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    Easy there big fellas!... I started this post to bring to light the situation and make more aware of the theft. I like to think most of us here are decent people, other than a few....Lets try and keep it about the theft, and lets get the thevies caught.
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    He technically ordered no colours, since black is the absence of colour. His 129 (no shocks) is pretty much all black. Her 137 with shocks is black and grey. They weren't too imaginative when it came to colour, IMO. The only thing wrong with my new-to-me 900 TNT is that its all black with a little grey trim. Skidoos should be yellow, Polaris red or blue, Yamahas should be Yamaha blue and Cats green. Simple! Who screwed up the whole colour thing?
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    There quite a current in the river so ice that forms is not that thick, they use lots of steel cables to keep it in place. It is only wide enough for one sled. Perhaps some long time Muskoka snowmobilers can recall if the bridge was ever sweep away. The only issue is that grooming it is a problem so there are lots of moguls. It can be a dangerous spot on the south end as you exit the bridge, there is a hill to climb that puts you right on the road !
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    The difference is that last spring the small "cottage town" doctors, hospitals, civic leaders and residents had no knowledge or history to draw from regarding Covid 19. While they don't know everything about the virus they are now more knowledgeable regarding it. Yes they were concerned about city cottagers and tourists bringing Covid to their municipalities and judging by the case counts in Toronto, Peel and York it may still be a valid concern. In the end taking care of their own is something smaller centres have always done and will hopefully continue to do.
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    I doubt there is much reason to travel to the GTA, we tend to avoid the GTA as much as possible anyway. Believe it or not, there are doctors, work, etc outside T.O.
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    I don't think many people from a known hotspot would have an essential reason to visit the First Nation right now. If someone from the First Nation has to leave their bubble area for essential purposes, I expect they will employ normal preventative measures, and avoid the known hotspots if possible.
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    Wait ... what? You wunna post that again ??? Slowly, and out loud ....
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    My North Bay friends' go to place. Breaky is good there too.
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    I can see the logic in shipping without the shocks. Logistics to ship all the sleds and get distributed is much more challenging due to the size and the dispersal across the country. It's real easy to ship shocks, be it by UPS, FedEx or Purolator.
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    Should be no reason this year missing you,s. Half way home. Burger and fry time Damm sun hard to see photo
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