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  1. Muskoka Bill

    Port Sydney conditions

    Ran Bracebridge to Port Sydney on Monday, trails are good but very hard. Use Ice scratchers if you have them as my one sled does not have the scratchers and it was running warmer then I have seen in the past. There is one wash out on D trail south of where D crosses Manitoba street, some smart thinking snowmobiler placed a tree branch in the hazard so look out for the wash out that if you are in that area.
  2. Muskoka Bill

    OPP checking that helmet strap ?

    After pages of posts Thanks Steve B, I was correct in that they were really checking for drinking probably secondary for the people that don't do their strap up. In either case I am glad to see the OPP on the trails eliminating some of the morons and reminding people to be safe, else you or your wallet will pay the consequences
  3. Muskoka Bill

    Stop signs!!!

    It amazes me people how many people want to get there name in the annual Darwin awards, I to have been passed by someone on a steep hill doing twice the speed limit only to get "air", morons !! By me are a series of steep hills (going both up and down) I noticed the other day a bunch of disturbed snow areas on the side of the trail down from the crown of the hill, some ten feet off the trail, I can only guess that someone was getting "air" and loss it. Only hope that that the sled was damaged. What is it with people when they put a motor between there legs, does it take away common sense. Just yesterday I witnessed a near collision at a bad trail crossing (steep hill and large snow banks) where the the driver and snowmobiler could not see each other until the snowmobiler had started to cross the road. I saw what was about to happen and signalled to the snowmobiler to stop but he had alredy put his skiis on the pavement , luckily the suv driver saw him and slammed on the brakes. (he was not happy). Stop signs work but only if you can see what is coming on the road and in this case it was difficult for both driver and snowmobiler. Moral of the story is stop and proceed with caution on blind crosssings.
  4. Muskoka Bill

    OPP checking that helmet strap ?

    Thanks Dave , It does make good logic that a helmet must be fastened under the chin by law
  5. Muskoka Bill

    OPP checking that helmet strap ?

    Interesting , I was checked at an OPP checkstop on D trail today north of Bracebridge, they were checking all riders if your helmet was strapped under your chin, I was fine but I wonder is it illegal to wear a helmet but not have it strapped or I wonder if they were trying to detect if I was drinking ?
  6. Anyone know why D trail is closed between 118 and Santa Villa road on the OFSC map ? It has been red since this morning
  7. Muskoka Bill

    Always better to leave space between sleds

    The video brings a new meaning to the signs that say "Stay on the trail"
  8. Muskoka Bill

    Snowmobile catches on fire at gas pump in Paradise, MI.

    To the fellow two posts ago, it that how you got the name Flash 800?
  9. Muskoka Bill

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    This was on the local MuskokaRegion.com website today. It is good when the OPP tries to warn offenders of the consequences of off trail riding and re-interate the implications, personally I would like to see impoundment of the sled when possible with the offender footing the bill for towing and the fines. Somehow the offenders have to understand the consequences of there deliberate actions. BRACEBRIDGE — Heading into the last weekend of February, the OPP reminds snowmobilers to be safe and ride responsibility. The OPP reminds snowmobilers to respect communities and landowners. The trail system in Muskoka is dependent on the generous nature of the landowners who voluntarily allow portions of their property to be used for the purpose of snowmobile trails. Stay on the marked trails, these landowners are NOT inviting everyone to ride freely through their yards, fields and forests, nor are they permitting use of their land for any other purpose. The immediate consequence for venturing off-trail on private property is a charge under the Trespass to Property Act, charges of Mischief under the Criminal Code could ensue for any damages to property. The long term consequences are landowners withdrawing their permission to use the land and ultimately the demise of the snowmobile trail system. Further, police remind trail users to stay on the trail. Trail closures in the Muskoka area are a direct result of riders not respecting landowners. Considering the geography of our area, any trail closure causes severe obstructions to ones ability to travel from town to town.
  10. Muskoka Bill

    District 7 trail conditions update

    The holy crap moment came on a blind corner when I rubbed skiis with a person coming the other direction as me
  11. Muskoka Bill

    District 7 trail conditions update

    Did the same trip as above, Bracebridge to Sprucedale on the 20th via D and 37 (with a side excursion on 84) trails were very good, but beware of the two Moose turds on 37
  12. Muskoka Bill

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    Did the Magic tour yesterday (Feb 14) C101D from Gravenhurst to Bala was not in good shape, looks like it had not been groomed, slow riding lots of moguls. The status was yellow and looks like the northern part still is today.
  13. Muskoka Bill

    New to the site

    I was looking for info on trail conditions from people who actually ride on them and came across ontariocondition.com. Looks like I am in the right spot. I am retired and live in Muskoka just north of Bracebridge , on D trail. My wife and I run an AirBnb which keeps us busy year round. The last few years I have not had a lot of km of riding due to poor trail conditions. I volunteer with my local club the sno-bombers each year and proudly go out early each year and cut down the tree branches that seem to wack me before I see them. I would be interested in meeting local snowmobilers for day rides in the area