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  1. PLC, this is dated April/21, so I don't know if it is an update or not. I agree, clubs operate on a small dedicated crew, and too few people have to do too much to keep this sport going.
  2. So got email Sunday night for review for upcoming club meeting. Here is a screenshot of trail permit agreement. Will bring it up at the club meeting (zoom), looks like I and 2 others will have to step down from one position or another, or maybe all of 'em and just go back to watching, waiting and hoping for trails to open.
  3. Not seeing the rationale in this. Our district pays groomer operators a wage based on years of experience. It isn't much of a gap from low to high, and it is done at district, not voted on by club board members. I am a trail work volunteer for the last few decades (55 kms worth currently), groomer operator for last 10+ years, and this year, second time in 30 years, a club board member, only because the need for representation from my area is needed. Lots of riders around here, but most are "too busy" to do anything more than pay a couple hundred bucks for a pass, and offer "cons
  4. I enjoy both, and although I don't get to northern Ontario as often as I would like, when we do it's always after our trails are done. It's very hard to ride our trails after being up there. Just totally different.
  5. Going to get another year out of the TNT 900. Other priorities to take care of, dang it all. Have been on a Doo for as long as I can remember, but really like the color combinations available from Polaris.
  6. This happened to us last time we got up there 3 seasons ago. Warm day, a real beauty really, and had to giver to get back to NL to get the trucks. Had to go back to KL to pick up a dead sled. These are the things that makes memories. I never recall the trips where nothing goes wrong. Have a good time.
  7. Crow

    Winter 2021

    Haha, might work next year. Low snow year here was easy to tell plowed, from corn stubble, to flat fields. They never seem to want to run on with on the first two.
  8. Crow

    Winter 2021

    Hoping you're right, but that's not been our results the last few years we planted it. Gave up on planting it for 3-4 years now, decided to give it a go again. We did switch planters to no-till since we stopped growing it, so maybe will make a difference? But it didn't work out last spring for a lot of acres around out area last spring the neighbors planted either. This may be the deciding year if we try again or not. On a side note, trails crossed 4 of our WW fields this season, just how things worked out. I put up seeded area signs on 1 as I didn't have more at the time, and lazi
  9. Crow

    Winter 2021

    We've had years where the winter wheat died where the trail was, and others where the only place it survived was under the trail base. I think most the problem with WW is the cold winds after the melt. This year looks like that kind of year. Snow and ice cover melted Wednesday and wheat had a green tinge to it. We've had cold now for days and very strong winds and wheat beside my house is all brown. Bro' thinks it's toast, I guess we'll see.
  10. Crow

    Winter 2021

    Season officially ended here Thursday morning. Daylight revealed what the warm winds did overnight, and continued to do all day Thursday. Went from sleds going by on the trail behind the house Wednesday night, to motorcycles on the highway, and farm fields completely bare except for the odd sheltered spots. Pulled some signs and pickets Saturday and closed all our gates. Will get the rest done this week.
  11. Had a dealer like that. We found him by luck, and always a pleasure to deal with and great pricing for both trade and new. Could go a couple years without seeming him, and he would still know you by name. BRP forced his hand to upgrade (spend lots of money might never recover) or lose his franchise. He didn't upgrade. Too bad, for all involved really.
  12. Good thing Saturday is the 20th this year.
  13. We'll be done here (D1 west of Ottawa) this week by the looks of it. Trails today we're the best they've been all season, hard, flat and fast. Went for a short but spirited run this afternoon and cleaned any carbon out of the sled. If I don't go out tomorrow then that should be the end of '21 season for me.
  14. Rode that road section twice last season. Glad that it was able to reopen this year, and hope it stays that way. Passed the chance to run it today, friends went but I got in late (or early depending how you look at it) and too whipped to go.
  15. Crow

    Winter 2021

    It's a personal preference. I ran with no studs for years and years, then in '03 I decided to stud a new sled when the Mrs got her own ride. I liked it better than without, so studded my own. Traded my sled in, and decided to save a few bucks and not stud new one. Rode it that way for 5 seasons (because I'm cheap) and never really enjoyed it, always worried the ass end would come around in the right right handers and clip someone, or not get stopped quick enough, and crossing the roads, what a PITA, carbides dig in and track just spins. Studded it prior to last season, made those pro
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