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  1. I was pulling a 19’ Triton with a 6,000lbs gvwr with a Ford F-150. I went to scales and asked if I required a yellow sticker. I live in Milton and passed the scales every time I towed trailer. They told me yes and that they could ticket me with empty trailer. So I sticker both knowing how many times I passed scale house and mto officers watching for infractions. i was also told in the past that you technically must license your tow vehicle for the combined weight of the truck and trailer. So any truck towing a trailer could be over weight if registered at the 2,990kgs for cheapest plates on the truck. More mud for your discussion.
  2. If the truck and trailer combined gross weight is over 4,500kg you need yellow stickers. Technically any tandem axle trailer needs a yellow sticker.
  3. Crispy I agree about a few things in your post. 1. Take a hit to right the economy. 2. Public sector wage freeze and downsizing is necessary. 3. MTO ain’t never going to be perfect or better. The yellow stickers came about due to a complete lack of respect for motorists on the road by truck owners / trucking companies. Trucks and trailers were unsafe and needed a way to be identified. When commercial businesses tried to hide in enclosed trailers they got dragged into the yellow sticker mess. Who remembers the news of hundreds of trucks getting plates pulled for infractions. No where near as common now.
  4. Sksman

    Port Sydney conditions

    How is the boat inside the boat house? If that was our boat house the boat would be flattened against the ceiling.
  5. Sksman

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    That eats a lot of trail permits revenue to move one groomer for X days grooming in a different area.
  6. Sksman

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    The float move is not that easy in some areas either. If you require a permitted load it is 2 to 3 weeks wait for the permits. And dont forget the cost of a truck to move the groomer. A one way move to northern ontario could be $10,000.00.
  7. Sksman

    QC puts the hammer down.

    Why doesn’t the government or police in Ontario or Quebec go after the manufacturers/ suppliers of such exhaust? in the USA the EPA went after the manufacturers of diesel truck tuners as they were against the law and the manufacturers who claimed only to be selling for race or off road were selling 100 or more times the number of tuners that would be required for off road.
  8. Sksman

    Used sled prices.

    A buddy bought at Country Corners. But Aberfoyle had them on and Ayr Turf and Tractor had a few priced similar. only problem with Articles Cat is dealer network is dying. I was told they have pulled 9 franchises in Ontario this year.
  9. Sksman

    Used sled prices.

    Dealers were blowing out 2018Artic Cat 8000 this month. Under $10,000. Hard to look at a used 2017 and 2018’s for 11 or 12,000.
  10. Sksman

    Trailer decision

    A late comment but In the op’s original post the tongue on that trailer looks way to short. I would never buy a trailer that I cannot jackknife to almost 90 degrees without hitting my bumper. You would have a hard time putting the tailgate down to load and forget driving with the tailgate down. Your tongue should be long long enough that you can drive with tailgate down. Check the tongue length on the Triton enclosed trailers.
  11. Sksman

    eye in the sky

    Wow! How about man up and accept responsibility for your actions. If you know your speeding either don’t speed or pay the fine. Why saddle the system with increased court costs because you are stupid and don’t obey the rules. If the speed limit is 50k/hr then that’s the limit. Drive above and you evaluate the risk vs the reward. Your call not mine so don’t waste everyone else’s tax dollars. The problem in society is people don’t take responsibility for their own actions and then want to blame society. And that creates more rules and enforcement not less.
  12. For Alpine parts try McNish Hobby,  Kirkfield, 705-374-4269


    Dont know if still in business but had lots of old sled parts.

    1. Crow


      Thanks Sksman. I'll look into them on Monday.:right_on:

  13. Not all snowmobilers are trailriders. And just because a gas station is near a trail doesnt mean snowmobile took trail to get there. Alot of small town businesses are supported religiously by the locals year round. And not all locals want permits or need permits. Should they cut them off from service because they didnt buy a trail permit from an organization that has not guaranteed the store/restaurant any business? I I know a few families that allow trails across their property but do not buy trail permits as they do not trail ride their snowmobiles. Should they have to buy a permit also?
  14. Sksman

    Sleds trailer and truck stolen!!!

    Until the car is put in a steel shipping container.
  15. Sksman

    Maybe you guys can help me...

    Check on a site called dozer.com They advertise off season rentals of equipment. I am not sure whats on there but have heard they are busy.