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  1. looked like a nice trailer, I was all over one of my buds to buy this up as he always borrows a trailer to go north, he just would not bite, his loss. maybe stop lending might fix this next time.
  2. cookster

    First/last trip of the season

    do not be shy or second guessing on Cochrane ., just came home. rain and warm did nothing to trails but harden them up a bit, now you can step off the trail without sinking. received 3" of fresh Friday good for lube also. prob 9 out of 10 up there. " just my 2 cents take it how ever you want to"
  3. cookster

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    I think we pulled in a few seconds after you's.. remember the photo shoot going on. also remember, butter tarts and pickled eggs sales went up in the club house.
  4. cookster

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    hey I am famous, I am in the background. 2 skidoo's with spare gas cans on back parked in front of the cars me and bud standing there.
  5. cookster

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    paths may cross there will be my renegade x black 900t , 2 blizzards 900 , and a renegade 1200 x red and white
  6. cookster

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    me and wife heading that way sat for a week. talking to my neighbor at cottage, he says no lack of snow and stay on the trail or you will be in trouble as his expedition was having a hard time . paisley got very little snow few inches at most, lots of wind and blowing going on no accumulation.
  7. cookster

    Duct Tape Hint

    good idea flat metal and duct tape on sled
  8. cookster

    Setting up mxz 2018 900 4 stroke Blizzard

    as said check you ski toe and make sure ride height is set to spec, wife drives a blizzard 900 and they ride and steer A-1
  9. cookster

    Warning new skidoo handlebar muffs

    x3 never a issue if installed proper. " do not forget the little push in to end of bar" keeps them from sagging into throttle.
  10. cookster

    its a shame :(

    well with the weather being good and cold here for the last few days here in paisley, ground set up nice and hard frozen, followed by bit of blowing snow filling in ditches and drifting a bit , woke up this morning to a good 5 to 6 inches of new snow "wet snow but still snow" darn shame it calling for rain today, and then snow for next week or more, would have been a great start for the snow thats on ground now. o-well thats life.
  11. cookster

    Cold weekend comming

    yes I would say you need muffs. cold is coming.
  12. cookster

    Are We Getting An App ?

    thanks for the reply Denis .
  13. cookster

    Are We Getting An App ?

    when you go on facebook there is a spot that says send message . also there was a spot specifically for the app had to hit a link and took me to a page of questions . guess it did not work still red this morn and no reply from either . owell having coffee and a bit to eat and heading out.
  14. cookster

    Are We Getting An App ?

    Deff not. clicked on the red it says A trail 7.6 km unavailable.. you are correct on L155 27.5 km unavailable it starts right on the corner of L173 which drops down to L155 and is open back to mattice. I have left a note on facebook ask a question about this no reply as of yet.
  15. cookster

    Are We Getting An App ?

    Thanks for conformation...,heading that way tomorrow glad I seen this now, not sitting in kap on my phone checking the app out and going WHY THE H__L is it closed now, because it was open when I left home so my computer said so......weird very weird.