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  1. soupkids

    Espanola trails

    Trails have been packed. Keep an eye on the itg for conditions.
  2. soupkids

    Midland/GBSR Trails closed

    WTF !!! Public Notice Important Notification for Snowmobilers Date: December 20, 2019 Please be advised that, due to issues beyond the control of the Town of Midland, the sanctioned snowmobile trails that are managed and maintained by Georgian Bay Snow Riders are closed for OFSC/GBSR use until further notice. With the trails closed, access and use for snowmobiling is prohibited, as there will be no grooming, maintenance or trail supervision. The Town is committed to continue working with the Clubs to open the trails as soon as possible. For any questions, please contact Georgian Bay Snow Riders: Phone: 705-529-3307 Email: gbsr77@gmail.com Website: www.georgianbaysnowriders.com
  3. soupkids

    Chateau Guay Motel Sold

  4. Well that's where I was, on the west side.
  5. soupkids

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    -25 when we starter brushing at 10 am this morning. God dam cold to be out brushing.
  6. The lake was pretty open today !!
  7. soupkids

    Saddle bag tour

    Check you PM's
  8. soupkids

    Saddle bag tour

    Who would be interested in a 3 or 4 day tour starting in sudbury. Been a while since I've done a tour and want to go again. I'm looking for at least one additional rider to split the hotel room with. Let me know if your interested.
  9. soupkids

    Looking for Pro S/R/Adventure rear rack

    I didn't come up with anything, maybe my search won't go that far or wrong parameters.
  10. If anybody know of anybody that has one. Looking for a buddy.
  11. soupkids

    Any Snow Updates??

    Nada here, very mild, +1. Now -10
  12. soupkids

    OFSC Interactive Map

    The island is an interesting place in the winter. If you planning on going let me know and I can provide you all the details needed.
  13. soupkids


    30+ years for me. You name it, I've done it. Even help with the decking on the FR bridge when it was built.
  14. soupkids

    Any Snow Updates??

    Got about 16" in sudbury on the ground. Until trails are cleared, no grooming. We are making progress but it's slow going.
  15. soupkids

    No open trail here anytime soon.

    Plan starts monday from what I'm told.
  16. soupkids

    No open trail here anytime soon.

    Funding is in place, now time for the plan.
  17. soupkids

    B trail washout

    I agree with you
  18. soupkids

    No open trail here anytime soon.

    We do have a plan in place, just a question of $$ and timing.
  19. soupkids

    No open trail here anytime soon.

    We are working on a plan that involves heavy equipment.
  20. soupkids

    Kap Snow Rovers Updates

    What trail is that and where ? We will have to get out for a ride this winter
  21. soupkids

    Free Weekend Dead Is a Good Thing

    I'm not so sure about that based on your spring pictures. LOL
  22. soupkids


    Like it or not you will get to know how the system works.
  23. soupkids


    Now that your a volunteer you will quickly learn how thing "work" or in some cases don't work.
  24. soupkids

    Kap Snow Rovers Updates

    I have found the best way to get help is drop a tree across the trail. Riders will usually help clear the tree so they can continue on their ride.
  25. soupkids

    Sled Insurance - 2019-2020 Season

    When I dunked mine the insurance company asked if I was on a trail, thankfully I was. Not sure what would have happened if I wasn't.