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  1. 2012 BRP 1+1 seat & mounting module part 861 002 279 and seat back support 860 200 060 Fits RevXP / Rev XR chassis- check part number in BRP parts and accessories catalogue for compatibility with your model. Includes BRP OEM gauntlet wind envelopes and FM modulated heated grips - as little heat or as much as you want - no ballast resistors and easy on your electrical circuit. Seat is wired and ready to plug in to a connection you make from the rear tail light circuit or the accessories circuit which is generally located below the fuel tank and tunnel top piece. As you can see, no tears or dirt, seat is in mint condition - treated with UV repellant every season. Hardware kit for tunnel will be supplied once taken off current machine- have instructions and documentation Price is $550.00 cash firm - less than half of new. PM me here for further details or to set up viewing. Thanks for looking!
  2. slomo

    2019 - 2020 FCMQ Permit Prices

    Pre-season early pass is up $10 from last year - to $330.00 - you can get $40 back for your insurance refund - relatively easy on-line form after you receive your trail pass in the mail.
  3. slomo

    groomer guy

    Get well soon skidooboy ! You too Luc.
  4. slomo

    Security Cameras For Camp

    You left out your credit card number Blake. (good info by the way)
  5. slomo


    Hey...if you can't afford a $2,300 407 bill........ a $250 trail pass(times however many) .....$700 for insurance .....a $17,000 trailer.........truck....gas....food .....accommodation.....spare parts.....clothing......psychiatry bills worrying about the weather....you shouldn't be in sledding!
  6. slomo


    You don't apply for funding for snowmobiling, you apply for funding to promote gender equality in snowmobiling. (or new immigrants in snowmobiling, lgbtqlmnoprstuvwxyz persons - or equivalent - participation in snowmobiling etc. ) Various government departments must spend money in their budgets or lose what they have to spend the next year.
  7. slomo


    Looks like sledding has a long way to go for gender equality...
  8. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Good explanation of that process and some applications here for those curious types: https://www.wileymetal.com/what-is-cold-metal-transfer-and-is-it-more-efficient-than-mig/ Out of curiousity, I am going to look at that area further to see if the structure could be improved by physical joint - an ounce of prevention etc. Be looking at my Triton more closely as well.
  9. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Not too hard to do........I have the trailer resting on its frame while I use it as a work space for my new to me snowmobile....and passing on some observations. I have it on good authority that Triton was interested in how this trailer compared to their similar offering. I have to say, appreciated some of the comments in this thread that are based on fact or evidence - as opposed to those channeling their inner Craig Nicholson - particularly the dangers of aluminum and ferrous metal contact. Not sure how PLC's idea of a sacrificial anode would work as I think the anode has to be immersed in water to work, but good thinking nevertheless. Might help out someone like myself who does not go into debt for toys (unless 0% interest rate or similar) and wants to save 3 - 4 thousand dollars.
  10. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Doing a bit of work on the Bullit trailer yesterday - after above discussion on metal rot between trailer and axle on Triton, decided to take a closer look. Posting pics of the axle / frame junction for the Bullit - looks very servicable. Good thick piece of nylon looking fiber between the axle and frame mount. The way the mount to frame is constructed, it is easy to check the condition of the area in relation to aluminum or steel degrading. On my Triton, the mount is made on a long channel of aluminum sistered to the main frame - the only way to tell if corrosion is evident for sure is to remove the axle to inspect. Pretty good idea here.....easy to check the anchoring bolts. A couple of ideas to pass along.....it you don't like rusty safety chains, get yea to Canadian Tire and pick up a couple of bicycle inner tubes - make sure they are the flat resistant product - says right on them. The flat resistant are thicker rubber, are cold resistant as opposed to regular thickness and work great. Slide the rubber over your chain after removal and then refasten. I have had these installed for a couple of years - the ends of the chain rust a bit, but the rest of the chain is protected. A bit of Corrosion Free undercoating - the best on the market - adds protection and the inner tube keeps it from thinner during bad weather. (4 pin wiring is to hook up to battery to check trailer wiring) A couple of years ago, used a few around the home items to make a cheap cover for the 7 pin connector - usually the first thing to start rotting when salt is evident. And finally, a pic for Blake - the Superclamp hook - not sure why yours would not work Maybe check the model number of the hook? - 2200 T style Deck Hook - SKU for RD - 12-34400-02 Sometimes available at Canadian Tire or Princess Auto on sale.
  11. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    It looks like the Bullit is constructed in two phases - the base 7 X 16 trailer - upon which the top superstructure has later been mounted. (results in exposed floor at the leading edge) One base size trailer can be used for several model applications at the factory. According to spec sheets, material thicknesses etc. are similar. The Bullit has more supporting material than the TC167, if you check out the interior and fender mountings up close. Accessories which are included in the Bullit are going to put the price of the TC167 over $10,000. before tax. I am thinking, much like Toyota for instance, that you are also paying extra for the legend of reliability. After 6 years of ownership of a 2009 Tacoma that did not have one minute of ownership without something being wrong with it (actually came out ahead on an extended warranty bought at a discount in the U.S. and same for a 2008 Corolla*) pay little heed to marketing BS and do as much inspection and research as I can myself. *2004 Echo continues to run flawlessly and even fixes itself sometimes.
  12. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Strange - my hook thingy took a bit of aligning but eventually fastened tight with the correct hook orientation. I purchased the anchor strip for the rear superclamp as wasn't sure where each rear end would end up with two machines. Guess you could also use the regular bolt hook up through the floor - but you have already conquered the problem.
  13. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Would you be having trouble with the self locking bolt hook that fits in the aluminum floor channel, the strip hook anchor which bolts to the floor, or the alignment of the skis in relation to the Super Clamp arms once the sleds are loaded?
  14. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    No doubting the Triton is a fine trailer, not disagreeing with your or any other appraisal, but folks might want to keep in mind that at the time everyone else purchased the TC167 (and I looked at one myself) there was little or no competition in this particular market niche - not until probably this year with the Bullit and perhaps another brand name. Triton might have the reputation, but other brands might be trying to get into the field with similar offerings - and a discounted price. Worth a look around.
  15. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    The items I mention above are little quirks that in my opinion needed to be addressed to reduce problems in the future, but don't get the idea that the Bullit is not good value for the money - about $3,000.00 less than the Triton. Structurally the Bullit is very sound, all welds look good, brand name components are used in hitch, axle, and hubs, (sorry don't have the manuals at hand) I have rarely bought anything including a $50K truck that didn't need some kind of 'improvements' right from the factory. My single Triton trailer needed some upgrades and you were nickled and dimed for any extras. Both are good products and worth of consideration depending on your usage.