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  1. Crow

    Your last ride this April

    Jeepers creepers, did he not walk the field first? Looks like it's a tad bit dampish. That's not Revrnd or soupkids in there is it? LOL
  2. Crow

    Your last ride this April

    I outlasted Blake by a day.
  3. Crow

    Mileage this season, so far...

    2200 kms on the sled in D1 and D6. No trailering this season.
  4. Crow

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    Still can see some of the small white/red metal triangle signs on one of my trails I maintain. They never showed up that well in the daylight but I see them at night with the groomer lights. I remember putting them up many,many years ago, and to keep getting our signs from getting stolen I used double headed nails. What a PITA to get back off that was. Lessons learned, but some still remain but are now off the edge of the trail by a few feet in places with the growth that has taken place over the years.
  5. Crow

    Throwback Thursday

    I'd believe 30 years ago Revrnd. LOL We had a 89 Formula MX, lots of fun back then.
  6. Crow

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    In our club it comes down to the one installing the destination sign in their section of trail. Some guys give a rat's ass, some don't. Heck, a neighbouring club had trails open that didn't have basic signage, they knew where they were going and where to stop, guess they figure that's good enough. I use the ITG to get the distance from sign installation point to the destination, pretty easy really. Funny (strange) that some guys in our own club complain about this problem or other signage issues when they travel to different areas, but don't see that they have the same issues at home.
  7. Crow

    The freeriding has to STOP

    Unfortunately, closing the trail system will not deter many of the ones who caused the problem in the first place. That's not what I consider justice.
  8. Crow

    Sign Posts

    Sounds like typical waste to me. Like 4 hydro boom trucks to replace 1 pole or MTO and municipal plows out yesterday morning when the slush was already melted.
  9. Crow

    Sign Posts

    https://supplyritesteel.com If you feel like contacting this company, be curious to know what their prices are like. Your original price from BMR, was that through the club, or your district? Maybe can get a bulk discount if other clubs place their orders together?? Our club took on a new railbed this season, but ordered 1" square tubing for posts to save money. Don't think it was a great idea as some had surface rust before they even went into the ground.
  10. Crow

    Sign Posts

    So many things wrong with that. How can that be justified?
  11. Crow

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    Almost the same shade as your barfing emoji. Haha.
  12. Crow

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    They kept the green, or whatever that colour is, there's just more of it.
  13. Crow

    March 15, March 16 Sneak Peek Show

    Went to the Kanata show and was disappointed. If you're into off trail, mountain riding or just gawdy colour schemes IMO, then you'll enjoy it, otherwise you'll leave disappointed as well. Your results may vary. Not a Yamaha guy, but I did like the SRX probably most of all, except the price.
  14. IQ, Is the 850 a "drive by wire" type, or does it have resistance to it? I wonder if this concern was caused by the throttle being in the flipped "finger" mode, and muffs pushed on it when turning??
  15. Crow

    Stop signs!!!

    Local decided to take his tractor across the trail on Friday, don't know why, wasn't the landowner either. Anyways, got off the edge of the trail and the only sign he managed to hit was the stop ahead and left it like that, idgit. Took a steel stand we have for these instances and put the Stop ahead on that. Apparently there is 12-14 inches of base on the fields here. Going to be while before the beans get planted there.