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  1. slomo

    OFSC survey

    02 you're a computer guy for fs - you wear your permit as one of those chips....drive through a check stop, if beeping starts, pull the driver over. One bad thing might be RF interference with your sled start key, but I am no expert at that.
  2. slomo

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Purchased the app and have been doing as you suggested, but comments seem to have been falling on deaf ears. Unless you know where the towns are, you are skunked until you zoom in at an extreme level - bad on a phone - getting the know the lakes pretty well though. Zoom in and zoom out "buttons" would facilitate operation with stylus if hands too cold to swipe screen. Meantime over in Quebec's Lanaudiere area, a previously not too serviceable map has been upgraded, apparently with few user complaints - -You started here.... Were required to find the Sector on the map to determine conditions for that area according to the club.... which has now been replaced...all within the same season....with this which is easier to comprehend....green, yellow, red.... It would be interesting to compare and contrast the evolution of various provincial systems - how did Quebec get to where it is now, verses Ontario progress etc.
  3. slomo

    Oh the people you meet

    Not unusual - Yukon for the most part benefits from warm air off the Pacific ocean - once drove from Inuvik down to Fort MacPherson, crossed at Arctic Red River and into Yukon where it was raining in February. Used to curse them while in Yellowknife where Siberian influences made a 20 degrees or more negative difference.
  4. slomo

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    It had a pretty bad reputation long ago, but I believe things are better now according to internet reviews. Have not stayed there myself - usually to Kap - but would probably try it. Rooms look roomy enough and comes with fridge and microwave.
  5. I was fortunate enough to ride these great trails on family day weekend - thank you!
  6. slomo

    Sudbury trails

    At first glance there I thought you had that thing mounted on the front of your sled. (might improve the looks of it actually)
  7. Spoken for.... I have the emails to prove it. Good post Blake.
  8. slomo

    OFSC survey

    Interesting....not committed to the idea in the least, but was on a drive yesterday and it occurred to ask myself "What if the Northern Corridor du Nord clubs split off and formed the NOFSC? (N for northern)
  9. slomo

    Another PQ 'Urban Legend'?

    good idea -
  10. slomo

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    Find a family health team with a nurse practitioner - pretty well does everything a doctor does and can refer to doctor, a specialist, or tests, if needed. go to this post: http://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20008-links-for-nurse-practitioners-community-health-centers/
  11. slomo

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec part 2

    Incroyaaableaux. Plumbing note noted. Thanks for the effort of the report - !!! fun to read.
  12. slomo

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec

    I have heard that the steaks there are pretty tough..... Looking forward to more!
  13. slomo


    Thanks Matt! - good to know for future trips If you think of it, next time take one for the team and give us a report on the Hawaiian....
  14. slomo

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    Good post IQ! From the 1966 movie "Beau Geste" with Telly Savalas as Sergeant Major Dajeneau "In the Legion, one must be prepared for the unexpected".
  15. slomo


    Do you think that a restaurant in town might deliver a pizza or Chinese food out that way ski? Too bad the restaurant at the Best Northern is closed for the winter - as is their motel and cabins. Loved that spot.