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  1. Cuyuna

    Griffith Club needs help

    Good luck for next season !
  2. Cuyuna

    Griffith Club needs help

    Very sad. There will be more stories like this in the near future. Everyone wants to "ride" but nobody wants to "do". Hope their General Meeting goes well.
  3. Cuyuna

    Snow tracker carbides

    I don't use anything but SnowTrackers. Been using them since 2002. They change a suggestion of turning into an absolute statement. Zero push. You will need to brush up on body english as the sled will carve. Total performance. As to whether to use semi-aggressive or full on aggressive, it depends on your stud setup. I use nothing but aggressive. Never had snow clogging and find that they are more efficient than the conventional duallies out there. Fast on the top end if that is a consideration. Check out the Snow Tracker website for installation instructions. You will need to drill an extra pilot hole for the front tab. And yes, they will be hard on floors , etc. without guides. Also, they will really dig into grass, soft dirt, etc. I have wheel kits on all of my sleds. The carbides last a long time and take a lot of punishment in my experience. They are not cheap, but great bang for the buck.
  4. Cuyuna

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    Thanks for the Good News story. Thanks for sharing. Despite all of our problems, we really do live in a great Province / Country. Best wishes to your son's continued recovery.
  5. Cuyuna

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    Gave up my Class ACZ a few years ago, but kept up the physicals.
  6. Cuyuna

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    I get your problem, though I'm very surprised that there is a problem in such a large city. You are probably right, our health system will get worse, I'm sure. Have you notified your MPP ? You are in Woodstock, right ? In the meantime, if it was me, I would go to Buffalo for lunch and get a physical while I was there. And no, not trying to be a wise guy. It's better to get something done soon and then pursue the long search for Ontario care. I wouldn't think a general check up would be too expensive across the border.
  7. Cuyuna

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    I live in Haliburton and make the trip to Port Perry to see my doctor that used to practice in East Gwillimbury when I lived there 10 years ago. Have you tried an out-patients clinic at your nearest hospital ? Yes, there is a tremendous need for doctors in rural Ontario, but you need to have some sort of yearly medical attention and you need to be persistent about it. Don't let a possible small problem grow into a huge problem that could take you out. It's also good to know that your lab work, cardio etc. is in good shape after a check up. Sometimes a Professional's advice - ( not saying you in particular - lol ) as to quitting a lifetime of bad habits ( diet, smoking, excessive alcohol, etc. ) is a welcome knock on the door as opposed to the Terminal Message...
  8. Cuyuna

    Trail Signage KM marking?

    PLC, Great post ! You sure can tell you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk. You are so right about the fact that it is usually just a handful of people in each club doing the bulk of the work. It is also getting harder to do said work with all the new rules, regulations and policy from OFSC. And you hit the nail on the head when you say all expenses incurred are borne by that volunteer!
  9. Cuyuna

    Throwback Thursday

    Watched a brand new Doo get fished out of the drink there a few years back. They had a truck up on the middle of the bridge with block and tackle / pulleys and a line down to the sled. The guy that hooked up the line ( the rider? ) got pretty wet.
  10. Cuyuna

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    A lot of us on this forum are getting up there in years. We all need to make sure to get that annual physical and also check out those nagging things that "will just go away." You never know, it could be a life saver.
  11. Cuyuna

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    The rider apparently had a heart attack and fell off his sled. Very, very sad. RIP and sincere condolences to the family.
  12. Cuyuna

    Anybody up for a ride Thursday

    Here's to a good and speedy recovery. Next season will be all that much sweeter ! Cheers !
  13. Haliburton trails went fully RED last night. It's all over for the winter of 18/ 19. For those who are not done yet, may your trailer bearings spin freely.
  14. Trail closure today - as posted in the HCSA FB site. Here's hoping nobody gets stranded because of the closure. NOTICE: EFFECTIVE SUNDAY AFTERNOON MARCH 24TH. TOP TRAIL B will close for snowmobiling for the season between The Peter Overington Bridge (Beech River) and Braeloch Road for sap collection. Sincere thanks to our generous landowner for allowing us on his property. It will be gated and fenced at both ends to allow for the harvest. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your pancakes. Team HCSA The actual trail is still in pretty good shape, but runs right through the landowner's maple grove. It's syrup time. My season is now over. I don't trailer any more as I now live where I trailered to for 35 years. I have ridden most of the province over the years, but now my riding lives and dies in Haliburton. This has been a fantastic season in Haliburton. The trails were great and I've never seen our lakes to be better. Racked up a lot of miles and smiles. Much appreciation to Club HCSA for a fantastic year !
  15. A little levity now that the season is ending... A Little Known HCSA Landmark "Jack - Guardian of Red Pine " At the Red Pine / Kennesis Portage, near the Kennesis River, he stands vigil... A lonely Beacon, guarding the riders from the fragile ice - Jack is your Friend.