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  1. Enjoyed our prior '2 clubs' rides. Sounds like a great executive. Congrats to all. Nov. 15th? That'll be a ride to ZETS .... (Toronto airport dining).
  2. Interesting question for Club rep at the snowmobile show. In the right conditions, staging out of Sudbury and heading out for a day trip into this area is wonderful. Then do the usual Sudbury loops on the other days. (I know, Sledjunk - they don't groom to the Moonlight Inn or Chateau Guay hotels ...but if they did! LOL). That area's grooming pattern has been odd last couple of years. Two hotel map sponsors and Royal Dist down the street (also a sponsor) - and bone / soul crushing trails in the vicinity. We won't even take sleds off the trailer upon arrival until we hear from hotel residents/sledders. Much easier to just trailer to STP yard ..return at night). Anyhow, glad that 400 extension is making the drive north safer.
  3. Thanks for the info., Bill. Great news. Southern snowmobile season's are getting 'shorter' or at least tougher with freeze/thaw cycles- no need for those that have paid to plan around this weekend. And it WAS an issue when we were in North Bay on a freeloader weekend. Now to get the message out re: price of an Ontario permit. I can't believe how many people still think it's 'four or five hundred' dollars.
  4. Only used 1 of the 3 items in your subject line (SPOT). SPOT tracked, as set (intermittently). Problem became a very costly monthly plan. They gave away the product, or at least subsidized it with high percentage off 'retail', but jacked up the subscription price. Also have an Delorme InReach, purchased before they were a Garmin company. Use it summer and winter (yoot, in Quebec last week, canoeing...worked like a charm). InReach tracks properly and as SJ mentioned, flexible payment options. These items are often on sale at the snowmobile show. If the measurement of a product is 'would you buy again' - yes to the InReach.
  5. Thanks for this info and link to 2017 information. The latter was pretty specific (from 'Constance Lake') to Temiskaming. Wonder what happened in that Constance Lake (Calstock) area? Hopefully club(s) receive the funding and hit all their targets (trails and interactive itineraries).
  6. Thanks for the update, group. Appreciate it.
  7. I was thinking about snowmobiling in Quebec next year. Then recalled that riders complained about Quebec trail conditions last year (folks I met in northern Ontario; some online chatter). Add the above nonsense and it'll be - SLED ONTARIO in 2020.
  8. 12 hours later, item no longer listed. This item is no longer available. It has either sold or has been withdraw Thanks for info, SK.
  9. Get well, Luc. Hope to ride with you again this year. Everyone knows about your Groomer prowess. Heck of a sledder, as well. Dances off the beaten path.
  10. $640 annual permit 'sold on the trail' is an eye opener.
  11. Too funny. I'm joining the motley crew on this trip. New Liskeard tomorrow night.
  12. That's the other Darryl It's a great looking sled. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Does Chateau Guay offer laundry service Q: Would you cross that? A: Depends
  14. Agreed. Doo Bvs2. No electric shield. Absolutely love it. Helmets are a personal preference. You wear it for hours. To each his own.
  15. Glad you brought this thread to life. Somehow missed STG's Yamaha bashing but otherwise wonderful lodging report. The Deep River sub-trails are incredible. There's a paper map - limited to those trails. Make sure you procure one before venturing out up into the hills. Trails are more like roads. Wonderful. Bear's Den was awesome during prior RAP tours.
  16. Way to go, Blake. On all levels - Riding. Riding the Cat. Bravo [and not the Yamaha kind ]
  17. Way to go, Blake! I'd like to put together a snowmobile video to the song below... for early season solo riders..."he's driving the distance...one man..driving, as fast as he can..the sun has gone down and the moon has come up .. he's driving and driving...he's going the distance" (goofy video on youtube, this should be filmed to powersports) Listen to first minute, chorus is at 30 seconds (is that what you call it, Slomo, chorus??). Anyhow, great that you got out, Blake. To all the early season riders.
  18. Will the Key River gas station remain open after twinning is completed? So many seem to close.
  19. A friend mentioned that he was renting out a second floor room (Toronto) via AirBnB . It got me thinking about sledding and rooms off the beaten path ("Slomo was here" ) Here's one for Iroquois Falls. Too difficult for Revrnd's list to keep up with Airbnb, but interesting in a pinch. This house, built in the early 1900's, was home to Frank Anson, one of the original founders of the town and the Abitibi paper mill. It has been newly renovated, and converted to a Bed & Breakfast to preserve the historical relevance of the site. We are located on a spacious lot at the end of Argyle Avenue, overlooking the beautiful Abitibi river. A full breakfast is included in the price. Guest access The house has a small crossfit gym, 2 big tv rooms with sattelite tv, 2 dining rooms, a big backyard. The 5 bedrooms share 2 freshly renovated full bathrooms https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/18626580?location=Cochrane%2C ON&s=oSLRZROT Funny how some Air B n B reviews for northern Ontario (i.e. Timmins) say "Couldn't get a room due to ..convention..hockey tournament...so tried Airbnb" Worth keeping in mind.
  20. X3. As PLC and SJ mention, if you're on that side of the highway, might as well continue per PLC's route. Stop at the Mica Mine ( bring flashlight). It will be on your right, heading west.
  21. ^ Might be a message ^ Kidding! Thx for the info. re Pinestone.
  22. Fast boats on the lake seem to leave a sonic boom behind them. I wonder if it's as loud in the boat/ on the sled as around them. Occasional sonic boom in our kitchen. I'll ask her if she hears herself when I gather the courage. "Bill wants to know".
  23. Really enjoyed the old set-up including heated outdoor pool. Definitely worth investigating changes if any/ if sold.
  24. Good point re; 2 night minimums. I think that the 2 places you're referring to are Silversands Family Resort (bring your own towels) and Edgewater Park Lodge. Both have (had) gas onsite when we passed through and both have restaurants (Whiskey Jack's at the first, a diner at the second). They're there for us. Appreciate it. I suspect that we all try to give them business and cringe inside at "the things that make you go huh?" The 2 night rule in your circumstances seemed harsh.
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