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  1. Sudbury will survive the weather

    Stayed at the Windy Lake motel last weekend - direct access to the Cartier Moose Loop to the north was excellent - some thin snow but mostly super highway. Motel is older, but has good wifi, very hot and cold running water, (flush toilet) small fridge, and restaurant and gas on site. Not for everyone however - late arrival on Friday night (Saturday morning - 3:30 am - no sh*t) guy drove all the way from extreeem south western Ontario - could hear girl friend immediately and loudly complaining. Obviously not there for the sledding despite some fancy snowmobiles - they went somewhere else the next day. What a harpie.
  2. Zrtkat made it to the truck yahooooo

    Next time your suit gets wet, roll in the snow and let it freeze. Extra layer of insulation. Never tried it myself, but saw a guy in Inuvik, NWT, above Arctic circle on the Rick Mercer show recommend this - his truck went through the ice while working on the ice road so he had to keep warm. Glad you had a great trip.
  3. Planning a 2019 ride

    Yes, it was recommended to me in Maine last March when talking to a guy to go through Maine and up into Quebec through New Hampshire. If you hit it right, they have reciprocal passes between the two states.
  4. Bridges and Sleds

    Remembered another one from my archives....St John river bridge, Grand Falls, trail 12, New Brunswick...one lane....

    Based out of Windy Lake Motel, Onaping Falls, north Sudbury, for the weekend and rode trails associated with the Cartier Moose trail - C111D and others. You know you are in the right place -right on the trail, gas, restaurant on site - when the cleaning lady asks "how are the trails?" instead of "do you need any towels?". disclaimer - I received no discounts or other consideration for mentioning Windy Lake Motel - Oscar the restaurant guy won't even tell me where he sources the excellent cake like hamburger buns used to make the home made burgers in the restaurant. Olympic standard cross country trails 30 yards down the road if your partner likes to ski instead of riding two up. North of Windy Lake: South of Windy Lake: ...the best clouds in Canada....northern Ontario.....I miss them..... Trail signage was just excellent! Onaping Falls club does a great job. 9 out of 10 conditions on most trails circling north, okay to the south, but south of and around Fairbank Lake to Lively and Chelmsford, thin snow, some snirt, and the sound of gravel on carbides. Looks like this system will endure for the next few days anyway although some snow would help. Will post longer once I have the time and photos back from drug store.
  6. Bridges and Sleds

    Onaping Bridge - Cartier Moose Loop - C111D - ....trail and bridge seemed to be signed okay.......
  7. Zrtkat in st Raymond

    Another useful ordering idiom - all dressed - when you want your amburger loaded.
  8. Parry Sound Parking

    Gav - is the Lick's and the juice place staying open or are they closing at the same time as Hortons? I imagine you could get a coffee at the Petrocan or are they closing early too?
  9. Rockys!

    "An outhouse builds character" - Winston Churchill
  10. Tomorrow’s ride...

    That would be my suggestion for you....lots of snow on Saturday and a lot more fell last Sunday in the northern area of your map....a couple of pics from last Saturday trails 804 805...did almost the same as your plan B above on the top half anyway...DunAhmic and Cramadog trails.....check WildBill's post around here somewhere about bulldozing on the C alternate(?) trail Hope this is helpful - on the ITG C101 is marked yellow - did probably get a lot of wear last weekend. Maybe look more north toward Port Loring from the Cramadog trails?

    Had to look twice there...thought somehow you had gotten yellow boots to complete your outfit.... Have fun on that thing!

    Shout out to the DunAhmic club, north district 10 ....excellent job on the trails in probably one of the roughest geographic regions in the province....got to ride from the camp last Saturday... bit of POW on Manitowabing (as the young folks say) woodland trails excellent in flat areas....somewhat stretched and worn in the hills over rocks... Was able to get in a couple of circle tours and did not get killed on C101 Sunday was spent shovelling off the roof - if you haven't checked yours in the area for a while, about a foot of compacted rain drenched and then frozen layer, covered by a foot or two of lighter stuff.
  13. Bridges and Sleds

    C trail north of Port Severn - Argyle trail Port Loring Aside to the above Latchford world's shortest bridge.....another claim to this in Grand Falls, New Brunswick seen on ride out there last March.... And in Hartland, New Brunswick, which also has claim to the world's longest covered bridge... Be bringing a measuring tape with me on this year's trip out I guess...
  14. OFSC "Stay Connected" Events Section

    Looks like Mr. /(Ms?) Champlain has a good grasp of the current situation.
  15. OFSC "Stay Connected" Events Section

    Well, at first I took some exception to this ...pretty low, but to turn a negative into a positive as is my usual habit....that facebook digital social media stuff can be a double edge sword for some people .....here are more French Canadian explorers for whom to be on the lookout as not all posts are going to go your way....and this group can be particularly hurtful.... Be warned. I look forward to when the next posting of the marketing Request for Proposals - it will be a really interesting time.