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  1. Change of the Tide?

    After some sober second thought, have begun wondering if the good folks in the area will put up with this event - the danger being the possibly that this type of event and all snowmobilers and sledding activity become associated in cottagers minds..... there once was a woman in the area close by who was purchasing property specifically to close down trails....
  2. New ITG

    Read all about it...October 20.... http://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17916-hey-trail-map/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-247861 http://blog.evouala.com/en/article/2017-03-01-snowmobile_trail_map Application goals The eVouala online mapping platform is used to inform snowmobilers about trail conditions, point of interest locations and the shortest path between origin-destination points. One of the useful features of this application is the trail status, which is automatically updated by the snow grooming machine activities. It allows snowmobile clubs to publish the number of days the last grooming of the trails occured without needing to intervene manually. The application built using the eVouala platform allows snowmobile federation administrators to update their trail map themselves (while respecting topological rules), to manually change the trail opening status, add points of interest (gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, motels, restaurants, shelters) and even help club funding by letting them add advertising. (not necessarily the clubs that could do this....maybe you will be able to buy the deluxe trail pass which enables map use without all those troublesome advertisements....sort of like reading around them in those magazines....) -----------------Meantime have been vastly enjoying the Quebec interactive map and all the features the Ontario one used to have....particulary useful is the variety of methods to get research about motels and the area in which they are located, some idea of how good trail access is, and what other amenities are close by....Motel Blanchet in Drummondville for example... Sure is good to have the street view feature built right.....some people are content with the satellite view, but it does not show enough of an unfamiliar place - does an establishment really have the trail access they advertise? (has as well as the cumulative tour mileage feature)
  3. First ride of the season....

    Well....all this time I thought it was because you didn't like $1 and $2 coins!
  4. 'Sup with all the Klim gear

    About the only other mention I can make with authority is a comparison of the extreme cold jackets offered by Klim and BRP. The BRP Absolute 0 trail jacket came out way on top - during dootalk testing a guy up somewhere in Rankin Inlet, Nunuvut, tested it at temperatures between -20 down to -50 and compared the warmth level favourable to the Snow Goose parka (the real one, not the hockey moms one) or the Woods parka - both of these mainstays of life in the arctic and with which I am familiar. The Klim Kenawa parka came nowhere close in comfort level, fit or finish, despite being higher in price. Not to mention it was named after the banana belt area of Michigan upper peninsula. As for these riders supporting a specific brand name gear.....if you're getting stuff for free, you are not likely to be very critical. When these 'test riders' start reporting under extreme conditions, as opposed to mid-Ontario, they will be more believable. I don't care if they are good guys or not.
  5. 'Sup with all the Klim gear

    In supertrax - Klim did some product testing in the frosty environs of Bonfield or around Mattawa - so a tie in with OFSC. Heavily linked in Ned Nichorson articles. Having lived north of 60 for several years, laughed at the "testing area" myself. I do like their two stage gloves though.
  6. Heart of Ontario OPEN HOUSE

    Sorry I caught this too late as I usually drop in.....however, here at Chateaux Slomoeaux it is Getting Your Food Ready for Snowmobiling Week! and will be tied up with a production line of various schnitzel products, a pork picnic shoulder roast recipe which takes 14 hours in the oven, (accompanied by baked beans) and testing a new back ribs recipe so won't be able to go this year. But here's a forum bump for the open house - encourage everyone to drop in. Best wishes for a good event!
  7. New ITG

    DOES NOT REQUIRE FIREFOX, EXPLORER, OR CHROME!! 1. Spread your paper trail map out on a table. Check map scale. (this map would have been mailed to you if you checked [ X ] Yes! I want to receive OFSC benefits and magazines! - on your trail pass application.) 2. Using the attached plans, build yourself some of these. Paper-Snowmobile-Project.pdf 3. Place one sled at your start point on the map, and one at your end point. 4. Using a piece of string or a straight edge (if trail on map is fairly straight) or a ruler or a combination of these, take a measurement and convert the distance according to the map scale. 5. Record the measurement. 6. Move the sleds to the new start / stop locations on the map for the next trail measurement. 7. Repeat. 8. Always repeat.
  8. Change of the Tide?

    "Muskoka just isint for boating activities and rich cottages." Nope - closed trails too! Thanks for the warning dirtybeacher! Will be well away from that area. But do enjoy yourself. If these people organize as poorly as they spell, they'll be telling stories about this event for years. Not sure about this, but is that the OFSC free loader weekend? Just anticipating an added element to all the fun. I was pretty impressed with the event in Wawa, but Muskoka???
  9. Change of the Tide?

    Given that other than a few self-serving and self-pitying articles in their magazine, snowtrax has never presented any statistical data in any form (other than oblique references to a facebook page) that there is a need or a sound business model for what they are proposing. Let snowtrax (and their advertisers) assume any costs and liabilities for what they are proposing and leave the OFSC to their fundamental role - that of building and maintaining the trail system. Given the core business of supertrax, which has also been given a contract for marketing the OFSC (deserved through qualifications or not) there appears to be a big conflict of interest taking place here.
  10. Change of the Tide?

    I agree with Blake. However, would also like to add that there are tons of teaching jobs in B.C. right now - they can't find enough people and some districts are even paying moving expenses! http://www.makeafuture.ca/
  11. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Thank goodness you are okay. When the news of that big firey accident on highway 400 came out yesterday, remembered the big multiple crash you were in - was it last year? Pictures were pretty bad. Thought coulda been like the couple that escaped the shooter in Las Vegas only to be killed later in a car crash.....Then I thought of my other second hand smoke buddy Nunz...but he doesn't drive that far south.....usually......
  12. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Marketing....... Meantime, while you are waiting to determine the outcome of your purchase, whether the deadline will be extended, has your credit card info been hacked.....etc.........nominate someone or yourself..... Who is our most vibrant, inspiring, dynamic Ontario snowmobiler? Represent us in Zoomer magazine! We're always looking for ways to celebrate snowmobiling in Ontario. That's why when we were approached by Zoomer magazine to find the ultimate Zoomer to feature in their pages, we just couldn't say no.. http://www.everythingzoomer.com/zoomer-tenth-anniversary/ The lucky winner gets an article written about them. No cash, no prizes, no sled passes. Groomer Guy is ineligible.....not old enough.
  13. Nice Places on the RAP

    What was wrong with the sled?
  14. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    So to sum all this up - they should have rented TWO servers in India?
  15. Nice Places on the RAP

    Did they get wifi yet? Asked about this when they had a booth at the sled show as in previous times they did not or it was only available around the main building. Woman started arguing that people should just turn the things off for nature or some such stuff - I suggested a few good uses for connectivity while on a sledding trip and moved on. Not even sure that cell phone coverage is in the area.