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  1. This article has recently appeared again - re-cycled for about the third time....getting on in years, but I think I remember a lot of discussion on this forum re butter tarts prior to this article... Maybe Blake and others should get a percentage....
  2. At first glance doesn' t look like the guy has held any job for very long...... Maybe we will see a goodbye to the Nicholson, the Lesters, and their friends.
  3. slomo

    Newfoundland anybody

    Best article on the snow fall I think - National Post: Rex Murphy: In Newfoundland, climate change (from bad to worse) is a given 'No two days the same' should be the provincial motto. 'Tomorrow will certainly be worse' should be the followup http://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-in-newfoundland-climate-change-from-bad-to-worse-is-a-given "It is an enduring puzzle to me why the International Panel on Climate Change, instead of jetting off to Rio and Paris and Copenhagen — all of them centred in ridiculously stable climates — to hold their jumbo séances and fire dances to the climate gods, don’t just schedule one say, in Gander. (Not Torbay in St. John’s — let’s give them a chance.) The “case” for climate change would have its Q.E.D.s and eurekas! even before they landed. They’d be circling the airport and flying back and forth to Halifax for days before there was a break in the clouds, a halt in the wind and rain, or a space between blizzards to allow them to land." "Up here in balmy Toronto, the patio creatures who disappear every winter were back in full latte force, the birds were clearing their little throats and practicing their scales, and the delightful “weather specialists” of the local TV channels were rabbiting on about sun screens and UV rays. Back home, on the other hand, all was misery and consternation and despair. Up to 40 centimetres of snow (20 times a “military-grade” fall in Toronto, be it noted) powerfully propelled by 80-kilometre winds were lacerating the great towns of Central Newfoundland and the metropolis of Gander of Come From Away fame, in a blizzard frenzy unknown even to veterans of the great penguin march in Antarctica. It was too bad Morgan Freeman was for the moment tied up or the locals would have called on him for one of his glorious voice-overs." (FFS.... not Morgan too.....)
  4. slomo

    I quit

    Testing 1 2 3.... From TV show Frasier - "Where's There's Smoke There's Fired"...Frasier must help his boss's fiance to quit smoking - Frasier realizes that the fiance is his agent Bebe... Bebe: After dinner is the time I need a cigarette most. As long as I don't stop eating, I'll be fine. Frasier: This is very good, Bebe. You're already identifying those moments that trigger your worst cravings. Bebe: [sarcastic] Yeah, yeah! Frasier: What is so wonderful about smoking? Bebe: Everything! I like the way a fresh firm pack feels in my hand. I like peeling away that little piece of cellophane and seeing it twinkle in the light. I like coaxing that first sweet cylinder out of its hiding place and bringing it slowly up to my lips. Striking a match, watching it burst into a perfect little flame and knowing that soon that flame will be inside me! [Begins displaying innuendo] Bebe: I love the first puff, pulling it into my lungs... little fingers of smoking filling me, caressing me, feeling that warmth penetrate deeper and deeper until I think I'm going to burst! [Frasier raises his eyebrow] Bebe: Then 'woosh!'... watching it flow out of me in a lovely sinuous cloud, no two ever quite the same! Daphne: [Visibly aroused, as are the others] More potatoes, anyone? I can remember Fred Davis smoking on the set of Front Page Challenge....
  5. slomo

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Dymond Are those large flaps installed along under the trailer for wind efficiency? Wondering how efficient they are. (could also keep cyclists out from under the trailer as well I guess) Has anyone come up with something that would keep a pickup truck tailgate free from snow build up in the winter?
  6. Be that as it may, we have had examples of cities springing up in the middle of nowhere all over our fair Dominion....Bai Comeau, Elliot Lake, Pine Point, Kittimat come to mind...Sudbury in its early days...
  7. Has been particularly bad for actresses with cell phones and too much time on their hands.
  8. This one seems pretty remote..... The Luleå data center opened in 2013, and was Facebook's first outside the US. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3814105/That-s-really-cool-Facebook-gives-rare-glimpse-inside-gigantic-Lule-server-farm-just-70-miles-Artic-circle-Sweden.html It is located deep in the forests of northern Sweden. 'It's a key part of our global infrastructure, and it uses a variety of local natural resources to increase efficiency and save power,' said Zuckerberg. 'The small town of Luleå is less than 70 miles south of the Arctic Circle, and it's typically pretty cold. 'The temperature in the area is below 50 degrees most days, so we use large fans to pull in the outside air to naturally cool the thousands of warm servers that line the center's broad hallways.' A dozen hydro-electric plants operate on nearby rivers, providing a reliable and renewable power source. The whole system is 10% more efficient and uses almost 40% less power than traditional data centers, Facebook claims.
  9. While I think of it....as it turns out, this new 'cloud' computing doesn't take place in the sky at all....they got these large things....farms they're called...don't grow anything though...contain these huge devices for storing stuff and allowing the stuff to be accessed....forget what they've called...but apparently the machines use metric sh*tloads amounts of electricity....and cooling costs for these machines are huge.... ..so much so...heard of a few of these farms being located in places with cooler climates...handy to bodies of water that can also be amalgamated to the cooling....Finland and Sweden have a few of these....seems to be a lot of water around Folyet which is certainly in a cooler climate......and according to sledding reports here, fairly handy to high tension hydro electric transmission lines carrying power from nearby hydro electric projects that were once used by paper mills proximate of which many are now closed or closing... Might want to have extra in the budget for those protesting the hum of the farm is driving off the traditional wildlife and food.... ....laugh if you want...
  10. With decent internet, there could be.
  11. No they are not. Check what is being sold on Amazon and the type of entrepreneur who is selling it. Having had some experience in long distance trailering to the snow to smaller centers, it is very gratifying to find accomodation and other info with useful websites which provides an over view of the establishment, how much things cost, and the ability to book or buy on line or by email. Your experience may differ.
  12. The reason that snowmobiling is so successful in Quebec is that it is part of the fabric of life in that province...unlike here.....this has been accomplished by the recognition that many fingers belong to the same hand....the internet links on their maps to accomodation, hotels, servicing, tours, the Quebec C.A.A. has snowmobile retrieval service and insurance can be bought against helicopter rescue in the event of an accident. The Quebec sledding governing body and government work hand to hand to provide funds from both federal and provincial sources. A global vision of snowmobiling in Ontario incorporating partnerships with any related aspect, including internet and cell service, would go a long way to striving to the same ideal. Better marketing is needed.
  13. I would invite you to look at the big picture. Consider that sledding is vital to some of these communities in terms of commerce and social interaction. *If a business, such as a motel or restaurant in Folyette loses its internet presence, it will soon close down. A community shut off from the rest of the province due to the same, soon loses interest in participating with outsider activities, and you once again have no trail to or by Folyette. **A simple letter of support from the OFSC to the appropriate government body / minister might at least remind those in government that Bell should be required to provide these services whether they take a loss or not, in return for those areas in which they make a huge profit. Internet access (cell phone coverage) has been recognized as an essential service all over the province. The problem with the current OFSC marketing people is that they don't realize, or don't care, that there are many beneficial partnerships between snowmobiling, business and government that have yet to be realized for the good of everyone.
  14. From CBC - "A small northern Ontario town west of Timmins is worried it could lose its cell phone and internet service............Services for Foleyet used to be provided by the province under the company name Ontera, but the company was sold to Bell in 2014.................There are a number of communities that are in the same situation, where they are dependent on a single provider for the internet and or cell phone, and the contracts will come up for renewal also and they may be facing the same fate..............Gogama, another northeastern town where Bell nearly pulled service until the province agreed to allow the company to use its infrastructure at a cost below market rate................." Article: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/foleyet-internet-cell-service-jeopardy-1.4646556 This should be an essential service, not only for the safety of sledders and other people in these underserved areas, but also for the various supporting businesses who need internet access to provide access to customers. It is obvious that OFSC should have a stake in this and should support any intiatives in continuing these services.
  15. slomo

    Summer Projects

    Try this joke on her: A man walks into a wild west bar, fires his gun in the air and yells at the top of his voice "I looking for the S.O. B. that painted my horse green!!" A muscle bound seven foot tall man fondling a rattle snake at the bar turns and says "right here dude". The horse owner stops for a few seconds of reflection and says "Well, just came in to tell you that the first coat is dry". (might be a bit too soon for this joke after a few seconds of reflection)