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  1. Toyman

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Added another 400 kms today. Little traffic and great trails from Pembroke up to Deux Rivière. Firm this morning but loosened up in the afternoon. Fresh groomed on 197, even caught up to the groomer. Hope to get out next week for another trip with my wife. We'll see what the weather holds!
  2. Toyman

    NRSA - Snowmobile Poker Run

    Hope the base is not too icy and the wind has not brought down any large branches up your way. After the weather we got last night and today it will be nice to see sunny skies all day for this event.
  3. It was ever changing there the past couple of days. Two days ago it was rock hard and rough, had to have scratchers as there was nothing loose on the trails. Yesterday was still icy towards Bancroft but there was fresh snow on the ground coming into Barry's Bay. Lots of light freezing rain that challenged visibility. The worst two days on the trails this year. Totally different today. Didn't get down to that area but was around Pembroke, Eganville, Golden Lake and Cobden. The best conditions on the trails so far. Hope tonight's warm weather doesn't last too long!
  4. Toyman

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Wife and I just got back from a cold overnight trip adding 294 kms to my total of 2630 kms so far! Hope to get some warmer temps, but will not complain and take the cold.
  5. Toyman

    Pembroke to Kearney in a day?

    It's definitely doable with half decent conditions either way. Know your route and plan your stops/fuel to avoid delays and leave early. I have done the two day RAP from Pembroke, stopping in Kearney, on my 2010 Venture GT going counter clockwise and would do it again anytime the conditions are great. Enjoy the scenery!
  6. Toyman

    Hand signal for last sled

    If you're going to take the time to make a hand signal then get your hand out away from your body so it can be seen. If you're on the right side of the trail always, then you are not adjusting your position at the time of meeting oncoming traffic. Then you only have to make a quick signal and carry on. I solo tour a lot and stick my fist out high, arm straighter than a held 90 for left turns. It's quick, I think safer and keeps the on comers heads up and not looking down. I almost always find the traffic I meet adjusting over so they have difficulty getting control and trying to make a signal. I constantly shake my head wondering how they got a trail pass for the left side of the trail, I find so much unused right side trail area, it's amazing. The only time I use the middle of the trail is right before a sharp right corner, and then only for a couple of seconds at most, then exit tight right. Hand signals in the open or straight sections are really a waste. I appreciate those that do signal in the tight and twisty's so I know how many will be moving over as I continue on my normal trajectory. My bigger complaint is those that don't check their mirrors! But this is a whole other topic.
  7. Toyman

    I'm out

    This is a little shocking to me Soup! I just got back in from a rare Sunday ride amd had a great time. Now to hear this sad news has me confused and concerned. What happened, you have always been so helpful and committed? Don't like to hear a good one leaving the sport. Hope it wasn't due to the bad ones?
  8. Great day on the trails today! Got out by myself to test the new sled set up on my "go to" test trails. Headed out from Pembroke at 09:30 and cruised up to Deux Rivieres. What a time on the 190 series (1,3,5,6&7)! I was giggling to myself out there. The only heavy traffic was on my way back starting just after Deep River. Trails were still pretty good but groups were stopped everywhere. Passed through several and got distracted after crossing the road in Chalk River, seeing the group of three sleds that I had just talked to at Deep. Goosed the throttle and forgot about that first hill that drops away. I accidentally launched and then let go of the flipper. Nose dived and banged my helmet into my GPS on a 4" Ram mount! Startled the h!?$ out of me and put a 1" crack in my BV2S shield. Should have remembered that hill! Covering 374 kms today and lost focus for 3 seconds. Lucky I didn't hurt myself. Guess I over did it a bit today, but couldn't help enjoying all the hard work the groomers did out there.
  9. Toyman

    Rap tour not completely availabe yet

    I still see that section closed. Hancop said it was open and I have had some issues with the ITG lately.
  10. Toyman

    Congrats Wild Bill

    Congratulations again Bill! Funny thing, my wife and I stopped it to the mall on 23 November after dropping off a composting toilet we had sold on Kijiji before heading back home to Pembroke. We didn't even realize it was you. We were pleased to see such quality sled accessories and parts in a mall and were thoroughly impressed. I wish you great success in this location! You deserve it.
  11. Toyman

    Rap tour not completely availabe yet

    Don't see that. Looking forward to doing the RAP again, didn't get it in the last couple of years.
  12. Toyman


    I wouldn't have thought there was much resale value on slolen clothing! Where would they sell it anyway? Kijiji? Pawn shop? Hope they have pictures and the perpetrators get caught somehow!
  13. Toyman

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Approximately 600 kms sled, 100 kms trailer. Super busy out there today in the Missing Links trail system on the east side of the park!
  14. Toyman

    First Open Trails

    Glad to see things finally starting early in the season!
  15. Toyman

    Fortnine Parts Retailer

    Have used FortNine many times over the last seven years. For street and dirt bike, ATV and sled gear, parts and clothing. You name it, I've bought it there. No issues, great prices, quick shipping and easy return policy. Highly recommend. I don't waste my time with Royal.