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  1. GTC

    Beer cans on trails

    The land owner that shut us off this spring commented on the empty beer cans on his property, It leaves a bad representation of what sledding is about when peeps leave trash Im ok with a pint at lunch but take your trash with you, It makes us all look like a bunch of boozing idiots
  2. GTC

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    I was planning on ordering a 900 turbo, I was waiting until the sled show in Kanata, most of the sleds on the floor were deep powder trail shredders or green. What a joke. I ended up buying another apex 2016 with 800 km, new doos have 4 year warranty but no good when in the middle of no where. No need for warranty with a pure bred yammie
  3. GTC

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    We put 4x8 sign boards up about 4 years ago. They cost about $300 bucks, gotta bunch of local businesses to sponsor at $500 to have their names on top. Some were shared at $250 a piece A total of 10 went up, the extra cash went to the other intersection signs ( just regular blue destination) as we have around 24 intersections The signs are aluminum I think, last forever, and he can just reprint a new map if needed, it was a lot of work and all volunteer and not one dime from permit money
  4. GTC

    The freeriding has to STOP

    The OPP won’t have a clue if they are on crown land or private land If they are on a prescribed trail they will lay fines and the individual will have to go to court to fight the fine. Thats how I see it happening !
  5. GTC

    The freeriding has to STOP

    The only legal freeriding around here is ditches and lakes, Or your own property, some people think Hydro and pipe lines are a free pass, NOT! So back to my original post,It has to stop around here or all there will be Is ditches and lakes!
  6. GTC

    Mileage this season, so far...

    5300 km as of today, 1600 in Gaspe. The rest in ontario. Wife and I did 1500 last week in dist 6 and Mattawa and North Bay area from home, trails were better then Quebec by far. 12,300 km on the apex, what to buy next????
  7. GTC

    The freeriding has to STOP

    The first step is the supertrax boys and the people that promote them, to stop advertising it on mag pages and youtube . Last time i checked the ofsc is in bed with supertrax????? Front page is a guy with a freeride, go pro, goggles, back pack and a 2 inch paddle? Are they too afraid of getting stuck. Most young lads of today dont have enough muscle to lift a sled so maybe thats it?
  8. Monday morning we got an E mail from a landowner on top trail E west of Perth, he is pissed at the tracks all over his field, way way off the trail. As of next season he is shutting us off. Its a tuff reroute, because his property has a road that the club built across a swamp that was built about 15 years ago. People don't realise the problems they are causing by leaving the trail. I hate reroutes and it stresses me out way more then its worth, it has to stop
  9. GTC

    Lake Baptiste near Bancroft

    We were a little north of there yesterday, Lake St Peter was staked, trails were absolutely mint
  10. Sometime this afternoon a 40 yr old male hit a tree on E104A somewhere east of Snow Road Clubhouse and was taken out by helicopter, not sure why but most of that trail is windy bush trail. The trail is where the trees ain't
  11. Anything over 8’6” needs a wide load permit, most tractors or groomers are at that or under. But some drags are 9’ or over requiring a permit But most companies with float trailers have annual wide load permits
  12. Thanks for the compliment, we don’t get a lot lately, and all 4 are up and running thanks to our volunteers
  13. We were supposed to get a refurbished Tucker this year, it ended up going north about a month ago because we weren’t grooming , now we have snow and still grooming with old machines! Last week we had 2 out of 4 broke down, the frustration is overwhelming
  14. GTC

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    Snow Road groomers were out yesterday, trails should open back up before the weekend, lots of base left in the bush, just gets thin as you get towards Perth and Lanark
  15. GTC

    Close Call North Of Sharbot Lake

    Wrote down a few notes, on my phone, I will put it in the log book Would have been a bad scene with virtually no cell service and no PIN number, 2 way radio if anybody listening would have got a call out