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  1. slomo

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    That's what reporters do. When you consider that the only real qualification to snowmobile is to be able to afford it or at least have the ability to make monthly payments, some instruction is better than none. People are generally proud of learning a new thing though - maybe a small percentage will fudge the testing.
  2. slomo

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Might be connected - Parry Sound news, haven't looked hard but this seems to be the only mention of this plan so far: https://www.myparrysoundnow.com/39470/online-snowmobile-courses-becoming-available-in-ontario/
  3. slomo

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Actually you can....there was a batch of McDonalds discount coupons in the mail this month, good until October 13th or 15th. Usually another batch appears just as sledding season is about to start and very handy if you are trailering to different regions.
  4. slomo

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Yes. I am constantly amazed that on a pickup truck forum I view regularly, people say that their $80,000.00 truck shouldn't have this trouble [insert deficiency here] as if this is okay for lower priced versions of the same model with less options. (the increased horsesh*t options on the expensive vehicle probably making it more complicated and prone to break down in the first place)
  5. That's why you need a full-time government lobbyist.
  6. slomo

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    Went on a road trip to Quebec in August to acquaint myself with the various regions - (also admit to dropping down to Edmundston, N.B.'s The Pirate restaurant for a lobster roll) - the area you describe looks pretty good and not too far a drive - - spent some time cataloguing accomodation places for myself travelling alone or some that were slightly upscale for both ms. slomo and myself - The smart phone with trail app comes in handy both for trails and roads- Looking forward to the season -
  7. slomo

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    In anticipation of something similar, did some sorting out of resources last year - pretty well summarized last April post- might be helpful: Several of the folks with negative views of the Quebec map did not (in my opinion) realize how it worked with the different tabs at the top. Once you fool with it for a while you get used to its superior capabilities compared to the OFSC. Try plotting a few routes on a PC for fun - not sure how well it works on a Mac. Also, got a used Android phone and downloaded last year's on line map which will show your GPS position even when off-line (will run a separate power source from sled battery for increased power useage) . There will be an update map in the fall so you might want to wait for it - I got last year's just to see how it went. Quebec is usually well represented at the Toronto sled show if you are planning to attend this. Enjoy the planning. Always remember - it's not the destination, it's the journey. That's what all the eventual losers on those TV game shows say.
  8. slomo

    Missing winter? Me Too.

    Darn tootin - this weather is unbearable. Winter vacations are the way to go - except for the inconvenience of a few blizzards, roads are less crowded and the Cottage Life Magazine types have all gone south.
  9. slomo

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    I am not in the same category as everyone here on the forum with slick suits, but will put in a good word for the BRP Absolute 0 jacket (around $500.0 or so) and the purchase of a heated jacket liner with a variable heat control for those really cold days. Check motorcycle shops for Gerbing, Powerlet, and other brands. I was not too impressed with Gears brand - heating element burned through the cloth and had little success with an exchange. Got the Powerlet jacket and have electrical connections to run off sled 12 volt accessories circuit. Purchase tip: Make sure you try the electric jacket liner on before buying - sizes are all over the map. (I admit to being husky, but XXXXL ? )
  10. This article has recently appeared again - re-cycled for about the third time....getting on in years, but I think I remember a lot of discussion on this forum re butter tarts prior to this article... Maybe Blake and others should get a percentage....
  11. At first glance doesn' t look like the guy has held any job for very long...... Maybe we will see a goodbye to the Nicholson, the Lesters, and their friends.
  12. slomo

    Newfoundland anybody

    Best article on the snow fall I think - National Post: Rex Murphy: In Newfoundland, climate change (from bad to worse) is a given 'No two days the same' should be the provincial motto. 'Tomorrow will certainly be worse' should be the followup http://nationalpost.com/opinion/rex-murphy-in-newfoundland-climate-change-from-bad-to-worse-is-a-given "It is an enduring puzzle to me why the International Panel on Climate Change, instead of jetting off to Rio and Paris and Copenhagen — all of them centred in ridiculously stable climates — to hold their jumbo séances and fire dances to the climate gods, don’t just schedule one say, in Gander. (Not Torbay in St. John’s — let’s give them a chance.) The “case” for climate change would have its Q.E.D.s and eurekas! even before they landed. They’d be circling the airport and flying back and forth to Halifax for days before there was a break in the clouds, a halt in the wind and rain, or a space between blizzards to allow them to land." "Up here in balmy Toronto, the patio creatures who disappear every winter were back in full latte force, the birds were clearing their little throats and practicing their scales, and the delightful “weather specialists” of the local TV channels were rabbiting on about sun screens and UV rays. Back home, on the other hand, all was misery and consternation and despair. Up to 40 centimetres of snow (20 times a “military-grade” fall in Toronto, be it noted) powerfully propelled by 80-kilometre winds were lacerating the great towns of Central Newfoundland and the metropolis of Gander of Come From Away fame, in a blizzard frenzy unknown even to veterans of the great penguin march in Antarctica. It was too bad Morgan Freeman was for the moment tied up or the locals would have called on him for one of his glorious voice-overs." (FFS.... not Morgan too.....)
  13. slomo

    I quit

    Testing 1 2 3.... From TV show Frasier - "Where's There's Smoke There's Fired"...Frasier must help his boss's fiance to quit smoking - Frasier realizes that the fiance is his agent Bebe... Bebe: After dinner is the time I need a cigarette most. As long as I don't stop eating, I'll be fine. Frasier: This is very good, Bebe. You're already identifying those moments that trigger your worst cravings. Bebe: [sarcastic] Yeah, yeah! Frasier: What is so wonderful about smoking? Bebe: Everything! I like the way a fresh firm pack feels in my hand. I like peeling away that little piece of cellophane and seeing it twinkle in the light. I like coaxing that first sweet cylinder out of its hiding place and bringing it slowly up to my lips. Striking a match, watching it burst into a perfect little flame and knowing that soon that flame will be inside me! [Begins displaying innuendo] Bebe: I love the first puff, pulling it into my lungs... little fingers of smoking filling me, caressing me, feeling that warmth penetrate deeper and deeper until I think I'm going to burst! [Frasier raises his eyebrow] Bebe: Then 'woosh!'... watching it flow out of me in a lovely sinuous cloud, no two ever quite the same! Daphne: [Visibly aroused, as are the others] More potatoes, anyone? I can remember Fred Davis smoking on the set of Front Page Challenge....
  14. slomo

    Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Dymond Are those large flaps installed along under the trailer for wind efficiency? Wondering how efficient they are. (could also keep cyclists out from under the trailer as well I guess) Has anyone come up with something that would keep a pickup truck tailgate free from snow build up in the winter?
  15. Be that as it may, we have had examples of cities springing up in the middle of nowhere all over our fair Dominion....Bai Comeau, Elliot Lake, Pine Point, Kittimat come to mind...Sudbury in its early days...