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  1. Toyman

    I'm out

    This is a little shocking to me Soup! I just got back in from a rare Sunday ride amd had a great time. Now to hear this sad news has me confused and concerned. What happened, you have always been so helpful and committed? Don't like to hear a good one leaving the sport. Hope it wasn't due to the bad ones?
  2. Great day on the trails today! Got out by myself to test the new sled set up on my "go to" test trails. Headed out from Pembroke at 09:30 and cruised up to Deux Rivieres. What a time on the 190 series (1,3,5,6&7)! I was giggling to myself out there. The only heavy traffic was on my way back starting just after Deep River. Trails were still pretty good but groups were stopped everywhere. Passed through several and got distracted after crossing the road in Chalk River, seeing the group of three sleds that I had just talked to at Deep. Goosed the throttle and forgot about that first hill that drops away. I accidentally launched and then let go of the flipper. Nose dived and banged my helmet into my GPS on a 4" Ram mount! Startled the h!?$ out of me and put a 1" crack in my BV2S shield. Should have remembered that hill! Covering 374 kms today and lost focus for 3 seconds. Lucky I didn't hurt myself. Guess I over did it a bit today, but couldn't help enjoying all the hard work the groomers did out there.
  3. Toyman

    Rap tour not completely availabe yet

    I still see that section closed. Hancop said it was open and I have had some issues with the ITG lately.
  4. Toyman

    Congrats Wild Bill

    Congratulations again Bill! Funny thing, my wife and I stopped it to the mall on 23 November after dropping off a composting toilet we had sold on Kijiji before heading back home to Pembroke. We didn't even realize it was you. We were pleased to see such quality sled accessories and parts in a mall and were thoroughly impressed. I wish you great success in this location! You deserve it.
  5. Toyman

    Rap tour not completely availabe yet

    Don't see that. Looking forward to doing the RAP again, didn't get it in the last couple of years.
  6. Toyman


    I wouldn't have thought there was much resale value on slolen clothing! Where would they sell it anyway? Kijiji? Pawn shop? Hope they have pictures and the perpetrators get caught somehow!
  7. Toyman

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Approximately 600 kms sled, 100 kms trailer. Super busy out there today in the Missing Links trail system on the east side of the park!
  8. Toyman

    First Open Trails

    Glad to see things finally starting early in the season!
  9. Toyman

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    Have used FortNine many times over the last seven years. For street and dirt bike, ATV and sled gear, parts and clothing. You name it, I've bought it there. No issues, great prices, quick shipping and easy return policy. Highly recommend. I don't waste my time with Royal.
  10. Toyman

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    Got my first ride in this morning before the freezing rain that we are now getting. Had to start the break in on a new belt and new track for the Viper. Also made sure there were no leaks or issues after having the sled apart in the spring. Everything was great and it even seemed faster than I remember! I took our access road to the rail bed to confirm the packer had made a pass yesterday, and it had. Looking forward to a great season!
  11. Toyman

    Cochrane This Morning

    This is one of those teaser photos I'm hoping to see more and more of. Time to rotate the toys around it the garage! Bring on winter please.
  12. I often take the 155 vice the B when it's seen heavy use. Rarely meet anyone on that trail. About the same distance to BB and never gets rough.
  13. I was up there last week before the reroute on B101A going into Wilno. How was the three road reroute? If you're heading out tomorrow, go earlier as there should be heavy snow!
  14. Toyman

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    Email sent, PM didn't work. Great idea, thank you.
  15. My daughter and I enjoyed our ride out from Pembroke to Stonecliff today. We have trailered up to Deep a couple of times to skip the pipe line but left from home this time. The rail bed and pipe line were pretty good as they appear to have been groomed last night. From Deep up to Stonecliff was smooth and clear. The 195 was exceptional! The 191 and 193 where full of powder and excellent as always, don't believe we saw more than two sleds on them. The 131 is a must do for the return trip, didn't have time to add the 132 & 4 as we were getting hungry. Stopped in Pet for supper at Kelsey's before heading home, total of 302 kms. Now relaxing having a drink. Thanks for the great trails NRSA and Missing Link.