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  1. Always just cash and one price for no matter how fast you were going but it’s been 5 yrs since I got my last ticket
  2. Does anyone know where to park around the Temagami trails? I got a place to stay about an hour away looking to trailer about an hour for do some days ride. thx
  3. I have earned a few tickets on the seguin over the years, it certainly didn't stop me from wanting to ride.
  4. well its Sat morning, storm not here yet, light dusting on cars, local weather said snow will arrive between 10am and 4 pm fingers crossed !!
  5. Super cool, I would want extended engine warranty on that monster !!!!
  6. I’m sure the love will return after the trip
  7. I know how you feel, I sure hope we don’t have to seriously consider pulling the plug on this great sport, maybe move to the mountains ? Lol
  8. Curious what it might be , guess we’ll all wait and see chipped enough ice off sidewalk today ready for winter to show up and stay !
  9. There will yes but many arnt aware that what they are doing is wrong.
  10. Guess ice in Calendar Bay isn’t as good as one had hoped
  11. Gotta try to make the next one, I tend to forget about it.
  12. It’s bad enough our climate is changing for the worse to us sledders but these trespassers just make things worse for all. unfortunately it’s unlikely these clowns are truly aware of the damage they are doing to the sports public perception and future stability.
  13. So sad to hear we spent so many winters up there and use to hit that pub for dinner they use to host the poker run there too
  14. Dealers have plenty of stock, “friends” should go buy their own Pickups!
  15. The Xmas week forecast is crapola Above 0 c everyday for SW Ontario and S Georgian bay
  16. Just read it on FB, it’s a real tragedy after a 45 yr relationship,
  17. Stratford area to get 20-30 cms tonight been some time since we got this type of weather in November https://www.google.org/publicalerts/alert?aid=192938c9c9f90fe6&hl=en&gl=CA&source=wweather
  18. Back from show, got my maps & even new ATV map, had a nice chat with a old work retiree. feet tired from walking, was so nice to see those old vintage factor skidoo race sleds. I’ve read a lot about them but was cool to see them first hand. hooters girls were super friendly lol
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