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  1. slomo

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    Good post IQ! From the 1966 movie "Beau Geste" with Telly Savalas as Sergeant Major Dajeneau "In the Legion, one must be prepared for the unexpected".
  2. slomo


    Do you think that a restaurant in town might deliver a pizza or Chinese food out that way ski? Too bad the restaurant at the Best Northern is closed for the winter - as is their motel and cabins. Loved that spot.
  3. slomo


    Having been there twice in March and once in April, remembered rouskis coming in handy from lake through town to Wawa Motor Inn. Road (trail) to the Esso mud. Trail at southern village had been hacked by log loaders. You can always turn around at the Mystic Isle Motel around Michipicoten if approaching from that direction.BTW trail goes right through the parking lot of that motel if seeking accomodation.
  4. slomo

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    Thanks for the post revrnd - prefer staying in Kap, but you never know. How's the wifi? - everything else looks good - fridge, micro, lots of space, hangers, etc.
  5. Just wanted to post this pic - saw this idea in the activities building of the resort that might be a bit of fun if you clear off an area of ice around your camp. Cut off a few lengths of logs, bend some landscaping nails, spray one set with paint, and curl. They appear to be using birch here, but oak or maple should be readily available in mid-Ontario. Remember.....anything can happen when you've been drinking in the afternoon! Have fun.
  6. slomo

    The freeriding has to STOP

    Yes, the first thing that came to mind. If you check the last magazine, Someone Lester wrote yet another fluff piece on how the trail people had to adapt to allow the off trailers to go off trail. BS they've been pushing for years as most of their advertising revenue comes from equipment related to this as well as sled modifications. I think they have another couple of years in the OFSC marketing contract so would not expect a different voice. I did notice in that same magazine that Mr. Nicholson's star and that of his 'buddies' may be setting, as he had to write a whole 'article' on how to drive your sled on asphalt - waste of ink could have been replaced by one word - rouskis (now kimpex) but perhaps he could not get a free pair to use.
  7. Final day.... Some good news for a change weather wise !... Started out early ...blustery and white out conditions at times.... For those folks coming through - trails survived the small amount of rain around here and are solid - travelled 33 north, 63, east and west... Very little grooming took place - some very bumby hills and anywhere else track spinners could wear down the trails. A couple of inches of snow and low contrast makes some riding difficult...sudden icey patches will make riding dangerous if you are not careful...occasional patches of slush and run offs, a bit of ground break through in areas south of St. Michel des Saints. All in all, a great vacation here.... and hope to return soon..... Now back to work to pay off ms. slomo's 'health related' massage invoice......and the rest of the trip! Barring some miracle, probably my last ride for the season.
  8. slomo

    Archive this Board?

    People can still look up previous trips in the area from other years, or use the pictures for answering someone's questions? I think what has happened Ox, is that the rapid nature of 'texting'' has evolved on forum posting - quick post instead of anything longer. Would be nice to see a few more posts related to specific areas better organized.
  9. Decided not to hit the trails today, as it began to rain off and on - however, will head north tomorrow and let you know what I see. My own opinion based on the warnings of flooding in Joliette, from where the French language weather network is mainly reporting for the area, is that you and your crew might want to stay north of a line drawn from Saint Donat de Montcalm across to Trois Rivieres. We will be heading home Sunday down highway 131 so I can also note if declining snow levels might be taking place closer to highway 40 west.
  10. Heading home on Sunday so not sure if a report from me on Saturday will be of use to you as not sure where you are going, but it looks like the rain forecast was less damaging in northern and higher areas....anticipated sitting out today (Friday) but with the POP so low as indicated, might get out after all.... Saint-Michel-des-Saints, QC Weather Updated on Fri Mar 15 6:35 AM - hourly Meantime, here is a plumbing report for White Dragon.... At the log cabin we stayed in.....got to admire the ingenuity of the construction of shower surround on this claw foot tub, but the water feed was totally different to anything I had seen or used before....no youtube videos available either... Unless you are really tall, climbing out of one of these can be dangerous to extremities as well... And how about this.....at our current condo.....sink is very serviceable as dirt doesn't show up that much keeping maintenance down... but does it not seem counter intuitive to have the lever move downward to turn on water flow and upward to turn it off? Up for on and down for off would work better.... not to mention that a tap marked C is for chaude (hot) and not cold. I'll let you know if the rain has affected the trails once I get out later....
  11. slomo

    Time to wake up guys....

    I hope I am not misinterpreting this, but when I wave someone over a road it means 'you go across first' after they have checked both ways of course. ? I have mirrors on mirrors on my machine and will be the first person to let you by, if I know you are coming up from behind. A couple of things that will help you as a 'passer'' -switch on your high beams - as revrnd says, the first thing I see from a sled from behind is headlights. Some people have caught on to that - flashing them off and on from a distance also gets some attention. Easy to do and works on long wide open trails. -come up behind the rider you are going to pass and 'keep station' for 5 or 10 seconds- give them the opportunity to know you are there. Most riders who pass don't slow down and are not seen or acknowledged until the very last minute. The few seconds you use to do this might save startling someone and have their sled bunt yours over an embankment or into a tree. -be courteous after you pass and have the last person in your group give the 'last sled in line' signal so the passed person knows he/she can get back on normal running after stopping or slowing down. There was one group around Petawawa this season in which every single rider gave a position signal and last sled in line - marveled at their professionalism.
  12. Thanks Fuse6 - we will see how things look on Saturday - Will bring sandwiches and extra gas!
  13. slomo

    St.Raymond Quebec - March 8 - 12

    Takes some work and research to get to know the province, tourism regions, trail reporting, accommodations etc. - but well worth it. Hope your trip this weekend is successful!- noticed your post on Quebec Rider forum.
  14. Day 2.... Like everywhere else, rain is expected...... Figured I'll get out for a short run to town as we are low on bread and keep going until the rain starts....not a whole lot of pictures, but did get north of here on mainly good trails....picked up some information on potential places to stay in future trips.... Two inches of snow and newly groomed trails for the most part.... A group on a tour..... Last pic before calling it a day.... If the forecast is accurate, likely sitting out Friday - try a few of the other things around here. I am confident there will be some sledding on Saturday. more later....
  15. After a 4 hour drive from our previous stay at Saint Raymond, we arrive at Les Condos du Lac Taureau, just north of Saint Michel des Saints, Lanaudiere region. The only hitch in the drive occurs in Joliet, where ms slomo and her coupon book attempts to order our food - I tell her I want a Big Mac as the extra free sandwich, but end up with a quarter pounder. Her French vocabulary needs work. Before I start, just wish to point out that the Condos du Lac Taureau have a separate web site from the hotel (auberge) du lac Taureau, although both are at the same location. Condos: http://condoslactaureau.com/en/home/ Hotel: https://www.lactaureau.com/lanaudiere-resort/index.aspx Just wanted to make that distinction as I had us reserved at hotel before finding the condo site entirely by accident and realizing that a better and similar costing deal for a completely equipped condo was more or less equal to a hotel room cost. Yet, the condo occupants have the exact same access to all the hotel facilities - without going outside - and there are plenty of extras available. (BTW - I got no discount or special consideration for the mention of this resort or the previous one from which we travelled. - unlike some) We check in..... We had booked a base model condo, but Christian, the general manager, upgraded us to one with a separate bedroom, and great outside views, as they were not too busy after the Quebec March break. Not only that, but during our sign in conversation, he began speaking in French to his assistant at the next desk, and I muttered "holy merde"- turns out he is from France, speaks the Parisian French we were taught in high school, and I can actually understand almost 60% of what he says. As you can see, a very nice spot, with everything needed to be self- sufficient. There are a whack of activities and features - indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, any number of hot tubs, equipment rental for all outdoor activities - even a set of curling 'rocks' made of log segments with iron handles - and ms slomo is tearing a hole in the budget with the massages and spas available. You should try a stay in a place like this at least once in your lifetime - everyone will be happy. The next day....up early and out on the trails, which initially not groomed are in great shape. Appropriation of culture - ho hum, less expensive rates. You can get a tour of the reserve to the north of here at Manawan... Several kilometers from the resort first one on newly groomed trails Someone's neat camp... Getting ready for the big sled party on Saturday at Le Cabanon.... I generally tool around south of St. MIchel des Saints, make it over to Le Barrier, and drop into Auberge Glacciere where I was at at Christmas time. Kilometers go on very quickly around the trails here! There were two tour buses here for the last few days.....prior to leaving on my ride this day, saw a guy in a yellow reflective vest which indicated he was the leader of a "motoneige adventure" group and a little later watched a line up of about 40 people dressed in identical snow suits and wearing very strange shade of blue helmets, heading for the sled compound. Looked like a group of movie earthlings lined up to board a ship for another planet. Glad I got away early, but it might have been entertaining to watch the hubub and confusion as they all left on their assigned sleds. More later....