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  1. There was a writ in one of the magazines very recently about a trip that they took to the Kenora District. Sounded like a good trip. .
  2. Ox


    Always put your most capable on clean-up as no-one's coming back to help them. The second to the last guy never looks back anyhow. .
  3. I've got [a little bit] more snow than that here....
  4. I would not expect a new page at all, but rather new admin for the Facebook page, and a clear of all previous posts. (IDK how much trouble that would be?)
  5. From their site: Professional Team High Integrity Have Been Certified Trustworthy Professional Team Trustworthy High Integrity Have Been Certified --- Website may have roots at the Department of Redundancy Department. .
  6. Shirley several of us have already had yellow snow this year. No? .
  7. Well, this is the best that I could muster on such short notice:
  8. Dan: Doo you git Snow Tech Magazine? There was quite a writ aboot the XC400, and how it set the stage, and then morphed into the XCR440. How even the first year 440 race sleds actually said 400 on the hood. I was thinkin' aboot you the whole time I was reading that.
  9. Ox


    War in Ukraine more like. Ukraine typically is a large producer for wheat. (Russian breadbasket) .
  10. Looks like Murray turned around at Potsville and they picked up a new 4th wheel (ski?) Murray's sleigh was shown unhooked at the Elan, but then was hooked back up later. That is quite the sleigh that he has! Behind a 700 MXZed no less! I'm guessing that opens up to a big fishing shack. ??? That would offer nice option during a blizzard! ... or maybe it's was just a freighter... I noticed that we didn't end with the same sleds we started with, and so I had to research and figger out what happened. Vid show Murray running point leaving Potsville, but he must have Y'd (T'd?) off and headed back south, and there was a new Skandic with sleigh parked there with the Elan, and we see that sled from then on. Just something about it was just bothering me, and I had to finger it out. .
  11. Ox


    IDK .. yields have been getting up there. Hitting 100bu/acre with more regularity these days. .
  12. I was thinkin' that they should have at least stomped the path for the sleigh, especially after the first try, but hey ... And I'm not sure why he didn't rip the drawbar straight out of the sleigh when trying to jerk it with the rope! My buddy has a brand new track for one of those that he wants to sell. He bought a new deeper lug track to replace it. .
  13. Rewind issues on a Doo in Part2. Who knew? .
  14. Garage meeting is long over doo , not sure l remember the secret pass word to get in . Password: Mary Hill
  15. Yeah, I've got all of those TOPO's. I'd just need to dig'm out... They're pretty close... So, the train to Hearst three days/week, and back to The Soo on the other three is done? I know that they have been threat'nin' to close it down to just freight only for some time, so it surprises me that they went from passenger to nothing. I git the tressel thing tho, but ... I'm not sure that there are much for tressels N of Agawa? There is the big one crossing over 556 to Searchmont. And then another - maybe not quite as big at the upper Montreal dam. Just not sure what would be between there and Millwood? I've been wanting to run that, but never have ... yet. .
  16. "Rail Line Closed" Is this just a spur line going to town? Shirley the main line going to Hearst is till open? I didn't know that Dubre ever loaded on the rail. .
  17. A) I hope that it never qualifies for Gov aid. If they git aid, then forty-leven others will only rightfully qualify as well. Let supply/demand determine what's open. Yes, it is on The Queens land. b) I still think that the road could be left closed, and skid in fuel right down the trail behind a groomer (retired?) on week nights. Or in from Much Lake/101 They could park trucks at Anjigami, the top of Tic, or the top of Much Lake, and run snowmachines or [retired] groomer out as needed. I just don't see the need to plow 60+ klicks of road for just Halfway. That is a full time job, as well as big equipment, and big fuel expenses.
  18. Ox

    Used Market

    Tipping: You are missing the boat here. My daughter went to nursing skewl for 4 years. After the first semester (?) she got a job waiting tables at a higher up restaurant (Toledo). She has to work hard to keep her grades, but she was able to still waitress about 32 hrs/week I think. We paid her books and her health insurances and car costs and whatnot, but not her actual skewling fees. She graduated skewl, fully paid for, and then went to the used car dealer and had a hard time explaining to the salesman there that she was paying ca$h, until she finally opened up her purse to show him wads of greenbacks. At which point she got married and moved to Columbus and got a job at the Ohio State Hospital there, and in her spare time - yet another high end restaurant, and paid her husbands tuition for his veterinary skewling. She ran with that gig until she was (?) 8 months pregnant? Tips only go up if you are cute and pregnant! Now, the dark side of those jobs is that these people go home each night with ca$h in their pockets, and time on their hands, and that industry has a terrible time with drugs. Her co-workers [as I understand it] would shoot up at work even. You and me may not be able to tell it, but - apparently they are. Go home and party 'till early morning. These people ARE NOT in need of more funds! They may be broke, but "easy come - easy go" applies here. My sister and BIL would rather that their kids drive a 1/2 hour to my machine shop to work, than to have them work at fast food joints in town. She has "told me" that "I want [Bill or George, not Sue] to work in your shop this summer. Can you find him sumpthing to doo?" My BIL is an EMT, and he gets the call for OD's in the McDonald's (or other) parking lots after hours all too often. He doesn't want his 15/16 yr old kids working with those 19/20 yr olds. Drugs are a bad thing to begin with, but apparently much worse in the food service industry. Those tipped waitresses are making 3x/hr than you are. Don't feel too sorry for them. Pray for them to not end up a junky! .
  19. No, I don't have one of those trailers _ yet, but they sure seem interesting. Maybe - if I was in the market for a trailer, I might just look into those. Be nice to have room for a spare machine eh?
  20. My 165" is almost 12' long to the tip of the flap, so my chums 174 is Shirley a full 12' min ... But the '03 RMK 800 with the Camoplast 272" is longer than that. They are rare tho... And the newer 3" lug tracks have made them obsolete now. The nice thing aboot the 12' wide trailers is that you can load 3 wide on those. .
  21. Ox

    New Cats

    I am surprised to hear 2 positive spins on Cat clutches, as my chum was a partner at a Cat dealership until a few years ago, and I remember him telling me that over the winter - he would sell all the clutches (primary?) that he could stock in the fall. That they were junk, and that Cat had started puting Team clutches on them. But I hear no mention of Team clutches here, nor on the new sled hypes. ??? .
  22. Ox

    New Cats

    I would like to think that Cat knew that Yammi was on the way out when they got into bed together. .. everyone else did ...
  23. Ox

    Used Market

    US National Debt rose at the same [highly accelerated] rate as it did under Obama, and has done so far under Biden. Obama came in at the beginning of The Crash, and Biden got here in time to bail out Wuhan. I have no love for either of them, but at least those 2 have an excuse. What Trumps? .
  24. I am seeing more and more whistle blowing news reports on this subject recently. And I am actually talking about mainstream MSN news! Don't know what CNN is dooing, but the "con" side of the debate seems to be gaining .... steam. Point being that the "NOT" side is starting to get some press time.
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