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  1. All new EPA compliant 2 strokes are not getting enough oil, plain and simple - no matter what the factories are saying (Imho) You need to run more oil through them to get long life. With the advent of computer controlled oil pumps, changes in fuel injection etc., it is getting more difficult to increase oiling. Just my 2 cents... rounded off to a nickel.
  2. Cuyuna

    Helmet of choice

    I'm thinking that any exemption from wearing a helmet should also be an exemption from OHIP coverage for head injuries.
  3. Cuyuna

    Helmet of choice

    I wear eyeglasses and of course fogging is a major consideration. Tried lots of helmets over the years, including the BVS modular. Nothing works as well as GMax for good airflow and ventilation, yet still warm.
  4. Cuyuna

    NEO Trailer

    I definitely get your point on trailering. I now live where I trailered to for 35 years. If I can't leave from my property, I don't ride - period. Like you, my season died before the end of February. I see all the posts of guys heading up to Cochrane, etc., but I'm done with that. However, I'll remain in sledding until the palm trees start growing in Haliburton. lol ! Hope you do as well... you are an asset to the HCSA club.
  5. Cuyuna

    NEO Trailer

    A couple of new ones on the horizon ?
  6. Cuyuna

    Yamaha may be done-not good for industry

    Yamaha is very busy on other bigger projects... https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Business-Trends/Yamaha-technology-leads-new-wave-of-motor-boat-development
  7. Cuyuna

    My update

    Congrats on the new you answering the "knock on the door." ! All the best next year for the new you, sled and season !
  8. Cuyuna

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    Yes, and we need to fix that.
  9. Cuyuna

    Wake up Ontario. This is how it's done.

    Nothing can be changed by running away from it.
  10. Cuyuna

    Trail Status

    It's all over but the cryin'.
  11. Cuyuna

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    Come on 02, you can be just as out of control on 90 hp as 200. It's the rider, not the machine.
  12. Cuyuna

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    Most Scorpion guys will say Scorpion died on the very day AC bought them out.
  13. Cuyuna

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    So - you can't have the best of both worlds. When I ride, I like to include all components of riding - lakes, speed, twisties, hills, technical, cruising. All with respect to all other riders.
  14. Cuyuna

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    I do not understand the blah blah blah about the travesty of Yamaha motors in Arctic Cats ... What's the difference between that and Suzuki motors in Cats, or even before that when there were Kawasaki motors powering Cats ? I think that the worse thing about the Arctic Cat / Yamaha relationship is the fact that we don't really have four manufacturers anymore, we are down to 3 in effect. It's kind of like Bombardier buying out Moto-Ski where the only difference was the badging - all because Bombardier had to maintain the Moto-Ski name for several years after the acquisition.
  15. Cuyuna

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    No speed limit on lakes. btw, how many sleds would be sold with 50 kmh speed limiters ? just sayin'