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  1. My son and I actually watched a couple of their episodes on youtube tonight, Although I dont agree with some of their ideas about off trail riding, I do like their sled reviews and miss the magazines. I still have all the old buyers guides back to 2010, still read them on the throne
  2. What a joke, $20 k for a sled and you have to worry about that crap I currently drive a 16 Apex and will be my last Yamaha
  3. Planning on lunch there tomorrow I can find out
  4. Should be good, it was groomed from Snow Rd up Monday I believe Sharbot Lake to Snow Rd was done Saturday night, it’s been rough due to excessive traffic . There’s a section that’s plowed north of the E104 turn to Ompah I haven’t been that far up but they say it’s good ice base where plowed loop trails around Snow Road will be good
  5. I understand that, its the whole sue sue society that has us in the state we are in with risk management and insurance, nobody takes responsibility for their own bad decisions.
  6. The blame goes to the people that sue, they need to take responsibility for their own actions, our trails are getting busy and Ive already seen a few spots where someone has missed a corner. For no reason, lay off the throttle and drive to what you see
  7. Ok thanks, we have done up to 500 a day, not by choice just wrong mileage . We are trying to cut back to 350 max per day, Last couple years we have rolled into our rooms in the dark on a couple nights. Not fun, I like sitting down having a refreshment by 4or 5
  8. Yes we are hoping to take the 78, save us some miles, and do the bigger loop on the way back .Never been on the C from Suds up to Timmins, that i remember! Thanks for your info
  9. I have no problem with doing 12 hrs shifts, my route this week was 14 with openning gates and cutting trees, Im in construction its normal to me. Its finding other people to do more, they have other jobs during the day so they cant do 12 hours. Your professional truck drivers, do they do their 13 hrs and then go jump in a groomer for 12? Cant see it It was from our executive that wanted 8 hr shifts and I understood that came from above. As far as the driver abstact, the clubs should be able to figure out if the guy is capable to operate the groomer or not, we dont just take a stranger off the street and say away you go. It is not a requirement from insurance, we only require a copy of our employees license, its just more paper work for nothing, the cowboys you refer to are on the 180 hp turbo sidewinder or 850 freeride. They are the ones with weapons, not the 10km/h tractors. They are the ones that require abstacts
  10. How can they have the power or authority to cut or decide groomer numbers, but their hands are tied when it comes to CP or MTO, Funny crap right there. What are we paying these people for Should not be discussed on this forum but I really dont care anymore
  11. Change of plans Soup, we are still going to stage out of Sportsmans, but going to head north to Timmins and up to Hearst and back, I see a closed section just north of Sportsmans, forcing us to do the loop to the east, Do you think that little section might open soon. Thanks
  12. Yep, Im close to walking, it started for me with the reduction of the groomer fleet, they practically gave away good equipment that clubs could have used. They want us to do 8 hr shifts max, we struggle to do some routes in 12, because we went from 4 -5 machines. We have to meet up in our own vehicles to spare each other off at our own cost. We cant make up a normal schedule because the groomers dont have a stationary post. I m tired of hearing you are the OFSC, sorry to say I Am not,
  13. They are too busy getting driver abstracts for volunteers to be bothered with real trail issues, Ive been in this game for a long time and I am sick and tired of the crap that comes down the pipeline. They do a great job of passing the buck when it counts though!
  14. The people at the top are too worried about drivers abstracts and creating new regulations and more paperwork, they are way out of touch with the real problems. I understand risk management but they went too far with the driver abstract. As Crow said the main guys and gals doing the real work are getting tired, myself included.
  15. No worries, its all good stuff to read as we sit and wait for snow
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