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  1. my rrsp: hi Nunz- Will drop in from Parry Sound for a couple of hours - reserve a burner / oven on the stove to warm up a pot of home made baked beans. Will also need a medium sized pot - beans will be in tupperware. You don't mention a time in the evening? Nice idea and thanks for hosting. regards slomo
  2. Always thinking there VR 700....
  3. Interactive map was the best thing ever for Ontario snowmobiling. As for the radio survey, not sure if it's over, but given the wording it looks like the Supertrax people now with the OFSC marketing contract aren't going to neglect their buddy Craig. Don't miss his hard hitting article on duct tape with a commercial plug for Gorilla brand - seeing a lot of TV spots lately for this brand as well. BTW - if you want the ultimate in duct like tape, visit your local film/tv production supply store and pick up a roll of 'gaffer tape'. This stuff is so good you can hang stage lights with it.
  4. Good to know, right on the trail. Hopefully, they will put up a web site.
  5. Well Yukon...let me save you some keyboard work and direct folks to your explanation way back in 2010.... http://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6471-your-ofsc-money-at-work/ A couple related things.....paragraph 2 for instance....you do not have to buy an advertising package to get free Public Service Announcements as you implied- really surprised none were running during last year's troubles over Bill 101 - and landowner's concerns about this. Good way to reach all over the province especially with centralized ownership of radio networks these days.... There seems to be some discussion as to whether The Intrepid Snowmobiler radio segments are worthwhile - they certainly are not free. BTW - here's the link to the radio survey: https://ofscmarketing.typeform.com/to/Dgo3m1 "vote early, vote often" - Sir John A. MacDonald
  6. That all depends.... If you want to give the OFSC survey data that they can use to justify purchasing radio adds, then you picked correctly. A vote of "don't listen to the radio" gives the OFSC no excuse, justification, or rationale for using your permit and tourism dollars to purchase radio adds. "Vote early, vote often" - Sir John A. MacDonald
  7. The way they have got the survey set up, it looks as if you can make as many responses as you like - pretty slim pickings in choice however.
  8. Asked...and answered.
  9. You can also download videos from youtube (youtube downloader) and use the same software to convert to mp3. Works well with older songs not always available as well as others internationally that you might never had heard about before.
  10. Received the latest OFSC email & survey - wants folks to indicate which type of radio they listen to - just click on 'don't listen to radio' - might go some way in keeping money being spent in useless ways. Noticed Nutter and his BFF Craig Nicholson in a nice story about trail side butter tarts in the last issue- looks like you started something here Blake G. Good of them to further spread the word seeing as some maintain that few people visit this forum.
  11. Great post Denis..! As I recall, those bears were cubs not too many months ago.
  12. I like it Nunz - be happy to drive down after 3 rd week of July....................wait a minute....what's this on the invitation about bringing a shovel?
  13. My friends....I've dealt with merchants and service providers in all parts of our vast Dominion and it has been my experience that many merchants and service providers in the Parry Sound area would win awards in the category "we are doing YOU a favour by selling or providing stuff for you". To add insult to further injury in a regional center which sucks the hind tit in customer service (although there are a few good ones which should not be tarred with the same brush) ....the local government is now proposing a tax on hotel rooms to pay for tourism publicity schemes.....FFS..... http://www.myparrysoundnow.com/25533/town-parry-sound-looking-hotel-tax/ "Parry Sound is looking at bringing in a hotel tax. The Town’s Director of Finance Trevor Pinn is being asked to bring a report and recommendation to a council meeting taking place the first week of September. The province gave municipalities the power to tax hotels in the last budget, but the steps municipalities have to take to implement a tax have not been released. That’s why the report is being held off until September. According to Pinn, 50 per cent of the tax would be given to the regional tourism organization. He added that a month ago this wouldn’t be an option, because this type of tax was not legal up until this point." This is currently a practice in Niagara Falls where there has been some contraversy as to how much tax is being charged, whether it is compulsory, or whether in fact the merchants or hotels involved is actually remitting funds to whatever entity is collecting and utilizing the tax monies. (CBC Marketplace) As for Parry Sound, I am still trying to find an article for your amusement published a few years ago where local tourism authorities had or were planning to hire a Playboy Magazine bunny to promote a motorized sport - something to do with motorcycles....not sure how that turned out, but indicative of some of further foolish thinking in marketing the area.... 50 per cent of the tax - where is the other 50% going??
  14. And in further renewable energy news.... Canada Revenue Agency taxes solar energy....from CBC P.E.I..... Most homeowners who install solar electric panels join the province's net metering program. Under that program, they feed excess energy into the provincial grid when their panels produce more than their home is using. In exchange, they receive credits to draw electricity back out of the grid when the sun isn't shining. Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/net-metering-solar-pei-hst-tax-1.4143624 Canada Revenue Agency considers feeding that electricity into and out of the grid a financial transaction, even though, under P.E.I.'s system, net metering households never receive financial compensation for the electricity they generate. That means homeowners have to claim the electricity they generate as income, and they're also charged HST on the electricity they draw back out of the system, even if they've earned enough credits that they don't pay for the electricity itself. Them that are getting "a few breaks" in any aspect or recreational pursuit here and there and aren't declaring it better start keeping good records! You might be the next CRA target....