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  1. Cuyuna

    Alternative to AC mineral 50 oil

    Can't really say because I only used Shell from day one in both the 2002 AC 800 and a 2016 Polaris 800. I have another sled in between these 2, but it's a 4 stroke. Just used up whatever was in the sleds from the dealer, and went with the Advance. I have been told that Shell oil seems better for smoke and odour than other oils.
  2. Cuyuna

    Alternative to AC mineral 50 oil

    Have used Shell Advance Synthetic for years with great results. I have a high mile 2002 AC Suzuki that still runs strong and has never needed power valves cleaned. This oil is readily available and goes on sale quite often at Canadian Tire. However, ask 100 sledders about oil and get 100 different opinions !
  3. Cuyuna

    No respect!

    Our system of snowmobiling is broken. I think it is but a reflection of society in general these days. Snowmobiling as we know it will either completely die or it will morph into something we will detest.
  4. Cuyuna

    Today's Surprise - NCDN

    There are so many things wrong. I am not an expert in hunting or firearms regulations, but on a public trail, on Family Day Weekend... madness is so generally widespread.
  5. Cuyuna

    B trail Haliburton

    Haliburton Lake is in good shape and very well staked. It is getting a lot of traffic now that there is no more access off Moose Lake. Take care to follow the markers to the right when entering the main part of Haliburton Lake after crossing over the road at the south end.
  6. Rode several HCSA trails today and they all ranged from good to spectacular. The club is working hard to get the system in good shape with all the snow that we've all been hoping for. Get out there and ride !
  7. Cuyuna

    Hali update

    Took B up to Trail 10 - Haliburton Lake and it was really good. I'll bet it's good all the way to Whitney.
  8. Cuyuna

    How Many Groomers/Drags Have Been Moved North?

    As far as I know, HCSA had 2 groomers down in the week before the storm.
  9. Cuyuna


    Our trails, in general, are too narrow for the quality of grooming and machines today. I have been campaigning for widening our trails , but to no avail.
  10. Cuyuna

    New to the site

    Hello and welcome, Muskoka Bill ! Thanks for your volunteering work !
  11. Cuyuna

    Sled thief caught

    What a total Dirtbag ! Really glad nobody was hurt in the fleeing attempt. Nothing, nobody and nobody's property matters to these scumbags. They just "take." I hope he "takes" some serious jail time. I don't care or need to hear the outcome of the Justice system's findings on this one ! Thanks to the Minden OPP on this one !
  12. Thanks Livin'. Riding 2 up today and I'll go through that way on the way home.
  13. FYI - The water ponding at the bottom of the hill has become very deep. HCSA is recommending ( Sat / Feb 2 / 09:30 ) staying off this stretch of trail and running Little Hawk Road from Little Hawk Lake and the Little Hawk Dump.
  14. Cuyuna

    If my luck was any better !!!!!

    Add a flexi magnet stick to your list...
  15. Just a heads-up for TOP B trail just north of the Little Hawk Dump. Despite the intense cold weather of late, there is a LOT of water flowing. Major slush and gorging of the trail base / ice. Take caution. It is a lot worse than the pictures get across. Challenging for novice or passive riders. Hopefully it will re-freeze by tomorrow.