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  1. slomo

    ceo at OFSC gone

    Really nothing to worry about revrnd....plenty of politicians also leave for various reasons "to spend more time with their families".
  2. slomo

    Haliburton Forest

    Dug up an old post from January 2012 - new machine that year and the only time I've been there. For long time forum members, there are a few names from the past you'll recognize. As Canuck reports, the accomodations were (and still are increasingly) expensive for what you get, but handy. Restaurant was a nice feature as well. Link to accomodations report: Haliburton Forest was also the site at which my interview and cover with Time took place. Good times.
  3. slomo

    ceo at OFSC gone

    Never bashed a volunteer or hard working staff in my life. It's the leaches of this sport that bother me to some degree.
  4. slomo

    ceo at OFSC gone

    Probably got tired of bumping heads with the old boys protecting their turf, while trying to get something done.
  5. slomo

    2014 Skidoo 600 Mxz Ace Sport

    I was marvelling at that myself! Nice setup. Hope the sled sells!
  6. slomo


    I am on several Quebec rider forums as well and there have been no complaints. Maybe you ought to expand your own horizons a bit before telling people what they don't know.
  7. slomo


    The OFSC hires a fulfillment company in Brampton or Mississauga for the delivery of trail passes. It can't even send out emails properly. In addition, you must have overlooked my comparison to the process with regard to Quebec.
  8. slomo

    2014 Skidoo 600 Mxz Ace Sport

    Not even broken in yet!
  9. slomo

    Best Trailer Locks

    Thanks Grover for the link to the fascinating video! I think I might just have found my new retirement hobby - in addition to sledding of course.
  10. slomo

    Best Trailer Locks

    I went with 3 German made Abus Diskus locks on my trailer after some research - if you've got the best hybrid trailer in the business, your locks should be best in the world as well. You generally have to get these from a specialized lock shop. The 241B/70 came out on top in terms of how long it took thieves to open them compared to other brands, in addition to having the best corrosion resistance. No lock is impervious to someone wanting to break in - research youtube videos for a bunch of people whose hobby it is to open locks by picking - but if you can slow thieves down or make things inconvenient, they might move on or be discovered. Another good reason for using the SuperClamps inside the trailer is that you can lock them down with padlocks as well, making a further pain in the butt for would be thieves......if you're using the clamps anyway, why not? Maybe next year if I have the time, I'll set up a thief triggerable disco light and music display inside the trailer, kind of like the display featured inside the car on that "Cash Cab" show with a revolving light outside as well. Or maybe not.
  11. slomo


    I just don't understand why the process doesn't work as advertised - every other on-line purchase I have made in my entire on-line purchasing experience has worked flawlessly, Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Kijiji from US and Canada, and any number of other merchandisers. I just received a large 3'by 4' under engine shield for my wife's car all the way from China, it arrived in 7 days, and I could track it practically every step of the way! I paid an extra $10 for tracking on my Ontario trail pass, in that my address, being a unit number with no one home during the day, has to be monitored. I was lucky to get the Purolator "not at home when we were here" sticker as it was fastened on an outside window! There was no email communication at all, except when I emailed the OFSC to find out why I had not received a confirmation message. Second year in a row of troubles in this regard. It is tiresome to compare to the Quebec trail pass online system, but received my trail passes from there, two bought at different times, received in 5 days, insurance refund in about 8 days. OFSC needs to hire some professionals. hey Ox - This would make an excellent signature line for you....stretch it out a bit for effect "I am familiar....but not concerned." (not too much of a market for skidoo recoils I would not think!)
  12. slomo


    Did you get it via Canada Post or by a courier?
  13. slomo

    Best Trailer Locks

    Another idea for keeping your safety chains tidy if you missed it last summer - you need the heavy duty bicycle inner tubes that are puncture resistant - says right on the box - @Canadian Tire.
  14. slomo

    Early and late rides 2019 - 2020

    Don't forget that practicing you were going to do in November.....
  15. slomo

    OFSC Interactive Map

    Interesting Denis, while recognizing your comment as tongue in cheek, is that there seem to be very few accomodation places in the northern area featured on the map. Not worth the money to advertisers?