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  1. Quebec has similar issues, Logging north of Verandrye closed that connection for this past season, 386 north to Valdor i think
  2. Paid by district, but like I said some is paid and a lot is volunteer No old boys club here, we openly invite anybody to our meetings. Have not seen a line up at the door yet, some nights hardly have enough to hold a meeting. I would gladly give up my position and sit and watch for trails to go green, especially if accused of lining my pockets
  3. So does this include trail building type work, dozer excavator etc.. as a conflict I’m currently VP for our club, Clubs been using my equipment for years, some paid some volunteer
  4. We were out yesterday staking a lake a doing some signs, come to the clubhouse to get some pickets, 5 sleds sitting there. New sleds, 2 had visible permits, 2 had them in their pocket, 1 didnt have one at all I lost my crap on the guy with no permit, I was going to take a pic of his reg. numbers, but he didnt even have that. I had to walk away Bring on the OPP
  5. So if the trails are allowed to be open, and we do get snow, what about the groomer operators that have to drive to get to the machine, Not essential travel, A lot of clubs might not bother until lock down is over
  6. Just a Tad off topic
  7. Im on here every night, just reading comments kills time right now, If you dont like it why you here
  8. Yes i agree its awesome news, Its a great access into Quebec, my wife and I staged out of Kirkland Lake last year, went from there to the Val dor Amos area. The lake and the few km of ungroomed wasnt the end of the world by anymeans, sure will be great to be groomed right to the border
  9. No Im not a whiney bitch, Im willing to take the loss, If my permit dollars dont get used, Im sure they will go on to improve equipment, I will need that spare belt at some point
  10. I get a real kick out of the guys and or gals that complain about losing their $200 for the permit if the trails dont open, I bought a spare belt for my sled today it was 244 plus tax I doubt i will get that back if trails dont open
  11. Myself as a long term volunteer, I hope with the lack of snow and the covid restrictions, some of the newbies and Jerks will get out of the sport I am sick and tired of off trail BS, and the lack of respect volunteers and clubs get for the work they do. Maybe the OFSC and the lesters could get together, , buy some private land for their Off trail market, which is all you see on their mags anymore Sorry for the rant but I know Im not alone on this
  12. Going to be tough for us, as our club is split right in the middle of 2 different health units
  13. GTC

    Snow ?

    0 degrees all day with rain, but its early very rare to groom before Christmas. Cold coming this week finally
  14. We went ahead and bought 2, we weren't going to but its just too close. Hope they dont close the border
  15. She is clearly a liar, as we have not received Land Use Agreement from her yet either in our area EOTA does the same to us every year on the rail bed between Sharbot Lake and Mountain Grove We wanted to do some grading on that portion, but with out an agreement we can’t get a PO for the work
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