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  1. slomo

    Lightening Avalanche Dealers Near Barrie

    Money saved on the Bullit trailer and included equipment pays for my entire sled season this year and I plan to get around quite a bit. No difference between this model and the Triton offering in quality. Personally, never consider or give a damn what the trade in value will be - acquire for my own use and specs. In the case a subsequent owner does not recognize the genius of my various improvements to an implement, they don't deserve to have it.
  2. slomo

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    Bored out of my mind with that show and as I need nothing further for this year, will not be going. Any 'deals' are evened out by the price of admission and what it costs to get there. A tip from previous years - buy tickets online and enter by the door closest to the rail line where usually where the acrobatics take place - way shorter line up. (you will probably loose any seniors discount - but the line ups can be so long you might pass your 65th birthday in it ) There may be other events in the same complex that can also be taken in- once a drug convention at which there was free food to be had. Many of us are of the age where we can speak with authority about various blood pressure and cholesteral medication so fit right in next to the pharmacist digging in to bacon, eggs, and pancakes with table syrop. A free to enter photography show in another area was also interesting. If you think of it, post if they have finally given away that black Corvette they have in a draw every year - looks like the same one each event.
  3. slomo

    Great news for northern trails

    Darn tootin. I have taken on the challenge of improving my high school French with some success during more recently frequent trips to Quebec. Such an initiative is tough later in life so any help is appreciated. Recently in Shawinigan - my Petro Can points card won't work at the self serve gas pump. Multiple unsuccessful attempts prompts a furious gush of Francais from the attendant inside. I miss most of it so I say "Plus lentement si vous plait! Je parle l'Anglaise." Out of the speaker comes...... P....A.....Y.........................................................I....N....S.....I........D............E
  4. slomo

    donuts - pembroke

    Jam filled ones are my favourite so far in case you need help deciding.
  5. slomo

    donuts - pembroke

    For myself, had to remove the bacon pieces and the pretzels on certain donuts as they are high in salt. You can't be too careful when it comes to your health.
  6. slomo

    around petawawa feb 16-17 2019

    Well, let's try this: The Burger King restaurant number for Deep River is 8642 - link to the survey is: https://www.mybkexperience.com/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 Full Disclosure - by filling out the survey, I get a free Whopper (plain- no cheese) if I buy a small, medium, or large fry, and a soft drink within one month.
  7. slomo

    donuts - pembroke

    Having completed an appointment in Petawawa today, continued on to pick up a few donuts from McGuire's in Pembroke as featured in this CBC news story: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/doughnuts-pembroke-musician-mcguires-doughnuts-1.5239150 A recipe is included in the news story. As the Ontario trail map continues to be hidden, I can't tell if it is near a trail or not, but those staying at the Holiday Inn at the junction of 17 and 41 just have to continue up the street (by wheeled vehicle) to down town - not too far. Good thing I took the truck.... As my research continues over the next few days, I'll report on some of the favourites. The blue icing tastes pretty good. And PREPARE YOUR FOOD FOR SNOWMOBILING WEEK is coming up - was hoping to incorporate this into a tax receipt issuing entity, but unfortunately all the good ribbon colours have already been claimed and taken up.
  8. slomo

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    With most of the pre-season maintenance and upgrades done, both sleds are now trail ready and in the trailer - here's how they fit - 137 " track in first, 129" next, (although can switch the order) and plenty of room for gas cans, and other accessories. Machines should be close as possible to the trailer walls for best fit of ski hold downs. Extra door comes in handy Experimental ramp door art Thanks to 02sled for the 2 inch ABS pipe trick at the top of the ramp. (1 1/2 inch works fines as well)
  9. slomo

    Barrie to Collingwood ?

    Didn't mention anything about consultations with First Nations people in the area - not good. After the 'discussion' about the Champlain statue and the cannons pointed the 'wrong' way, you would think this would be standard practice just to possibly avoid any unpleasantness.
  10. slomo

    10' Toy Carrier

    Absolutely correct on all points. I was picturing a different type trailer while reading your post - would not be too difficult to cover the cut with fiberglass fabrication, vinyl sheet or even a flap of rubber with tie downs or fasteners.
  11. slomo

    10' Toy Carrier

    I stand corrected - must have been swept away by the majesty of your home renovations and not enough coffee yet this am. I did it to protect Canadian jobs.
  12. slomo

    10' Toy Carrier

    Sorry bud, thought you had your answer already and put some new info I found up there. Not sure what Big Fish was thinking when suggesting a large square hole at the back (kitchen renovations no doubt - must have had second thoughts as it has disappeared ) I would have suggested two smaller ski holes cut out in the front.
  13. slomo

    10' Toy Carrier

    Both Blake and I have one - he is enthusiastic about its towing capabilities in terms of aerodynamics - more from him hopefully. The Bullit is a newcomer to this particular market niche and my research prior to purchase did not find any other model. Like most things you acquire, it needed a few adjustments and improvements, but nothing major - I am a bit OCD when it comes to adjusting something now or fixing it at the side of the road at -30 celsius. One danger I did not mention was, when working on your sled inside of the trailer always wear head protection - it hurts when a thin scalp contacts a hot roof. I did a review of the trailer here - both good and bad points, unlike some who get them for free and won't give an honest appraisal - Having been both my full weight on top of it waxing the roof without any flexing and under it having a look at welds and structure, I am pretty impressed with the construction. Some internet research has easily sourced out any spare parts - bearings, hubs, and the like (Lippert a well known brand name, much like Dexter) With the extra door and the various tracks and tie downs included good monetary deal as well. The new model advertised has an extra gas charged spring for the front door when previously there was only one. Mine works fine with the single one. ms. slomo and I can easily wheel the thing around the driveway by hand with a machine inside, haven't loaded the second one yet but expect good balance over length to be the same. Brand names? If it helps you sleep at night I guess. I cringe when reading someone making blanket statements about the quality of something without pointing to any comparisons or research to back gaseous claims. Anyway, my interior lights are installed, bearing adjustments up to spec and ready for winter. Might build in a spare tire holder on the rear fold down door if I can ascertain the framework will support a bracket and the wheel weight. thetorches - drop over to North Land trailers in Port Perry, have a look at the Triton model. I'm in the Parry Sound area on weekends after end of August if you want to have a look at mine.
  14. Time to personalize it.....Sticker You....stand out from the crowd....nice colour though https://www.stickeryou.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=local&utm_term=HQ
  15. slomo

    10' Toy Carrier

    Looks like the show price from last year is back on the Bullit hybrid - $7, 691.00 https://actiontrailers.ca/shop/build-a-trailer/snowmobile-motorcycle/inline-hybrid/sled-shed-aluminum-pro-starr-bullet-series-rear-ramp-door-7-wide-inline-hybrid-snowmobile/ Get it early and have time to make it your own before the season begins. Check the list of features for the price. Course if you have triton tattooed down the side of your d*ck....pay more for less.