reevester

    New sled for my Mrs... ;)

    We have one for the wife and use it for ice fishing. Been a great sled so far and perfect starter sled for her. Cat makes good mirrors and lots of tunnel packs as well.
  2. reevester

    Today's Surprise - NCDN

    I saw a beautiful one just outside wawa when we went through last week. Track and piss all over the place too.
  3. reevester

    Hearst to Hornepayne....

    I believe your words were "I'm not riding a sled I need to tow a f$!#ing toolbox behind". Do you prefer snapon or matco behind the doo? Ahhhh hahahahaha Best of luck sorting it out.
  4. reevester

    NCDN Facebook updates...

    Thanks Jeff, I have every club in Ontario north of barrie on Facebook and it's a great spot for the quickest info most time. Thanks to the folks in the TATA district too.
  5. reevester

    Canyon and C to Timmins from SRF ...

    @Nunz we should take this after we go see the grass eating shitting machine.
  6. reevester

    Port Sydney conditions

    They closed them just to keep the base that's there. Sounds like all is good just some standing water.
  7. reevester

    Halfway haven Facebook Update.

    Good news. We will be there in 2 weeks!!!
  8. reevester

    Hand signal for last sled

    No Thursday works better for sure.
  9. reevester

    Hand signal for last sled

    Oh listen to you 2 little Angel's.
  10. reevester

    Mileage this season, so far...

    1000 miles.
  11. reevester

    Yamaha 2t Alpha ?

    Well they put KYB stickers on a fox shock so....
  12. reevester

    Yamaha 2t Alpha ?

    Good to know. But it isn't in the trail sleds I dont think. I think this is just a hoax by some dude with time and money.
  13. reevester

    Pressure crack in penetang

    Ouch glad it isn't a worse outcome. Simcoe is littered with them this year too more then others. Ice is growing at a rapid rate as of late and this is the outcome.
  14. reevester

    Yamaha 2t Alpha ?

    Because that is what the market dictates for us retards that like to waste money on 2s fun factor sleds. Still a fan of the PC chassis just needs some weight loss and now a 2s Yamaha may be in it hmmm.....
  15. reevester

    Port Sydney conditions

    No doubt.