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  1. Anyone Know what this is about?

    Got the email about this contest this morning....bumped its way into my top 5 most useless contests of all time.....an article about you in a magazine is the prize?? FFS......this is the best they can do? Must have escaped somebody's notice that people are now publishing their own stories on web sites, weblogs, facebook, etc.... ...they'll probably lose most of the entries anyway given past history....
  2. Gas Station Closures & Openings

    Closed - no trail nearby.
  3. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    green eh? another tactic.....How about that outfit and their friends that won the 'competition' for marketing the OFSC, get in the Toronto Pride Parade next summer, stage a protest, and threaten to hold up the parade until the demands for better sled trails and more funding are met.....it has worked for other groups if you've read a newspaper....judging by the pictures I have seen....arms crossed, chins forward, stern looking....they'd fit right in...take one for the team.
  4. Anyone Know what this is about?

    Seems to be reasons enough to start up one of those "go fund me" interweb pages....all the good ribbon colours have already been taken up by various charities and crying towel organizations....
  5. Anyone Know what this is about?

    Yep, Zoomer magazine......going to attract more old white people....(if you can still use that phrase these days)
  6. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    Don't interest people in the GTA, don't get any money. OFSC marketers should move on that.....where's the flying pig emoticon again.....
  7. Hey Trail Map

    Getting yearly passes for Ontario and New Brunswick.... https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/new-brunswick-announces-plans-for-supply-oversight-of-recreational-marijuana/article36280930/ "New Brunswick said it signed agreements with two federally licensed marijuana producers, Canopy Growth Corp. and Organigram Inc., to supply cannabis to the province when the market is opened. Similar agreements with other companies could be reached in future. Ms. Rogers said the province wanted to lock up supply in advance so that it isn't short once legalization arrives." Here's a government that knows what they are doing....trails are great too........
  8. New restaurant and accommodations in Port Loring

    Link to their website from the facebook page - http://www.theportshores.com/ according to the links for "jobs" they will not be open in the winter - saying jobs are seasonal. http://www.theportshores.com/jobs So in addition to being "cottage life" (surprised there is no spa) useless for sledders with the additional pain of the blockage of lake access - which was one of my favourites....bitter?....yes bitter... I know you meant well RW
  9. Hey Trail Map

    If you are experiencing drastic withdrawal symptoms, here are some freezes of the map from last year:
  10. Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    Trying to figure out how I can contribute as usually in a different location each weekend. Also, very less "dependent" on my cell flip phone than most- no texting and usually shut off. (yes, I am a mutant) Maybe create a new continuous sticky thread on the forum where members post where they are each trip (if they're in the same place for any length of time) or combined with 'help needed' postings? maybe too complicated....?
  11. 900 ACE Life Expectancy

    The same starter is used for both the 600ace and the 900ace, as well as one of the Seadoo models. The problem with the starter seems more prevalent with the 600ace model. Oil seeps through the o-ring from the engine (it is thought while cooling down) inundates the starter and severely fouls the brushes. A simple fix is to drill a small hole in the starter cap which equalizes the pressure. (top 3 photos courtesy of dootalk skandic expedition thread on which a very long thread exists on the topic) Starter apart - Hole location- Trick to hold brushed back in while re-assembling- (repeat for each of the remaining screws - after insertion, the 1" deck screws are easily removed) A kit with new brushes is available from BRP for around $60 CDN. The list price for a new BRP starter is $450.00. Equivalent model made by Stocker is available from Wild Bill at +- $160.00. Kimpex has a replacement for $129.00. I carry around a spare on my machine and could make the change trail side in under 10 minutes. Your results may vary. My first friggen car didn't cost $450.00........
  12. Visited them in Woodstock, N.B. last winter. Good people to deal with, but got mine done in Parry Sound. If you want a frame this would be a good place. Head down there next March break - 1 week later than the N.B. school March Break, trails are empty, do some sledding and bring in your trailer! Two good hotels there right on the trail - location for the headquarters for the N.B. trail system. Addendum - with a testimonial from MacTier, you know they are not making that up, and that it is legitimate! Could not have been from last year though....not that much snow....
  13. 900 ACE Life Expectancy

    Have been keeping an eye out on these on the dootalk forum - no mention of them blowing up. Some wiring harness crimping problems on certain models, they share an electric starter with the 600 ace which has been known to flood with oil and quit working without much warning. The "skandic-expedition" part of dootalk has a lot of information as per the 900ace on hunting and trapping like machines - no cold weather starting problems.
  14. Just not seeing the savings here Denis....creating a frame where none is necessary as the sled provides that on its own, you then have to cover it with some material which costs money, increased wind resistance and fuel costs, the joy of trying to drive screws into knotty, dried up, sometimes laminated pine 2X2's, your wife having your balls because the elegant slide on attachments to hold her two 16 foot kayaks during the sledding off season is no longer serviceable.....lacks a certain....elan....
  15. Trip out to New Brunswick and other places resulted in a lot of slush on my sled trailer, sled covers and the various tarps I was using so thought there must be a better way. Stuck inside due to a morning temperature of about -32 or so at Pres du Lac Motel in Grand Falls, (disclaimer got CAA rate and snowmobilers discount) started working on a few ideas - at least until it warmed up to -22 or abouts so I could get out on the trails......our friend The Navigator and I had discussed this for him at Nunz's get together as he was looking to trailer a single sled without a whole lot of money on an enclosed....he can have a look and see what he thinks...... concept started here.... a conceptual drawing...... later during the spring, a prototype.... off to NASA for math related feasibility studies... . wind tunnel tests..... ......and today final product minus some work on tie downs. Trailer was supplied to the fabricator with a total configuration of passenger seat and back rest, gas can, and related pack sack full of trail equipment. Allowances were made by the fabricator for when these thing were not included by installing web strapping that would allow tightening of the cover. The material is PVC 18 ounce vinyl tarp - same stuff as used on sides of transport truck trailers etc. As opposed to removing layers of tarp from the machine as in the past, this set up will allow rolling tarp forward over the machine and leaving rolled on the front while sled is off. I have a 137 inch track, which is about the same length as a two up, so any subsequent snowmobile purchased will also fit. Cost was around the $1,000.00 mark. With the money I've saved going this route instead of an enclosed trailer, I've got a trailer that can be used for a variety of purposes year round and I'm good for about 5 more week long trips to New Brunswick trails, PEI trails, Nova Scotia trails or maybe even Newfoundland.... I will miss the friendly horn honks etc. I used to receive with my old set up, but can't let sentimentality stand in the way of progress.... Off to find some stainless steel eye bolts.....

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