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Any updates for 2021 season?

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This board has gone quiet.   Anyone have news in the area or status quo for the region?   I see a new groomer on FB if memory serves to replace the old.  Perhaps FB has taken over as the place for updates. 


Happy trails ... once this current Christmas rain storm runs its course. 


- large 

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1 hour ago, XTC500 said:

Large,   This forum has turned into a soapbox for people to use to bitch about politics.

Which is what a family does until snow starts to fall and trails open. Scroll up and down facebook pages if you want - this forum has been here long enough that opinions and help can be trusted. 

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I find that half-baked political opinion detracts from the value of this site (the broken record effect).


The amount of useful sledding information on Facebook has increased immensely over the past few years.


Even so, this forum has many fine members with plenty to offer.

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Just when we had some cold weather to help freeze up some mud holes, we got lots of rain and what snow we had took a beating.


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I was out for my second ride of the season on Tuesday (3 days ago) and headed out from home to check out the trails up to Deux Rivières. The pipeline from Pembroke was thin and lot's of low brush through the groomer pass. Shared use trail just before Deep River was the usual rough section but I removed lots of rocks from trail.


The magic starts west of Deep.  The A was really good for what little base we have all the way up to the 197 loop, that was it's usual excellent condition. Didn't get to ride the other 190 loops but did the 131.  It was rough on the west end and great on the east.  


Besides the 1/2 hr of freezing rain, it was a perfect 9hr outdoor trip covering 350kms. Had only seen 5 other sleds until a group of 4 heading out of Petawawa and 2 in town.


The NRSA trails are my go to consistently good trail area, just hate the B railbed trip to Pet, then all the road crossings and boring pipeline I have to endure before enjoying them.  I have it so hard.


I would update again as we got more snow yesterday, but I had to tear the chaincase apart as the top gear bushing was gone.  Hopefully parts are in today as the trails should be set for this weekend.

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Got back out this week on Wednesday to the area again to hit as many trails as possible. The rail bed coming in to and through Pembroke and Petawawa are pretty good considering there is minimal snow coverage and still rocks scattered in the usual trouble spots.


Pipeline has greatly improved up through Chalk to Deep with the only rough area leaving Pet to the first road crossing on the Base.  


The A continued to be excellent past Rolphton, Stonecliffe and, before you know it, up to Deux Rivière and 200kms done. The only thin area was the hydo line section.


Now time to enjoy the loops for the return trip.  The 197 was a fast dream ride that goes on and on.  I thought the 195 had the closed section so I bypassed it, my mistake.  The 191 had the closed section and I mistakenly took it, making it the first closed trail I've ridden. It was the usual covered road running on the west end but once you turn in to the woods it has also been plowed down for several kms to a private property half way round the 191.  Definitely passable and the east end is great and the only side I'd do in the future.


The 193 is the tighter, slower leisurely ride where you don't want to meet anyone on the trail. I skip the 137 to the 136 so don't know how the ungroomed mid section is.


The 131 was unfortunately rough throughout.  There were several places where sledders turned around and went back to the A. I stood and continued on.  With grooming it will get sorted out.


Now to the fast 132 wide racetrack.  Didn't disappoint, I even overtook a Jeep driving down the center of the trail!  The 134 is much slower and rougher as it's the narrower woods trail.


The return on the A back to the B was quick and got me home for a total of 407 kms for the day. Saw about 25 sleds, 2 deer, 1 grouse and 1 dog.


Enjoy the weekend!

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