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  1. slomo

    Invest in locks!

    PLP construction adhesive will also work if the right conditions (warm) exist for curing.
  2. Cheaper than therapy if you don't have an employer sponsored health plan......should also mention the Northridge Inn at the other end of Lake Bernard, but don''t see any trails open to it currently and it seems like every weekend for the next while has been booked for weddings? I thought there might be something wrong with their website but according to ms. slomo, many people are now getting married in the winter due to lower costs......hmmmmm https://northridgeinn.com/ Believe Slow Touring Guy stayed here for a second honeymoon once.....can't find the post though.....
  3. That is true! Weather is a big factor as well - like Manitoulin Island, if you don't get there while conditions are good, you will probably have to wait another year. Been to Prince Edward County twice - you can get a decent day's riding in if you make the effort....some nice trails when they are open...... If going to the races, bring your sled, just in case.
  4. Concur - even Ned Nickerson who stayed there last January could not utter a single positive word about the hotel even though it was probably free. (he features a weazel out clause at the end of each "report") I would suggest the Algonquin motel up the road about 10 minutes in South River- good trail access and a free breakfast although you have to go 5 minutes into town for it. Now that pot is legalized, you might even like the rooms depending on your point of view..... http://www.algonquinmotel.ca/ Pics are from February 2016. Your results may differ.
  5. 8:30? You need one of these: good the trails worked out.
  6. Impressive fellas - you might call mine Camp Plus - love my running hot and cold water.... And here's how it started out......Atco $800.00 Post more videos Dan! I had a brief introduction to the Sault trails last March - hope to return.
  7. You are speaking my language! Darn poofters from southern Ontario and their '"cottages" !!!!
  8. Not exactly my thing but passing it on for those who might be interested - and if trails are open in the area see the races, do a bit of riding and enjoy a nice lodge and restaurant - The Staff and Management of isaiah tubbs . We are very excited to announce that isaiah tubbs resort will be hosting the Ontario Snowmobile Oval Racers Sand Dunes Cup on Westlake January 19th & 20th! Gates open at 7am. Warm up laps from 8:30am to 9:30am with the racing starting at 10:30am, finishing at dusk. General admission is $10 per person per day at our main entrance gate. Children 6 and under are free. Want to be where the action is? Pit passes are available at an additional $10 per person per day. Our licensed restaurant and lounge will be open all day Saturday with live entertainment featuring Tony Board & Derrick Bell from 5-8pm. Sunday The Knoll opens at 6am for breakfast with lunch beginning at 11am. Looking to stay warm throughout the day? The Knoll will be offering a BBQ canteen and beach bonfire. The beach canteen will accept cash only. Special room rates available, please contact isaiah tubbs for more details (613) 393-2090. For more race information visit https://www.osor.ca/ or https://www.facebook.com/groups/OntarioSnowmobileOvalRacers/# Link to event: https://www.osor.ca/osor-race-isaiah-tubbs-resort?utm_campaign=Snowmobile%2C%2BRaces&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Snowmobile%2BRaces%2Bon%2BWestlake%2B Isaiah Tubbs is a nice place to stay - if at the restaurant, check out sitting in the bar section as you can have a table in front of a 6 foot high fireplace. Rooms are dated but nice - often have a two nights for one special. Trail access from the resort- Just happen to be on their email list - you get the same rates as I do. I did not receive any discounts or special consideration for this post.
  9. slomo

    Trails in and around Timmins

    Don't be discouraged - enjoyed both your pictures and the sign dialogue you initiated.
  10. slomo

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Here are a couple of possibilities: I am reconsidering my prior contentment with the OFSC ITG - such important sledding map points as Astorville, Port Loring, Ardbeg, and Deux-Rivieres (just after a brief search ) can't be found and a million useless place names for lakes are included - and no - zooming does nothing to alleviate this. Not only does this make the mapping useless for sledders, it would certainly be a contentious issue for potential and current businesses who pay to "get on the map". Looks like the mappers cheaped out on the map base and users and sponsors are paying the price.
  11. slomo

    North Bay vs. Sudbury

    Some recent insight in this thread from soupkids in Sudbury: http://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19428-sudbury-valley-inn/ Have a look at revrnd's accommodation guide if you are not familiar with it - link is in his signature.
  12. slomo

    North Bay vs. Sudbury

    I would strongly advocate a change in your choice of accomodation if going to North Bay to snowmobile. Wait for Nipissing to freeze up and be staked and choose one of the chain motels on Lakeshore Ave or the Ramada Pinewood Park on Pinewood Drive with direct access to trails without a water crossing. Trails through urban North Bay are notorious for being thin. Easy to access the lake trail from most of the establishments along Lakeshore - Sunset Inn probably being the easiest. None of these appearing on the ITG for some reason.
  13. slomo

    first 2 rides of the season

    Thanks - looks like great tours. Might have to head west some time. Imagine stumbling around that town inebriated at night and coming around the corner of that building to run into the wild turkey!
  14. slomo

    Sudbury Valley Inn

    I would recommend moving to the Windy Lake Motel. It is on the trail, has gas and a restaurant. Basic motel, but it is in the woods more and less and will suffer any warm weather less than the Valley Inn which is in a built up area. Would be bad to drive all the way from the Buffalo to have poor conditions. https://www.windylakemotel.com/ Pics from last year on the Moose Loop: Groomer leaves motel and trail through the parking lot.
  15. slomo

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Was disappointed to find that on the PC based ITG the names of towns were missing, while practically every single lake was named which was distracting and for the most part useless. i.e. Try finding Port Loring. I generally like the ITG, but lack of communities is a problem. Street names would also be helpful.